"How it All Began Part 3"

By Chris Boucher (The Bean)

Date posted at Bboard: 5/1/99

When the three he had finally met
It was all a pretty safe bet
They had no way of knowing
How things would be going
Or how bad they were going to get

In his caddy they huddled together
To get out of the terrible weather
It wouldn't stop snowing
Wind constantly blowing
They felt they'd be cold forever

Wade's ears were the first to detect
A noise they didn't expect
A quick glance outside
Showed it was high time to hide
From a twister they couldn't deflect

Soon though the roof got ripped off
So Remmy, Quinn, Wade, and the Prof
Quickly made up their minds
To move their behinds
Not caring the timing was off

With only mere seconds to spare
The wormhole appeared in mid-air
The others leaped through
And Quinn would have too
But Fate just wouldn't play fair

From the trunk he fell back to the seat
With no time to get to his feet
Could he get to the trunk?
If not he was sunk
Trapped on a world without heat

Now the others had, so they thought,
Made it home believe it or not
They were all pretty tough
But the landing was rough
So they'd be sore for a while in spots

As they picked themselves up off the ground
Wade realized Quinn wasn't around
With tears in her eyes
She looked up to the skies
And prayed he'd return safe and sound

Alternate Earth 117
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