Season 4 mistakes

These are just the few I have picked up so far. If you know of any others or any corrections, please mail me at

(NB: Plot points that I find suspicious are also included in mistakes as are other things I don't have any where else to put.)
I don't pick the mistakes out because I don't like Sliders - I love Sliders - I'm just very picky.

* Quinn says they have always stayed at the Chandler Hotel, while really they have stayed at the Dominion Hotel. I think has been done on purpose and I like the way it has been introduced to the viewer in a casual remark.
* They shouldn't have actually have gone to the Chandler Hotel anyway. The Chandler Hotel is in San Fransisco, and Quinn asks Marta when San Fransisco fell which he would not have done if he had been in San Fransisco, which means this episode must have been set in L.A. Of course, it could mean that all the slides are to L.A., but since Quinn always lived in San Fransisco, and they have met a couple of his doubles later in the series, in worlds with a Chandler Hotel, this seems unlikely.
* Quinn’s mother should not have known about Rembrandt. He was a by-stander who was pulled into the vortex by accident and had not met Quinn before he began sliding and so his disappearance should not have been connected. Mrs. Mallory should have asked who he was when Quinn mentioned him. I suppose he could have met Mrs. Mallory since returning to Earth Prime, but then she would have known that Arturo was dead and that Maggie had joined them. I recently found out that in a season 3 episide (apparently) which I haven't seen yet they return home, so she would know about Rembrandt.

Prophets and Losses
* At the beginning, when they realise that this world doesn’t like ‘Demon Darwin’, Quinn wonders what the natives’d think of his science if they didn’t like Darwin’s (knowing that they wouldn’t approve of it), but later, when they are captured by the Oracle, Quinn willingly tells them that he’s a scientist. In my opinion, that’s suicidal as well as stupid.

Common Ground
* If the disintegrater could kill the Kromaggs when they were standing out of the line of the beam, shouldn’t it have been able to disintegrate any human within its radius and therefore the sliders should be dead.

Virtual Slide
* How did Quinn pick up the broken headset? We never see him lean over to pick it up, yet in one shot his hands are empty and the next the headset is there. I guess Maggie could have dropped it into his hands but I find that unlikely and I remain unconvinced of this.
* Where was the virtual Rembrandt when Maggie and virtual Quinn kissed? Politely averting his eyes?
* Is it me, or does the blackboard change rather quickly?
* Why did Maggie shoot the blackboard? The computers I can understand, but on the blackboard the writing is still readable. It would have been far more effective just to get a piece of cloth and rub the writing off.
* Why did everyone drink the hangover cure? Quinn and Rembrandt shouldn't really have a hangover unless the got drunk after they slid.
* Why did Duvall say that they should concentrate on Quinn? If she didn't have Quinn, how could she concentrate on him?

World Killer
* Why did Quinn2 have redder hair than Quinn? I guess there could have been a slight genetic difference, but I would have thought that the whole idea was that they were usually genetically the same.
* Wouldn’t Quinn have been in the eye of the storm when he slid the people back to their own world like Quinn2 was when he slid everybody there in the first place. I suppose he could have moved quickly, which is possible.
* The first time they slide, when the pathway is destablising, they have a rocky ride, yet the second time, when the pathway collapses, they all end up standing!
* How would Remmy know about a Slidewave? Quinn's the scientist, not the other two.

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?
* Something was said by Susannah or Susannah’s mother (I can’t check who because it has now been over written) about Colin being upstairs in the house, yet when the others come to find him, they get to him easily throgh a window and we don’t see them climbing any balconies. Anyway, when Colin was led into the room in the first place he was not taken up any stairs. However, I have a feeling that they might have been in the basement when they said this, in which case it is not a mistake, just confusing.
* Timer numbers: Not long before when there was apparently about 10 minutes left on the timer, (according to Rembrandt) the timer says about 1 minute and 56 seconds.
* Some of the hand glider scenes where pretty badly done. I could tell what had been filmed separately from others etc.

Just Say Yes
Not seen this one.

The Alternateville Horror
* If the people trapped on the Astral Plane could pick up objects not on the Astral Plane like the TV remote and the Timer, why could they not touch the people? I think that is scientifically impossible.
* Why couldn’t they have pulled the wire out of the vortex? There had to be something still on their side because where else would the lightning electricity come from if not the conductor that Rembrandt set up on outside the hotel?
* Colin’s, "Frankenstein," wasn’t particularly thought-provoking. I missed it completely the first time. I can’t understand how Quinn could hear it. Okay, this doesn’t really belong in this section, but it doesn’t belong anywhere else either.
* How did the timer get through the door when the boy was carrying it? The timer is solid and solid objects can't go through other solid objects and the door was definately shut.

* How did the Human leader recognise Jules/Kaldeen if he'd been taken by the Kromaggs when he was a baby? He would have changed an awful lot by then. I suppose that he could have been the only child taken, but considering there were no other children, I find this very unlikely as the humans would probably not have known who was killed and who lived.
* Why didn't anyone bat an eyelid when Jules/Kaldeen used his mind powers. If none of the people who had been there a long time did, the sliders at least should have been surprised, and if Remmy, Maggie and Quinn have already found a world with powers like that, Colin shouldn't have since he's not been sliding that long, so he should have been surprised even if he was the only one.

* When Maggie opens the vortex, it forms in the air beneath the plane. By the time they all jump, they should have moved away from the vortex by that time and judging by what is dragged into the vortex at other times (ie. very little) the sliders could not have been sucked into it from that distance.

California Reich
* At the beginning of the episode, Maggie's hair is wavy; It looks like she's had a perm. But in less than 36 hours this perm falls out and her hair is perfectly straight.
* If the Sliders have already realised that this world is very racist, and have explained this to Colin, why did they go and talk to an inhabitant about Remmy, considering he's black? I suppose though, it was Colin who mentioned that Remmy was black and he may not have known the consequences, even though racism was explained to him.

The Dying Fields
As yet I haven't found any and now it has been overwritten.

Lipschitz Live!
* How could Maggie tell it was Colin from all the way at the top of that building? She must have eyes like a hawk!
* If Colin was already going towards the Chandler (if, of course, it was Colin Maggie saw), how did Maggie and Rembrandt get there first?
* If Colin was MacArthur's stepson, MacArthur shouldn't have had the surname Mallory, unless they have some other way of working out surnames on this world.
* How come Maggie and Rembrandt didn't even have suspicions that it wan't their Colin after the room, him not recognising them and everthing?
* Rembrandt says the only time they got separated like this was when lightning hit the votex (season 2's Gillian of the Spirits), but this is not accurate. They were also seperated in Season 1's Summer of Love and possibly some season 3 ones I haven't seen. Also, Sky 1's odd scheduling order give another one in season 4's Net Worth where they were seperated by a glass door.

Mother and Child
* From what I remember and have gathered from other episodes and stuff, Quinn always intended his machine to be a Sliding machine. There are 2 possibilities here. 1) Quinn didn't want to tell Jonathan Griffin that he built a sliding machine and 2) The writers decided that all the other humans who had sliding technology had found it accidently from an anti-grav machine and so decided that this should have been what Quinn did. - I've just been corrected on this, so ignore this comment. It turns out Quinn was building an anti-grav machine in his video diary on the pilot (which I haven't seen BTW) and he just stumbled on sliding by accident.
* Quinn didn't seem very concerned about Wade.

Net Worth
* This isn't really a mistake, but some of the CG images of the towers were not that well done,although they were a good design.
* Why do they have calculator-type letters? Wouldn't they have normal type? It would be easier to read.
* Why is there a way for the rich to get back into the building if the only way to get out is through the garbage chute? The on-liners muct enjoy the garbage chute!
* Would there actually be a New York stage on Colin's Amish world. I don't know that much about the Amish culture so could somebody help be here?
* I don't really see there being an off-liner hospital. For starters, where would the doctors be trained. And I don't see the on-liners being willing to share their good hospitals. All the doctors would probably have had enough money to become on-liners. I suppose there could be doctors trained by onliners who decided to go outside to help the off-liners.
* Why didn't Jack and his scavengers take Maggie at the same time as they took Joanne. Even if she couldn't help them get in, they had expressed an interest in her earlier.

Slide By Wire
* If Maggie2's neural implants HAD been removed, there would probably have been a visible scar, more so if it had been a recent removal.
* After Maggie2 had died and been brought back to life, she would need time to recover and probably a lot of rest, yet she gets up almost immediately without apparent discomfort.

Data World
* The cards they are handed at the hotel reception by Mr. Chandler have the week's activities on one side and the rules on the back, yet when Quinn is reading the rules aloud, he is reading from the activities side as the side saying "rules" is easily visible.
* Rembrandt is heard talking normally after Mr. Chandler did something to him the second time, yet not much later, Mac is fixing his voice, even though he had already been speaking! What's that all about?
* The scenes from Quinn's memory: Some of the scenes showed himself, which of course he wouldn't be able to see. Obviously they had to use scenes alrady available, so why didn't they use less of him as himself, more of his doubles and more of the others sliders. Then it would have been more accurate, although not completely.
* The Empties: Big logic problems here. Mr. Chandler says that everything is a digital representation and their bodies are outside. Yet this doesn't work since if everything is a digital version, their brainwaves would be as well and they wouldn't really exist in the computer. Even if the brainwaves weren't, to make the bodies empty, the brains would actually have to be transferred and then, the bodies would not be walking around the street because they would have nothing controlling them. they'd all be in a heep at the door. Therefore, to have the empties walking around, either the digital versions couldn't really think and the empties would not be empty and they would go about their lives normally, only part of the brain activity is transferred, which would mean neither would be complete, or they would have to be physically linked to the computer system which they weren't. I've made a complete mess of explaining this, but do you see my point?
* How did Quinn know that none of the guests bodies had died whilst they were in the system? This would mean that these guests were dead completely.
* At the end, why did everyone think it was a dream? If their consciousnesses had been in the computer (see above) they would have remembered what happened.
* Who feeds the empty bodies? Some must have been walking around for a long time without any kind of nourishment. Therefore, most of them should be dead and the Sliders should be very hungry.
* Why were all the sliders on top of one another at the end? Even if moving around inside signified the same movement outside, they weren't that close together when they terminated the program.

Way Out West
* Again, I don't know much about Amish culture, but would Colin have had a prom night there?.
* Why would Ellie leave Colin's shirt behind, especially if he was wearing it at the time.
* Colin didn't come off that near to the box, even though Quinn says he did. After Colin had fallen off, they travelled a little way before Remmy threw the box off the roof. This is similar to a mistake in Asylum.
* What was Kolitar doing on that world before he went to the Slidecage? There are no other 'Maggs and no sign of them ever being there, let alone occupying or raiding it which is what Kromaggs usually do to a world.
* How did the pianist know "YMCA" and "Tight Pants"?
* When Kolitar stops Ellie giving the gun to Quinn, as they move away, Quinn's face is still visible. When the camera is behind Ellie, Quinn's face is in the shadow, yet when they show a close-up of Quinn's face, it's in the light. I guess this was due to different filming times.

My Brother's Keeper
* How come they didn't notice the barcode before Maggie mentions it. Colin stands right behind Mallory and it should be visible to him.

The Chasm
This episode has the most mistakes.
* I'm not going to describe every little (or major) logic prblem I have with the main plot. Suffice it to say, I have loads. In fact, I have problems with the entire thing.
* Who was the little girl getting the depression from? The sldiers weren't near her until long after she started crying and she was supposed to last for years otherwise.
* Why was there climbing equipment in the shop if there aren't any mountains around? It seems like a plot device to me that's not very well thought out.
* For that matter, why did they need the climbing equipment? they just jumped together; They weren't attached to any when they landed.
* What was all that green flashy light stuff when Quinn, Maggie and Colin jumped in? It didn't actually do anything or even really 'transfer' anything.
* Why was Quinn suddenly decide to slide after all when at that point he should still be under the influence of the chasm, especially since Maggie was.
* Why would anyone base a religion around a theme park?
* Colin (Charlie O'Connell) says "friends" instead of "friend" when asking to be taken to Rembrandt. Unless of course he counted Amy as a friend as well.
* There wasn't actually anywhere for Maggie (or any who came after her) to stand in the cryogenic storage.
* What stupid, stupid person would ever put controls on the inside of a cryogenics chamber? No one would be able to turn it ON without getting frozen, let alone off. And when people used to be let out to return the worries to people. How did they do it then? Shoot it every single time? Big, big, big logic problems with this.
* I really don't see Remmy agreeing to go into cryogenic storage, unless of course his depression led him to.
* How come the little girl didn't know she was in the chasm if she'd already been seen to by the woman like Maggie was and she would have agreed to go into cryogenic storage. They don't freeze as soon as they jump into the chasm, otherwise Maggie, Quinn and Colin would have frozen.
* If all the chsen ones go through to cryogenic storage on the trolly and get frozen then, how come they're standing up?
* The thing that Maggie shoots is shown with two different numbers on. At first I thought they were different, then I noticed this: When Quinn and Colin smash the glass, the control panel is fine. When Mrs. Meadows comes through the broken glass, the control panel is smashed to pieces.
* Who was the chosen after Maggie? It wasn't shown to be anyone in the cave, but it should have been active since the mechanism wasn't destroyed yet.
* Why were the lights going funny at the end? They didn't destroy the power, just the cryogenic controls.
* When walking down the tunnel, the sliders are in this order left to right:
Colin, Rembrandt, Maggie, Quinn.
When they come out of the tunnel, the sliders are in this order left to right:
Rembrandt, Maggie, Colin, Quinn.
* How were the chosen selected? There seemed to be no connection between all of them.

Roads Taken
I never got a chance to take notes, but if I think of any I'll write them.

* Choppers? In this world?
* Quinn should already know the co-ordinates for his homeworld since he used them in Slidecage.
* There is no 37X in the co-ordinates that were shown in Slidecage and they were definately shown. The ones that were shown were all numbers.
* Quinn says Rembrandt also works at the gas station, but he spent all his time reading books and watching re-runs. * The book couldn't have been exactly the same if it was modelled on a different world's real events.
* Why was there no mention of Wade and the Professor when they were descibing how Maggie joined?
* They made it home (to Earth Prime) at least twice that they knew of, not once as they said.
* Why haven't they slid to the homeworld before id they had the co-ordinates and the formula to bypass the slidecage.
* There wasn't a disease weapon that left the Kromaggs infertile on this world, so why was it in the book?
* Colin says something befoer the train completely stops, but it's inaudible.
* Big mistake at the end. When they open the vortex, they open it behind the train while it's moving, yet somehow, it stays the same distance from the train long enough for them to jump into it, despite the speed at which the train is moving ant the fact that the vortexes are stationary. This is the same kind of mistake as in Asylum and Way Out West.

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