"How it all began part 1"

By Chris Boucher (TheBean)

Date Posted at the Bboard: 4/8/99

A brilliant young student named Quinn
Would one day in his cellar begin
A journey unending
Without comprehending
The trouble he'd soon find himself in

A gateway to different dimensions
Just seemed the coolest invention
But it began to go sour
In less than an hour
despite the best of intentions

It all began with his double
Who it seemed just loved to cause trouble
He insulted Quinn's prof
And told his boss off
Turning his life into rubble

At first Quinn knew nothing of this
Nor was he aware of "the kiss"
In the pass that was made
By his double on Wade
A character I'm sure we all miss

Now Wade and this professor of physics
Both came to Quinn's house for a visit
Wade was astounded
The professor expounded
All Wade could say was "What is it?"

When Quinn had explained what he'd done
Wade thought it all sounded like fun
The professor, however,
Though he thought it quite clever
In effect said you must walk before you can run

Wade wasn't willing to wait
Or listen to the Professor debate
She said she was going
Without really knowing
How badly she was tempting her fate.

Alternate Earth 117
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