Eyes of the Beholder

Written by Mychand. Originally posted at the JOC Fanatics BBoard

Part 1 [posted: 7/15/99]

"Oh my, Mr. Brown," said the Professor. "What are you eating?"

Remmy looked up at the Professor with a grin. "Oh itís just ice cream and sauerkraut. Want some?"

A painful looked crossed the Professorís face. "Oh, no thank you," he replied. "One might think your were pregnant again with that combination."

Remmy groaned. "Oh no," he said. "Please donít remind me of that. The last world had such strange food that I wanted something I could recognize this time. Itís just a little snack before I go to bed."

"Ah, and what you are eating is not strange?" asked the Professor. "Donít you know that eating something like that before bed could give you nightmares?

"What do you mean?" asked Remmy. "I grew up on this stuff. Never had a nightmare yet."

"Never mind Mr. Brown," replied the Professor. "Enjoy your snack. Goodnight."

"Goodnight," said Remmy. "I think Iíll turn in soon. I donít plan to wait up for Quinn and Wade."


Wade stood by the dance floor and watched in amazement. She had never seen such a handsome looking man in her life. He was tall with sandy blonde hair and deep blue eyes. She couldnít take her eyes off of him as he two stepped across the dance floor.

"Wade? Wade?" asked Quinn. "Earth to Wade. Hereís your drink."

Wade turned quickly towards Quinn and blushed as though she had been caught doing something she shouldnít be doing. She took her drink from Quinn and thanked him.

"I canít believe you talked me into coming to a country bar," said Quinn. "You know, I actually like it."

"I thought you might," replied Wade. "I just thought it would be fun to do something different for a change. Thanks for coming."

As they were talking the music slowed down and couples began to pour onto the dance floor to slow dance.

"Now this is the type of dancing I can do," said Quinn. "Want to dance?"

Wade smiled at him and placed her drink on the railing along the dance floor. "Of course," she replied. "Come on." She grabbed Quinn by the hand and pulled him out onto the dance floor.

Wade always loved dancing with Quinn. She felt so alive in his arms. As they were dancing she suddenly felt guilty for her attraction to the mystery man on the dance floor.

"Why should I feel guilty," Wade thought to herself. "Quinn and I are just friends."

Quinn looked into her eyes. He could tell something was bothering her. "Is something wrong?" he asked. "Do you want to stop?"

"No," replied Wade. "Iím fine. I donít want to stop."

Wade rested her head on Quinnís shoulders as he put his arms around her waist and pulled her closer. Her mind drifted from the handsome stranger to Quinn as the song "A Chance" by Kenny Chesney began to play.

Girl, don't you know it's all I can do
To keep my hands off of you
Anytime you're around
And when the stars come out at night
I dream of holdin' you tight
Everytime I lay down
It feels so good to me to have you this bad
The only other thing I wish I had was

A chance
A chance
To tell you how I feel about you
How it feels to live without a chance
A chance
To tell you I'll love you forever
Knowing that I'll never have a chance

Sometimes reality hurts
And you wonder if life's worth living at all
Knowing no matter how much you care
You'll never have a prayer
Of having what you want
At least I've been close enough I could taste
Beauty at it's best but never a trace of

A chance
A chance
To tell you how I feel about you
How it feels to live without a chance
A chance
To tell you I'll love you forever
Knowing that I'll never have a chance

A chance
A chance
To tell you I'll love you forever
Knowing that I'll never have
The chance

Part 2 [posted: 7/18/99]

When the song ended Wade and Quinn walked hand and hand off the dance floor. Wade couldnít help but catch a glance of the handsome stranger watching her walk away. She turned to look at him and smiled. He kept staring at her until she and Quinn disappeared into the crowd.

"That was nice, " said Quinn. "Too bad I donít know anything but slow dancing or I would take you out on the dance floor and two step."

"Thatís ok," replied Wade. "Looks like they are starting the line dances right now anyway. I think I want to go try it."

"Go ahead," said Quinn. "I bet youíre a natural."

As soon as Wade walked back onto the dance floor the handsome stranger walked up beside her.

"Hello there," he said. "Are you a regular here?"

Wadeís eyes lit up. She almost giggled. This handsome stranger was not only good looking but had the most wonderful British accent.

"No," she replied. "My friends and I are only in Florida for a vacation. We have to leave in a week. I saw you dance. I thought you were a regular here."

"Oh no," he replied. "I am just here visiting my cousin. She likes to come out here every weekend."

Wade smiled at him as the music began to play. She didnít get a chance to ask him his name. She followed his lead as he showed her the steps to the dance. It was much easier than she had imagined and she was quite pleased at how fast she was able to pick it up.

Quinn watched Wade dance. She hadnít seemed this happy in awhile and he assumed the vacation was what she needed.

"Do you know how to line dance?" said a voice that came from behind Quinn. "I see my cousin is teaching your friend. Would you like to learn?"

Quinn turned around to see a pretty young lady with long blonde hair smiling up at him.
"Uh, no, thatís ok," he replied. "I donít think Iím that coordinated."

"Well, it looks like you make up for that in other ways," she replied. "Whatís your name?"

Quinn nearly blushed at the comment. There was something special about this girl. Her British accent drew him in.

"Iím Quinn Mallory," he replied. "And you are?"

"Nice to meet you Quinn Mallory," she said. "My name is Sarah. At least let me show you how to two step. Itís easy. We can go out there when they have finished the line dances."

Quinn couldnít believe the words that were coming out of his mouth. This girl had such a charm over him. He agreed to learn to two step although he was afraid of making of fool of himself.


Remmy let out a loud scream and rolled off of his bed.

"My God," yelled the Professor. "Mr. Brown, what is going on in here?"

Remmy sat up as the Professor turned on the light. "Uh, sorry," he replied. "I guess I had a nightmare. You would scream too if you had a big Professor head coming at you."

Remmy was serious but then he couldnít help but laugh. The Professor didnít find it as amusing.

"Well, if you donít let me get some sleep you donít have to worry about a giant Professor head coming after you because this Professor will already have the job done," said the Professor. " Now go to sleep Mr. Brown and please, no more late night snacks!"

Remmy got back into bed and glanced over at the clock. "Getting late," he said to himself. "I guess Quinn and Wade are having a good time. Man, now Iím hungry again."

Remmy got back out of bed and headed towards the kitchen. He found the Professor making a little snack. "Eeew," he said. "What the heck it that? Hey, you said no late night snacks. Look at what you are eating! Is that sardines and peanut butter?"

The Professor grumbled at Remmyís comment. "Yes, it is," he replied. It happens to be quite good."

"And you wondered if I were pregnant," Remmy said laughing. "I donít think you can say another word about the things I eat now. Arenít you worried about nightmares?"

"I donít get nightmares," replied the Professor. "Never have, never will."


Part 3 [posted: 7/25/99]

Quinn was rather nervous about learning the two step but Sarah was a wonderful teacher and before he knew it they were gliding along the dance floor.

Wade and her new friend sat along the railing and watched as Quinn and Sarah danced by them.

"Looks like my cousin Sarah and your friend are getting along nicely," he said. "Oh and forgive me, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Nigel, Nigel Edwards."

Wade smiled at Nigel. "Itís nice to meet you Nigel," she replied. "I am Wade Welles."

"Wade, what a interesting name," he said. "I like it."

"So how did you learn to dance like that?" asked Wade. "Are there a lot of country bars in Great Britain?"

"Well, not where I live," replied Nigel. "I donít think anyone at my pub has ever heard a country music song. I learned how to dance here. Sarah taught me. Her parentís home has a special room set up entirely for dance instruction."

"Wow," said Wade. "I would love to see that. They must have a rather large home."

"They do," replied Nigel. "Maybe you and your friend can come back with us tonight. I guess you could say Sarahís parents live in a castle. Our great great grandfather brought it to America piece by piece. He wanted it to overlook the Atlantic from the Florida coast. It is very old but beautiful. Most Floridians think of it as a tourist attraction."

"Yes, that sounds wonderful," said Wade. "By looking at Quinn with your cousin I donít think heíll have any objection to coming along."


Meanwhile, back at the Chandler Remmy and the Professor had finished their snacks and settled back into bed.

"AARRRRREEEEHHHHHH!" yelled the Professor.

Remmy came running into the room. "Whatís the matter?" he asked. "Are you ok?"

"Uh, yes, Iím fine," said the Professor, feeling rather embarrassed. " I uh, I just thought I saw a mouse."

"A mouse?" replied Remmy. "Where?"

"On the other side of the room," replied the Professor.

Remmy turned on the light. "How in the world could you have seen a mouse?" he asked. "It is too dark in here. You had a nightmare didnít you?"

"Of course not," replied the Professor. "I donít have nightmares. I never have."

"Come on now," said Remmy. "Admit it. The mighty Professor is human after all."

Remmy started to laugh. The Professor was not as amused at first but Remmyís laughter was contagious and he started to laugh with him.

"Ok, youíre right," said the Professor. "I had a nightmare. I guess I should have taken my own advice about those late night snacks."

"Well, thatís ok," said Remmy. "How about we watch a movie? I read in the paper today that Scream 2 is on tonight."

"Oh why not, Mr. Brown," replied the Professor. "It doesnít look like we will be getting any sleep tonight anyway."

Before they settled down in front of the television the phone rang. Remmy answered it.

"Hi Remmy," said Wade. "I hope I didnít wake you."

Remmy laughed. "No, no chance of doing that," he said. "Where are you? Is everything ok?"

"Yes," she replied. "Quinn and I are fine. We met some new friends and will be staying at their home tonight. We just didnít want you to worry."

"Thanks," said Remmy. "You two have fun and donít do anything I wouldnít do."

Wade laughed and said goodnight to Remmy.

"Ok," she said. "Iím ready to go if you guys are ready."

"Letís go," said Quinn. "Sarah, I am really looking forward to seeing this house you live in. It sounds very intriguing."

"Oh, it is," replied Sarah. "It isÖÖ"


Part 4 [posted: 7/28/99]

The home was as beautiful as Wade had imagined it to be. It literally looked like a castle. The extremely large foyer opened to a tall winding staircase. The décor was early 20th Century. Wade felt as though she had stepped into a fairy tale. She was drawn in immediately, just as she was drawn to Nigel.

"Follow me and Iíll show you to your rooms," said Sarah. "I hope you like them. We havenít had many guests lately."

"Where are you parents?í asked Quinn.

"They are on holiday," replied Sarah. "Gone for the summer. That is why Nigel is here. He came to keep me company while they are away."

"Well, Iím glad he did," said Wade while smiling up at Nigel.

Wadeís room was round in shape and surrounded by windows on all but one side. It had a large canopy bed with sheer white drapings. Wade jumped into the bed and giggled. "Wow," she said. "This room is amazing."

The others smiled at her enthusiasm. "Quinn, your room is right next door," said Sarah. "Iíll let you two settle in while I go downstairs and make some tea."

"Iíll join you," replied Nigel.

Quinn smiled as he watched Wade wiggle off the bed and look around her room. "Quinn," she said. "This is going to sound strange but this room looks exactly how I pictured it would look."

"Thatís interesting," said Quinn. "Maybe itís modeled after another room you have seen before."

"No, I donítí think so," she replied. "I canít ever remember seeing anything like this in my life except in my own daydreams."

Quinn laughed. "I think itís just a coincidence," he said.

Quinn walked over to his bedroom door. His room was the adjoining suite to Wadeís room. He opened the door and quickly shut it. Wade watched him as he turned toward her. His face was pale.

"Quinn," said Wade. "Whatís the matter? You look white as a sheet."

"Wade," he said. "That room. After your comment about daydreams I imagined what I would like my room to look like."

"Did you room looked the way you imagined?" asked Wade. "Tell me Quinn. Did it?"

"Yes," he replied. "Exactly as I just imagined it would."

"But, how can this be?" asked Wade.

"I donít know," replied Quinn. "Maybe we should go ask Sarah and Nigel whatís going on here."

"Exactly what are we going to ask them?" asked Wade. "They are going to think we are crazy."

"I donít know," replied Quinn. "Why donít we just wait and see how the night goes. Maybe weíll figure it out on our own."

Wade agreed and they headed downstairs to find Sarah and Nigel.


Meanwhile Remmy and the Professor had decided watching Scream 2 was not the best resolution for curing their insomnia.

"There has to be something we can watch," said Remmy. "I mean, what kind of world is this if there is no good late night programming."

"Apparently every world we go to now has these awful infomercials," replied the Professor. "Just look at this one. They are sellingÖÖ"

Before the Professor could finish, all the lights in the hotel went out. They were in total darkness.

"What theÖ.?" Remmy asked.

"Letís look for a flashlight," said the Professor. "There is usually one in the nightstand."

As the Professor headed for the bedroom he heard a loud screeching noise.

"Mr. Brown," he said. "Mr. Brown, is that you?"

"No," replied Remmy while running towards the Professor. "I donít know what that was but I think it would be a good idea if we get out of here."

"Come now Mr. Brown," said the Professor. "Iím sure itís nothing. Another hotel patron probably got nervous about the blackout."

"I donít know," said Remmy. "I have a strange feeling about all of this."


Part 5 [posted: 8/1/99]

Remmy and the Professor headed out into the corridor and made their way down to the hotel lobby.

"I canít see a thing," said Remmy. "Is anyone here?"

The Professor shined his flashlight towards a sound he heard in the corner of the room.

A startled woman screamed and then stood dead still in her tracks.

"Madam," said the Professor. "Are you ok? We didnít mean to startle you."

"I, Iím fine," replied the woman. "I just get nervous in the dark. I was doing some writing up in my room when the lights went out. Do you work here?"

"No, we donít," said Remmy. "We were looking for someone too."

"It seems like we are the only guests here," she said.

"It appears youíre right," replied the Professor. "I wonder what caused the blackout?"

"My name is Rembrandt and this is Professor Arturo," said Remmy. "Donít worry, weíll figure out whatís going on here."

"Thank you," replied the woman. "My name is Lyn. I was trying to find my way to the front door. I couldnít find a flashlight."

Remmy, Lyn and the Professor found the front door of the hotel. The doors were locked. Remmy tried to kick the doors open but they wouldnít budge so the Professor decided to break the opaque glass plate in the center of one of the doors.

"What in the world?" said Remmy. "Weíre bricked in here."

"This is most unusual," replied the Professor. "Letís find a window."

To their surprise all the windows were bricked up as well. They were trapped inside the Chandler.

"I donít like this," said Lyn. "I feel as though I canít breathe."

"Itís ok madam," said the Professor. "Try not to panic. There has to be a way out of here."


Wade and Quinn joined Sarah and Nigel for tea by the fireplace. Wade wasnít sure that having the room of her dreams and a wonderful man like Nigel would be such a bad thing. But still, she felt that something more was going on here. As drawn as she was to Nigel, her head was swimming with images of Quinn.

"Sarah, Nigel told me you have a dance room here," said Wade. "May we see it?"

"Of course you can," said Sarah. "Come with me and Iíll show you."

Sarahís guests followed her to the dance room. The room was extremely large with mirrors along the sides of the two main walls and crystal chandelier lighting. The site took Wadeís breath away.

"Wow," said Wade. "I could spend forever in here."

"Donít get any ideas," said Quinn. "Our vacation wonít last forever."

Quinn grinned at Wade. He was enjoying watching her. He always loved it when she got excited.

"Well, the two of you may spend as much time as you like in here," said Sarah. "Iím exhausted. I think itís time for bed."

"I am tired as well," said Nigel. "Iíll see you both in the morning."

"Quinn," said Wade. "Will you stay down here awhile with me?"

"Sure," said Quinn. "Goodnight Sarah. Goodnight Nigel. Thanks again for the hospitality."

"Youíre welcome," replied Sarah. "Iím happy we had the chance to bring you here."

After they left the room, Wade found an old record player and searched for a record to play.

"Quinn," she said. "Sarah is very beautiful isnít she?"

"Yes, she is beautiful," replied Quinn. "Nigel is pretty good looking himself."

Wade smiled. "Yes," she said. "I think he is too."

"Is he what you consider a perfect man?" asked Quinn.

"What do you mean?" asked Wade.

"I think you know what I mean," said Quinn. "Think about it, the bedrooms, Sarah, Nigel."

Wade squealed and ran over to Quinn. She grabbed his arms and smiled.

"I knew it!" she said. "I thought I was losing my mind. But yes, I pictured Nigel when we were in the bar and then there he was right in front of me."

"So he is your ideal man," said Quinn. "Ah, now I see how you think"

"And Sarah is your perfect woman?" asked Wade. "Quinn, are we going crazy here?"

"I donít know but somehow I donít think getting what we imagine is a bad thing," replied Quinn. "As long as we imagine good things."

"Well, maybe not," said Wade. "It just feels kind of strange, yet wonderful all at the same time. Come on Quinn. Letís explore the rest of the house."

"I was just getting ready to suggest the same thing," said Quinn. "Come on, somehow I donít think Sarah would mind."


Part 6 [posted: 8/3/99]

After searching the entire hotel, Remmy, Lyn and the Professor could not find a way out. Every window and door opened to a brick wall.

The Professor sensed that Lyn was rather shaken and proceeded to calm her.

"Madam Lyn," said the Professor. "You mentioned you were doing some writing when the black out occurred. May I inquire what type of writing you were doing?"

"I have been in town doing some research," replied Lyn. "I am writing a novel based on a castle from Europe that was torn down and rebuilt here piece by piece. There is a legend about the family that use to live there."

"Sounds fascinating," said the Professor. "Since it appears we have some time, may I read a bit of it?"

"Of course," said Lyn. "Come with me to my room and Iíll get it for you."

"I guess Iíll come too," said Remmy. "Iím not staying down here all alone."

The three proceeded to Lynís room. It was next door to the room that Remmy and the Professor were staying in.

"So that solves the mystery of the scream," replied Remmy.

"Sorry," said Lyn. "I was a bit startled. Shine the light over to the corner. I was using the desk."

Remmy shined the light towards the corner of the room. The light revealed an empty desk.

"I know I left my manuscript on top of the desk," said Lyn. "Where is it?"

"Maybe it fell behind the desk when you were startled," said the Professor.

A further search of the area as well as the room provided no clue to where the manuscript had gone.

"I donít understand," said Lyn. "Why would someone want to take my manuscript?"


Quinn and Wade ran down the long main hall of Sarahís home. A sense of excitement overcame them.

"Ok," said Quinn. "You go first. Picture something that you want to find in this room. Something fun."

Wade smiled. She knew exactly what she wanted to be in the room.

"Ok, I know what I want," she replied. "Go ahead, open the door."

"Is it safe?" asked Quinn. "You wouldnít pull anything on me would you?"

"Of course itís safe," replied Wade. "Only good wishes, remember?"

Quinn slowly opened the door. To his amazement the only thing in the room was a Carrousel. It had beautifully carved wooden horses all painted in pastel and gold.

Quinn laughed. "Ok," he said. "Iím game."

Wade ran and jumped on a wild black stallion. Quinn jumped on the horse beside her as the carrousel began to move on its own.

"I havenít been on one of these since I was little," said Wade. "It was always my favorite ride at the fair."

"Yeah, I remember liking it when I was little too," replied Quinn. "I use to always bring my cowboy hat to the fair so I could pretend I was actually a cowboy."

"Aw, that is so cute," said Wade. "I can just see you now. This is so magical isnít it Quinn?"

"Yes, it is," he replied.

Quinn began to feel a little homesick. He remembered his mother and all of the good times they shared together when he was young. She had done so much for him to make up for his fatherís absence. He wondered if he could make a wish that would take them home. But if he did, would it be real? He decided not to chance it and just enjoy the experience he was having with Wade.

"Whatís the matter Quinn?" Wade asked.

"Nothing," replied Quinn. "I was just thinking how my mother would never let me run around this thing in the opposite direction."

Quinn laughed as he jumped off the horse and began to run around the carrousel.


Part 7 [posted: 8/12/99]

Quinn finally sat down on the carrousel bench. Wade jumped off of her horse and sat down beside him. She closed her eyes. Suddenly they were both sitting on a bench in the middle of an empty room.

"What did you do?" asked Quinn.

"I just wished that it would all stop," replied Wade. "I think I have had enough for one night. You have to admit, this is getting pretty bizarre."

Quinn turned towards Wade and placed his hand on her face. "Itís okay," he said. "I know this seems so strange but I have a good feeling about it. We were drawn here for a reason Wade. Iím not sure what that reason is yet but I have a feeling we will find out soon enough."

"I have one request," said Wade. "No more wishes tonight, okay. Letís just explore the house."

"Sure," said Quinn. "Maybe that would be best."

"I do have one question for you Quinn," asked Wade. "What does your room look like?"

"Iíll show you later," replied Quinn.

His grin made Wade wonder but she followed him as they explored the remainder of the first floor.

Two large doors opened into a library. There were two desks in the middle of the room. Every wall was lined with bookshelves that extended to the ceiling and each shelf was overflowing with books.

"Wow," said Wade. "I donít think Iíve ever seen this many books in the public library."

"Yeah," replied Quinn. "Someone sure enjoys reading. I wonder who would have the time to read this much?"

Quinn walked over to one of the desks and sat down. "Looks like Nigel is writing a journal," he said.

"Quinn!" scolded Wade. "That could be private. You shouldnít be reading that."

Quinn couldnít help himself. His curious nature forced him to continue.

"This is odd," he said. "The front of the book says it belongs to Nigel Edwards but this last page is dated January 1, 1918."

Wade quickly ran to Quinnís side.

"Let me see that," she said. "I wonder what it means?"

Together they read the last passage written in the journal. It said:

Sarah passed away today leaving me all alone in the house. I know she is in a better place but I donít know if I can go on without her. How could something so wonderful have gone so wrong?

Wade felt a chill go down her spine. She looked at Quinn who kept reading the passage over and over.

"Maybe this journal belongs to their grandfather," said Wade. "There has to be some explanation for this."

"Iím not so sure," replied Quinn. "I might have bought that explanation before all these strange things began to occur. I canít seem to figure out what is real and what isnít around here."

Wade grabbed Quinnís hand. She pulled him away from the desk and made him face her. "We are real," she replied. "Tell me Quinn, what does your room look like?"

Quinn pulled Wade to him and kissed her gently on the forehead. "Come on," he said. "Iíll show you."


After searching Lynís room further there appeared to be no sign of her manuscript.

"Well, I guess that should be the least of my worries," said Lyn. "I think we need to find a way out of this place."

"Your right Madame Lyn," replied the Professor. "We do need to find a way out of here but it is getting late. I say we get some sleep for now and try our search again in the morning."

"I donít know if I can sleep," said Remmy. "I guess we have no choice."

The trio decided to find a room large enough for all three of them to sleep. Lyn felt more secure being with the others. She didnít want to be left alone.

"Itís almost like we are being held prisoner," she said. "I donít understand it. Why the three of us?"

"It appears you are correct," said the Professor. "There has to be a logical explanation for this. I just hope this building hasnít been condemned."

"Condemned," replied Remmy. "Thatís the way to help me sleep. Next youíll be telling me they are coming with the wrecking ball."

Suddenly a large crash came from the other end of the hotel.

"Oh no," said Remmy. "What was that?"


Part 8 [posted: 8/13/99]

Quinn and Wade made their way back up the stairs toward their rooms. Quinn decided they should check in on Sarah and Nigel. Quinn knocked on Sarahís bedroom door. There was no answer. He knocked again and then slowly turned the knob and opened the door. The room was completely empty. There were cobwebs in the corners of the room and it was apparent that no one had been in there for a long time.

"This has to be the room Sarah went into," said Quinn. I saw her go in here. Letís check the other bedrooms and see if we can find Nigel."

"Okay," replied Wade. "I think Nigelís room is down at the other end of the hall."

Quinn and Wade opened the door to each room one by one. The results for each were the same. All the rooms were completely empty.

"I donít understand this," said Wade. "Letís check out our rooms again."

"It doesnít make any sense to me either," replied Quinn.

They returned to Wadeís room. "Well, I see nothing has changed here," said Wade as she headed toward the door to Quinnís room. "Letís check your room."

"Wait a minute," said Quinn. "I donít recall those books on the nightstand."

"Quinn," Wade replied. "Why are you stalling? Now Iím really curious about your room."

Quinn walked over to the nightstand and picked up a small book that was stacked on top of several other books.

"It looks like Sarah is a writer," he said. "These novels are written by her. So is this diary."

Wade turned around and walked over to Quinnís side. "Let me see that," she said. "I guess if she left it sitting out then it we were meant to find it."

The front of the diary was dated 1917. Wade flipped through to the last entry. She read it out loud to Quinn.

"I finally understand that happiness cannot be bought or given with objects," she read. "What good is having everything your heart desires when you have no one to share it with? Nigel has been a wonderful companion. How could we have let ourselves miss a chance at finding true love? Now it appears we will both die alone. I feel sad for him. I gave up long ago but he seems to keep holding on to the hope that someday he will find that one special soul mate."

Wade put the diary down and sat on the bed. She looked up at Quinn. His eyes were blank. He appeared to be deep in thought.

"Thatís really sad isnít it?" asked Wade. "Do you think we met their ghosts?"

"Huh? Uh maybe," said Quinn. "The ironic thing is that they appeared to us as we envisioned them. Iíd like to do some more searching in the morning but first I think itís time I showed you my room."

Quinn walked over to his bedroom door and slowly opened it. Wade followed behind him. He stepped back out of the way so she could go in first. As she entered the room she almost stopped breathing.

"Quinn," she whispered. "This is what you wished for?"


Lyn, Remmy and the Professor ran towards the loud crash but could not find the source of the noise. As they got to the end of the hallway Lyn looked down and saw her manuscript spread out all over the floor. Remmy and the Professor helped her pick them up.

"I canít imagine how this got down here," said Lyn. "With the exception of when we were searching for a way out, I havenít been on this end of the hotel."

"Well, itís obvious someone has taken some interest in it," replied Remmy. "Are all of the pages there?"

"Iím not sure," replied Lyn. "Iíll have to sort them all out and see."

"Well, it doesnít appear we will be going anywhere anytime soon," said the Professor. "You might as well use the time wisely. When you are done I would love to read it."

Lyn spent about a half an hour sorting through all of the pages. It wasnít until she was completely finished that she noticed the missing pages.

"Chapter ten is missing," she replied. "Thatís odd. That was the chapter I had just completed when the black out occurred."

"Thatís rather interesting," replied the Professor. "What was chapter ten about?"


Chapter 9 [posted: 8/14/99]

"Letís get comfortable downstairs on the lobby sofas and Iíll tell you both the entire legend of the Edwardís family castle," said Lyn. "Chapter ten happens to be the most interesting part of the story.

"Why not," replied Remmy. "Itís almost morning and it doesnít look like we were meant to get any sleep tonight anyway."

Once they were all settled Lyn began to tell her story. "As I mentioned before, I have been doing some research on the castle at the beach that was brought here from Europe. It was owned by Mark and Diana Edwards. They had only one child. Her name was Sarah. Their only other family consisted of a nephew named Nigel who had lost his parents when he was young. Mark and Diana Edwards where killed in an accident while on holiday leaving Sarah all alone with her cousin Nigel."

"That sounds very sad," said the Professor.

"Oh, it gets even more sad than that," replied Lyn.

"After Sarahís parents died Nigel felt compelled to stay with her instead of returning to England. He was engaged before he came to America but his fiancé did not want to move here and broke off their engagement. Shortly afterwards strange things began to happen to Sarah and Nigel. The legend is that all they had to do was make a wish and they would get everything their hearts desired."

"Wow," said Remmy. "I wouldnít mind that happening to me."

"Well," replied Lyn. "In this case having everything didnít make Sarah and Nigel happy. Others took advantage of their kindness. From what I have been able to find out, they never married and were both extremely lonely."

"So what was chapter ten about?" asked the Professor.

"Ah, chapter ten," replied Lyn. "Well that is what I have been researching recently. You see, the current legend is that Sarah and Nigelís ghosts search out local couples and bring them to their castle."

"Why would they do that?" asked Remmy. "Do they let them go?"

"Oh yes," replied Lyn. "They are not hostile. Chapter ten is all about my theory as to why they are still roaming the house as well as the city."


Wade walked into Quinnís room. At first she was speechless.

"This is suppose to beÖ." Quinn started but was interrupted by Wade.

"I know what this is suppose to be," replied Wade. "I guess Iím just surprised."

"Iím sorry Wade," replied Quinn. "Maybe I shouldnít have shown you this. Itís just that when we were dancing back at the club this was all I could think about."

"It seems like it was a lifetime ago Quinn," said Wade.

"Youíre right," said Quinn while trying to hide his disappointment. "Iím so sorry. Letís just call it a night and forget this."

"You donít understand Quinn," replied Wade. "I canít forget this. I canít forget that night either. We left it unfinished. If the Professor hadnít interrupted us I always wondered what might have happened."

"You wished for this too, didnít you?" asked Quinn. "While we were dancing?"

"Yes," said Wade. "I wished for a second chance."

Quinnís room looked like the room they had left when the Professor had interrupted them with his plans to blow up the asteroid. Wine was poured and the food on the table was still warm.

"Dance with me Wade," said Quinn. "Letís continue where we left off."

"We left off with more than just a dance," replied Wade.

"I know," said Quinn. "Thatís exactly where I want to start."

Quinn reached over and turned on the music. He then pulled Wade towards him. Slowly he leaned over and kissed her. This time it was much different. This time wasnít such a surprise. Quinn knew exactly what he wanted and he wasnít going to let anything get in his way.


Part 10 [posted: 8/15/99]

Quinnís kiss made Wade dizzy. He placed his hands around her waist and gently picked her up off of the ground, moving her closer to him. She wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck.

Quinn ran his hand up the back of Wadeís dress and slowly unzipped it, never releasing his lips from hers. He then carried her back into her bedroom and sat her down on the bed. Just as he leaned down to kiss her again the phone rang.

"Now what?" asked Quinn. "Letís just ignore it."

"I think we should answer it," replied Wade. "What if itís something important?"

Quinn hesitantly walked over to the nightstand and answered the phone. No one was on the other end.

"Thatís odd," he said. "I guess it wasnít that important." When he turned back around Wade was no longer in the room.

Wade? Wade? Where did you go?"

Quinn heard the shower running in the bathroom and went in to investigate.

"Wade?" asked Quinn. "Wade are you in here?"

Quinn saw Wadeís dress lying in a heap on the floor. She popped her head out of one end of the shower curtain and smiled.

"Want to join me?" she asked. "I could use a little help."

Quinn didnít hesitate a moment. He quickly undressed and stepped into the shower.

Wadeís back was to him as she reached up and handed him a bath sponge that she had lathered up with soap.

Quinn took the sponge and ran it all the way down to the small of her back. He then moved it along her waist and pulled her toward him. Wade rested the back of her head on Quinnís chest has he slowly ran the sponge up her chest and back down to her stomach. Wade grabbed his hand and turned to face him. She reached up to kiss him and then pulled him towards her forcing them both under the flowing water. Quinn gently pushed her up against the shower wall.

Wade began to shiver. "Are you okay?" asked Quinn.

"Oh yes," replied Wade. "But just in case, letís turn up the hot water a bit."

Quinnís confused look made Wade laugh. "I just meant that there will be no more cold showers for you Q-Ball," she said.

Quinn smiled at Wade as she pulled him back to her and held him tightly. She ran her fingers down his back and then up to his neck. He gently picked her up and once again pressed her body up against the wall of the shower. "I love you," he whispered.

"I love you too," Wade replied.

Quinn felt himself drift. He was lost in her kiss and lost in her as the two made love for the very first time.


"So, Chapter ten is all about the couples who have witnessed a phenomenon at the castle?" asked Remmy.

"Yes, I guess you could say that," replied Lyn. "Of course right now I only have the information second hand. I havenít been able to get anyone to step forward and tell their story yet."

"So how do you know that this legend is true?" asked the Professor.

"Because right before my mother died she told me the story of how she and my father first got together," said Lynn. "She mentioned the castle and the magic inside of it. She died before she could finish telling me the story."

"Iím sorry Madame Lyn," said the Professor. "I see now that you have a vested interest in this story. Where you able to find out any new information about your parents?"

"Yes," replied Lyn. "I was planning to go back to the castle in the morning. Of course, we need to find a way out of here first."

Remmy was already dozing off. He could no longer keep his eyes open.

"Looks like Mr. Brown is finally able to sleep," said the Professor. "I think we should try to rest as well."

"Youíre right," replied Lyn. "Maybe weíll figure this out in the morning."


Part 11 [posted: 8/19/99]

Quinn awoke to the sunlight peeking through the window shutters and shinning across his face. He realized he was in the bed alone and looked over to see Wade sitting cross-legged in a chair beside the bed. She was reading Sarahís diary.

"Good morning Sunshine," said Quinn. "Why didnít you wake me?"

"Good morning," replied Wade with a smile. "Sorry. You looked so peaceful and happy. I hated to wake you. I decided to go ahead and read more of Sarahís diary."

Quinn sat up in bed and stretched. "Anything else interesting in there?" he asked.

"Well, yes," she replied. "Sarah and Nigelís story is so sad. I hope we donít end up like them."

"You mean, alone?" asked Quinn. "Wade, last night was wonderful. Now that we have admitted how we feel, I donít want to ever let you go."

Wadeís heart skipped a beat. She never thought she would hear those words from Quinn. She got up from the chair and tumbled back into the bed. She pushed Quinnís head down onto his pillow and kissed him more passionately than she ever had before.

"Wow!" said Quinn. "If thatís the kind of response I get then Iíll be sure to tell you how I feel a little more often."

Wade laughed and moved back off of the bed. "Come on Mr. Mallory," she said. "We need to get dressed. I learned some interesting information in that diary and we have one more room to explore."

"Oh yeah?" he asked. "Whatís in the room?"

"Youíll see," replied Wade. "I think it will answer all of our questions about what is going on in this house."

"Race you to the shower," said Quinn.

Wade laughed. "Oh no," she said. "We donít have time for that this morning."

"Okay," he replied. "How about a rain check?"

"Quinn Mallory you are insatiable," said Wade.

Quinn shot her a devilish smile. "Oh you havenít seen anything yet," he said.


Lynn, Remmy and the Professor awoke in the lobby to noise of other people around them. Guests were lined up at the counter checking out of the hotel. People stared at the trio lying there in their nightclothes.

"What theÖ?" asked Remmy. "Where did all these people come from?"

The Professor went to the desk clerk and asked him about the events that had occurred. The night clerk looked at him in disbelief.

"Sir," he said. "I think you must have had a bad dream. This hotel has been open twenty-four hours a day since it was opened. I just relieved our night staff."

The Professor went back to the others and relayed what the desk clerk had said.

"We werenít dreaming," replied Lyn. "How could we all have the same dream?"

"We didnít," replied Remmy. "Something very strange is going on here."

"Madame Lyn," said the Professor. "Do you have your manuscript?"

"Yes," replied Lyn. "Itís still here."

"Good," said the Professor. "I think itís time we visited this castle you are writing about."

"Great," said Lyn. "I think I would feel better having a chaperone."

Lynn, Remmy and the Professor took the elevator up to their hotel rooms. While waiting for their floor, Lyn began to flip through her manuscript to make sure the rest of it was still there.

"Oh my gosh," said Lyn.

"What is it?" asked Remmy. "Are you okay?"

"ItísÖ.itísÖ.chapter ten," she said.

"Yes," said the Professor. "We established that chapter ten was missing last night. Donít you remember?"

"Of course I do," replied Lyn. "You donít understand. Chapter ten is in here."

"Oh," said Remmy. "Well maybe it was there all along and you just missed it."

"No, that isnít possible," replied Lyn. "Chapter ten is complete and I didnít get a chance to complete it. This isnít my writing."

"Well," said Remmy. "At this point, nothing surprises me. Letís go back to your room and read it. Maybe itíll give us some answers."


Part 12 [posted: 8/30/99]

Lyn sat at her desk while Remmy and the Professor made themselves comfortable on the couch. They listened while Lyn began to read selections from chapter ten.

"Couples mysteriously find themselves intrigued and overwhelmed by what they encounter inside the castle. Only those who truly know love can see the magic that lies within it. All others will find only empty rooms and the remains of a sad and lonely home."

"So if we go there, we wonít find a thing," replied Remmy. "How will that help?"

"We may not have to worry about what we find," replied Lyn. "Listen to the rest of this section."

She continued to read. "Many believe that Sarah and Nigel haunt the castle. I wouldnít call it haunting. Sarah died at a young age. In desperation, Nigel left the castle and finally found his one true love. His guilt has brought him back. It is said that he helps Sarah experience love through the eyes of the couples who visit."

Lyn suddenly stopped reading. She turned white as a sheet.

"Madame Lyn," said the Professor. "Whatís the matter? Are you okay?"

Lyn handed the manuscript to the Professor.

"The rest of chapter ten is gone," she said. "Read what it says."

The Professor was just as surprised. "Lyn, come to the castle and you will find what you are looking for," he read. "Itís signed, Sarah."

"I think I changed my mind," said Remmy. "I donít think I want to go and meet a couple of ghosts."

"They wonít harm you," said Lyn. "Please come with me."

Remmy couldnít say no to her. The three dressed and headed out to the beach.


Quinn and Wade walked hand and hand downstairs. The home was quiet. Quinn was still wondering what Wade had read in Sarahís diary.

"Are you going to tell me what this is all about?" asked Quinn. "Maybe we should try to find Sarah and Nigel."

"Weíll find them in time," replied Wade. "Donít you like a good mystery Quinn?"

Quinn stopped causing Wade to jerk backwards towards him.

"Whatís wrong?" she asked. "Are you okay?"

"I donít know," he replied. "Suddenly I got a cold chill. I donít think we are alone."

"Of course we arenít," said Wade. "We never have been, remember?"

"No, itís more than that," said Quinn. "I canít quite put my finger on it but something strange is happening."

Quinn pulled Wade to him and kissed her. Wade immediately kissed him back. He held her tightly. Both jumped as they heard a knock at the door.

"I say we get that," said Wade.

"I agree," replied Quinn. "I wonder who that could be?"

Quinn opened the door and was surprised to see Lyn, Remmy and the Professor standing before him.

"Hey, how did you guys find us?" asked Quinn.

"I assure you it was by accident," said the Professor. "This is Madame Lyn. She is writing a book on this castle and some rather strange events have led us here."

"Strange event huh?" said Wade. "I bet we have you beat."

Quinn laughed at Wadeís remark and quick introductions were made.

Remmy told Quinn and Wade about their experiences at the hotel and Wade vaguely filled the trio in on what she and Quinn had experience. She left out the intimate details. Still, the look on the faces of Remmy and the Professor surprised Quinn and Wade.

"Whatís is it?" asked Wade. "Why are you staring at us like that?"

Remmy grinned. "Well," he replied. "According to the myth, only those who are truly in love can experience the magic of the castle."

Wade was speechless so Quinn spoke up. "I guess itís true then," he replied. "Wade and I do love each other."

Lyn was ecstatic. "Can you tell me more about what you experienced?" she asked. "I donít want your personal details, just how you went about making these things happen."

"Sure," replied Wade. "I think we can help you. First, I think you should all come with me. I found out something rather interesting in Sarahís diary. Apparently itís something she wants us to see."


Part 13 [posted: 8/30/99]

The group followed Wade down a long narrow stairwell that led to the basement.

"Here it is," said Wade. She opened the door to a tiny little office. Along one wall of the office was a shelf filled with books.

"More books?" asked Quinn.

Wade smiled. "These are more than just books," she said. "Sarah was a romance writer. She couldnít find happiness on her own so she lived through her books. What I realized by reading her diary was that her entries continued years after Nigel mentioned her death."

"You mean, she is really a ghost writer?" said Remmy, unable to control his laughter.

"Yes," replied Wade. "She still writes. She mentions this room several times in her diary. The stories are all about the lovers who visit the castle."

Lyn walked along the wall of books and ran her fingers along the titles. She began searching for a familiar name.

"I found it," squealed Lyn. "I found it. Itís about my parents."

"Ah, thatís wonderful Madame Lyn," said the Professor. "It looks like you will get all of your answers after all."

Lynís happiness seemed to fade quickly.

"Whatís the matter Lyn?" asked Remmy. "Are you okay?"

"Iím fine," replied Lyn. "I guess I just feel so sad for Sarah. She was so giving and even after her death she still gives to others. I wish she could have found happiness."

"Somehow I think she has found her own happiness," said Quinn.

"How do you know that?" asked Wade.

"Itís a feeling I get," replied Quinn. "I canít explain it."

Quinn picked up a book from the desk. It was simply titled Quinn Mallory and Wade Welles.

"I guess this is our story," he said. "I think we know how this one goes."

"Oh yeah," said Remmy. "I want to read it."

"UmÖ..I think not," replied Wade. "I would kind of like this copy for myself."

Quinn snatched the book back before Wade could grab it from him.

"Oh no," he said. "I want to read it first."

"Quinn Mallory, give me that!" yelled Wade.

Quinn laughed and then handed the book to Wade. He knew how far he could go before making her mad.

"Lyn," said Wade. "If youíd like, Iíll show you Sarahís diary before we leave."

"I appreciate that," replied Lyn. "Will you still share your story with me?"

"Of course," replied Wade. "Iíll just give you my version if you donít mind."

Lyn laughed. "Donít worry," she said. "I wonít dare ask to read your book."

"I do have one question," said Remmy. "Why did all that strange stuff happen to us last night? Why keep us trapped in the hotel?"

"Maybe Sarah was afraid you would interrupt us," said Quinn.

"You could be right my boy," said the Professor. "We may never know for sure."

"Or maybe we will," replied Lyn as she pulled another book from the shelf.

The book read simply "The Professor and the Crying Man."

"Oh my," said Wade. "I didnít know you two had that kind of special relationship."

Quinn, Wade and Lyn began to laugh.

"Let me see that," said the Professor.

Lyn handed him the book. The Professor could barely hide his embarrassment. "Iíll just take this with me and read it later," he said.

After allowing Lyn to look through Sarahís diary the group headed back to the hotel. In respect for Sarah and the other couples, they only took the books that were about themselves.

"Thank you so much for your help," said Lyn. "Iíve decided to focus my story on Sarah and the love she has shared by writing these stories through the eyes of others."

"Thatís a great idea," replied Wade. "I think Sarah deserves the attention that she never received when she was alive."

"We owe her a lot," said Quinn. "Iíll never forget this place."

Wade smiled and gave Quinn a hug. "I wonít forget it either," she said.

"I love you Wade," Quinn whispered.

"I love you too," she replied.

"Okay," said Remmy. "Before we all get too mushy here I want to know what my book is all about."

Everyone turned and stared at the Professor.

"What?" he asked. "Why are you looking at me?

"Whereís the book?" asked Remmy.

"Book?" asked the Professor. "Oh yeah, the book. I donít know where I left it."

"Donít give me that," said Remmy. "Iíll go find it myself."

Remmy ran back to his room with the Professor in tow.

Lyn laughed. "Are they always like this?" she asked.

"Yeah," replied Wade. "But we love them anyway."


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