This episode premiered in the UK on 20th April 1998 and in the US on 16th June 1998(?).
You could probably say that this episode contains the most spoilers, so be warned!

Writer: David Peckinpah
Director: Reza Badiyi
Guest Stars:
Sandra Hess (Marta), Charley Lang (Starke), Bodhi Pine Elfram (Trevor Blue), Linda Henning (Mrs Mallory), Danso Gordon (Otis), John Walcutt, Marnie McPhail, Mongo Brownlee, Tracie May, Monte Perlin, Ted Barba, Buddy Danels.
* Quinn and Maggie have been trying to trace Wade and Rembrandt's photon trail for 3 months after they slid separately through different vortexes.
* The Kromaggs evolved on a world which also contained humans, but after a civil war between the humans and the Kromaggs, the Kromaggs were forced off their world and were unable to return. Using Sliding technology, they slide between worlds and enslave the humans on the worlds they find. They are also able to control which world they slide to.
Additional Notes:
* Kromagg episode #2.
* The Sci-Fi channel premiere of this episode gained the Sci-Fi channel its highest ever rated series premiere with a nielson rating of 2.2 (1,702,000 homes). (source: Xpose #26).
* I think that Linda Henning has appeared as Mrs. Mallory in previous seasons, though I think she was billed as Linda Kaye then.
* I have heard that Bodhi Pine Elfram has his own show now on Fox called "Hollywierd".
The episode begins with Quinn and Maggie escaping a world where it looks like they were about to get killed thanks to Quinn's double on that world. They slide to Earth Prime (Maggie's lungs have adapted sufficiently to allow her to breathe the air on Earth Prime) and find that it has become a victim of the Kromagg Dynasty. They go to the Chandler Hotel in the hope of finding Wade and Rembrandt, but they only find a man, Otis, who knew them. He proves this by giving them Wade's necklace (which she had given to him in case Quinn and Maggie came looking) and he tells them that Wade and Rembrandt had been working there as waitress and singer in the bar not long before the Kromaggs came. Otis takes them 'down below' where they meet another rebel named Marta. She gives them weapons and takes them to meet a mainframe hacker who might be able to help them find Wade and Rembrandt. On the way there, Otis is shot by the Kromaggs. The hacker discovers where Rembrandt is being held, but fails to find any file on Wade, though he tells him she will still be alive since women are useful as breeders. The hacker obtains a floor plan and ID cards for them and Quinn, Maggie and Marta go to break out Rembrandt. When they find him, he doesn't believe it's them, but Quinn tells him something the `Maggs wouldn't have known and he believes. During the escape, Quinn is shot in the soldier and captured by the `Magg guards. Believing him to be a rebel, the `Magg's torture him for information about its members. During the torture session, Quinn finds out that Wade is in a breeding camp being used in cross-species replication experiments.

At this time, Maggie, Rembrandt and Marta are organising the rebels to rescue Quinn.

The `Maggs plan to ship Quinn to a slave colony on another world and they temporarily place him in a cell where he finds his mother. She tells him that she is not really his mother and that her double (and Mr. Mallory's) on another world had left Quinn with them to save him from the Kromaggs. She also tells him that his birth-parents came back for him but she hid him because she loved him so much. Quinn is sceptical, even more so when he realises the 'Maggs are monitoring them, so his mother removes an implant from her arm and gives it to him. Quinn is taken as the first to be shipped off, but before he is, he is broken out by the rebels. Quinn wants to return for his mother, so Rembrandt knocks him out with a machine gun. During the escape, Marta is shot and killed.

When Quinn comes round his first thought is of the timer. He tells Rembrandt what his mother told him, but Rembrandt is also sceptical. Quinn uses the microdot (implant) to fill in the gaps in his mother's information. He finds that his birth-parents were government scientists on the world which the Kromaggs came from and that he and his brother(!) were sent to other worlds to save them from the civil war between humans and Kromaggs. His parents were supposed to tell him when he came of age, but they didn't. Afterwards, while he is trying to find a way to get his mother out of the 'Magg prison, he receives word that she has been shipped off to another world. Quinn realises his birth-parents must have won the war with the Kromaggs because they came back for him and he plans to find his home world with the weapon his parents were working on to get rid of the Kromaggs so that the Kromaggs can be banished from all worlds forever. Maggie and Rembrandt agree to join him and they slide.

My Favourite Quotes:
"Live long and thump butt!" - Trevor Blue (Hacker)

Mistakes: (Whether accidental or on purpose)
* Quinn says they have always stayed at the Chandler Hotel, while really they have stayed at the Dominion Hotel. I think has been done on purpose and I like the way it has been introduced to the viewer in a casual remark.
* They shouldn't have actually have gone to the Chandler Hotel anyway. The Chandler Hotel is in San Fransisco, and Quinn asks Marta when San Fransisco fell which he would not have done if he had been in San Fransisco, which means this episode must have been set in L.A. Of course, it could mean that all the slides are to L.A., but since Quinn always lived in San Fransisco, and they have met a couple of his doubles later in the series, this seems unlikely.
* Quinn's mother should not have known about Rembrandt. He was a by-stander who was pulled into the vortex by accident and had not met Quinn before he began sliding and so his disappearance should not have been connected. Mrs. Mallory should have asked who he was when Quinn mentioned him. I suppose he could have met Mrs. Mallory since returning to Earth Prime, but then she would have known that Arturo was dead and that Maggie had joined them.

My Opinion:
In my opinion, this was a good episode, but not the best. I think the writers had a little problem getting the story to fill 45 minutes as the sliders staged two rescue attempts - one for Rembrandt and one for Quinn after he got captured rescuing Rembrandt. I actually kind of like the idea of Quinn's parents being sliders, even though it sounds kind of cliched. The one main thing I didn't like was the microdot which 'filled Quinn in'- it was too typical of sci-fi. Pretty much everything else I liked, especially Trevor Blue (the Hacker) and the added sarcasm.

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