"How it All Began Part 2"

By Chris Boucher (The Bean)

Date posted at Bboard: 4/20/99

Reluctantly the Professor agreed
Although he still saw quite a need
For further study
By him and his buddies
He decided to let them proceed

As they were preparing to go
Wade said she wanted to know
Is there room for all three
Quinn said Don't look at me
It was something he didn't know

Meanwhile outside in the street
A man they were destined to meet
By the name of R. Brown
Was driving through town
Thinking that life was so sweet

By profession, a singer of sorts
He was really a pretty good sport
But soon things would change
His life rearrange
He'd take on a greater import

With at last ev'rything set
As ready as they'd ever get
Quinn turned up the power
If he'd thought things went sour
Before, he hadn't seen anything yet

The gateway enveloped them all
Then kept moving right through the wall
It went a few feet
Out into the street
Bringing Remmy in, Caddy and all

They found themselves suddenly freezin'
And it appeared with good reason
The city covered in ice
Might look really nice
But it wasn't the holiday season

Remmy wasn't too far away
In better shape than his car I must say
He hadn't a clue
What he had been through
But he'd be damned if he was going to stay

Alternate Earth 117
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