Dead Man Sliding

Premiered in the US (Fox) on 29th November 1996, on UK satellite (Sky 1) 10th April 1997.

Writer: Nan Hagen
Director:Richard Compton
Guests: Perrey Reeves (Taryn Miller), Fredric Lane (Phil), Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs (himself), Don Most (Skip Collins), Lisa Rieffel (Deanne Bloch), Robert ditillo (Emcee), Ed Wasser (Studio Guard), Brett Miller (Prison Guard).
Background: none necessary
Additional Notes:
* Perrey Reeves has appeared in many things, but I can only think of her guest star appearence as a vampire in the X-Files episode '3'.
* Ed Wasser had a recurring part on Babylon 5 as the Shadow's emissary Morden.
The Sliders are in Hollywood discussing previous Earths and what to do here. They don't like Logan's larger radius. They see a wallet on the floor that everyone is ignoring. A security camera is on it. Quinn picks it up to check for ID. A woman shoots a dart at him,but misses as he pickes up the wallet. The Sliders see her and Quinn drops the wallet. They leave and the woman follows.

The Sliders go to a cafe and talk. A 'Judgement Game' is on the TV. Everyone is betting on it. There doesn't seem to be a lot of crime here. No locks. The Sliders are staying at the Royal Chancellor. The woman approaches Quinn. It seems this world's Quinn is part of a group called 'Punky Pinks (?).' The woman (Taryn) handcuffs Quinn and stuns Rembrandt when he tries to help Quinn. Quinn is shot by a dart and it seems Taryn has every right to do this. Apparently, Quinn is to play a 'game' The Bartender gives the other sliders the address of the game. Quinn2 has played a few times previously. Quinn is to be on today's show. Quinn tries to protest, but to no avail. The others arrive outside the show. They see a map being whipped for spraypainting. A crowd is cheering the whipper on. The others go inside, but they can't get in because the plac eis already full. Arturo is allowed in if he is Quinn's advocate. Quinn is on trial for murder. Wade and Rembrandt watch on a TV screen outside.

Quinn2 is watching the show from a cafe and he stares at the screen in disbelief.

Arturo enters wearing a purple robe. Lawyers here are banned. Arturo protests using past convictions to prove guilt and is booed and hissed for his toubles. On a viewscreen, a clip is shown of Quinn(2?) killing and stealing. The audience chant, "Guilty!"

Wade and Rembrandt sneak inside to find and talk to Taryn. The only way for them to get anywhere is through the air vents. They can hear the editing room through it. Wade climbs into a spacious vent. She sees the editing rooms nd finds an empty one to exit the vent in.

Arturo tell the truth about Quinn's background and is still booed. He then goes on to explain about Sliding to give Quinn a chance.

Wade finds Taryn and tries to tel her. Taryn doesn't understand or believe her. And anyway, it's too late because he's already on the show.

Quinn explains about Sliding and doubles to the audience, but it is considered just an elabourate defence. He runs out of time and the audience vote.

Taryn begins to believe Wade.

The result comes in - guilty. Quinn can't decide which door to choose, to a wheel is spun for him. The result is door 2; a guillotine. Tomorrow eveng the sentance will be carried out. Quinn is taken away. He tries to escape, but fails and is beaten. Arturo stops that, but Quinn is still taken away in a white van.

Arturo, Wade and Rembrandt talk. They can't appeal, but they do get to talk to Quinn. He wants to know how they're gonna get him out. They're being filmed so Quinn gets angry and smashes the camera. He is stopped and taken back to his cell. 22 hours 17 minutes until the slide, 22 hours until he loses his head - literally!

Arturo, Rembrandt and Wade decide to find Quinn's double. They find the 'Punky Pinks' and Wade dresses up appropriately. She's not sure it's a good idea, but is persuaded by the guys. She talks to Deanne, an old girlfriend of Quinn2. Wade claims Quinn2 knocked her up and she needs some money to get home. Deanne gives her the address he is at at the moment.

Taryn looks at Quinn2's file. Her Boss comes up and gives her a new person to hunt. She minimises the file and asks him if some of the contestants might be innocent. When he leaves, she looks at the file again. She finds something useful and visits Quinn in his cell. She tells him to take off his shirt so she can look for a scar. It's not tehre so she believes him.

The other Sliders are at the house, waiting for Quinn2. 10 hours until the execution. Quinn2 returns and they try to talk to him, but he just grins and runs, but he is darted by Taryn. Quinn2 tries to prove it wasn't him whilst tied to a chair and tells them he was at the racecourse at the time. Wade realises how his face got on the tape. They used an old picture of him and pasted it in the editing room, like the pictures Arturo and Quinn had done at the beginning. In this world, people got tired of reasonable doubt and criminals having more rights than the victims. Televising trials meant it didn't cost the tax-payers money.

Wade and the girl search for proof in the editing rooms, but access is denied. Wade hacks in since this wold doesn't have as complicated security systems as her own. They find the relevant information and put it onto disk. t was Phil (Taryn's boss) and they just put Quinn2's head on it. Phil enters and retrieves the disk. Wade manages to stun him, but he hits the alarm. The two girls escape through the vents (again).

12 minutes to go. They meet up with Arturo and Rembrandt and have an idea. Quinn2 has access to welding tools.

Quinn watches them setting up the guillotine. He is taken out of his cell and down towards the guillotine where he is surrounded by reporters. When Wade speaks up, he agrees to one interview with her and Taryn for European Affiliates (?). They get him into a hidden compartment welded onto the bottom of the van. The timer and Wade go with him. They tie up Taryn to make it look like a realistic escape. 5 minutes. When Phil enters the van, he notices the hidden compartment. They drive off as plan B and he flies out the back. Stop right by a cliff, where they were followed. 1 minute. Taryn has the proof she needs. When the timer reaches 13 seconds the Sliders jump off the cliff and into a vortex forming below them. Taryn anounces an exclusive on show fixing.

The Sliders land in a garden. someone filmed their exit. Quinn gos in to retrieve the tape. He told the lady they were aliens and would take her with them if she didn't given them the tape. He pulls out the tape and then runs off to be chased by the others.

Did You Notice?
* Stars on this world include: Arnold Stang, Jill Wheelen and something (which I can't read) Bouler.
* Wade talked Quinn and Arturo into those head shot things. Quinn was on a 'Muscle and Fitness' cover as a chippendale-type and Arturo was Tarzan.
* The Sliders have previously visited Buttonwillow (?) and others I couldn't work out.
* Wade likes Dolly Parton.
* Quinn takes a photo of Arturo, Rembrandt and Wade by Dolly Parton's star.
* Quinn2 is a welder from San Fransisco.
* Before the age of 21, Quinn2 was charged with:
- 2 grand thefts
- assult with a deadly weapon
- 2 drunk drivings
* I don't understand what I wrote, but it says, Wade suggests:
- attitude
- looks
* The spinner wears a an executionists mask and all the gameshow girls are on rollersaktes (I tihnk that's what is says!)
* lethel injection is door number 1, guillotine is door 2 so I guess 3 was to go free?
* The next show is Mary Margaret Peterson on trial for adultery.
* Wade studied English literature for two years at college.
* Quinn2 was at Delmar racecourse with Chicago Bob and he casts bets on racces 2, 6 and 7.
* The file on Quinn2 read like this:
Name: Quinn Mallory
Sex: Male
Age: 23
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 185 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Distinguishing Marks: 6" scar on back from knife wound
* Quinn2 is into small jobs such as heists, joyrides and phoney cheques.
* In '93, Justice Tonight knocked Judgement Game out of the top ten and Phil was almost fired. He needed a way to up the ratings.
* Quinn's number is 506627
* They steal remote unit number 5.
Cool Quotes:

"At least there's something to do here!" - Quinn
"It was bad enough when it was same place different dimension, now this? How do we know for sure that this is Hollywood?" - Rembrandt
"Stepping up, Mallory? New bar, new frinds, new girl." - Taryn
"What is it with you today Mallory?" - Taryn
"This world is only interested in entertainment. They don't give a damn about the truth." - Arturo
"What is it with you people. You all have this bizarre fixation that Mallory isn't Mallory." - Taryn
"What's it for? The half-hour special before they take my head off? Broadcast this you vultures!" - Quinn about the camcorders
"Take off your shirt." - Taryn
"What??" - Quinn
"Not again" - Quinn2 after being darted
"There is no way that is me!" - Quinn2 about the 'Muscle & Fitness' picture.
"You'd better have access you slick-haired rascal" - Rembrandt to Quinn2
"Don't let him get arrested again." - Wade about Quinn
"Trust me, short, green and mouldy is not a great look." - Quinn

I can't read my notes for this properly, so I'm not entirely sure what I was talking about all the time :-) I think I get it though.

* How did Taryn know the knife wound was from a bar fight and the number of stitches? That wasn't on the file, so if she knew that she wouldn't ahev needed to look. (You have no idea how long it took me to work out what that said).
* The times at the end are wrong. They're about 30 seconds out.
* It didn't take very long for Quinn to get the tape!
My Opinion:
This was one of the better episodes of the season. It wasn't a movie rip-off that I know of and it didn't have some fantasy element and it didn't verge on the ridiculous. However, it still wasn't as good as the first 2 seasons. I thought that Quinn's reactions to his imminent death were very well done and seemed very realistic. This was a missing in the 4th Season episode Way Out West, where Quinn was also facing death. I also liked the photos Quinn and Arturo had done at Wade's persuasion, but it would have been better if they hadn't led them so obviously to the conclusion. They could probably have worked it out themselves without it. The lack of decent security systems was a plot device, but it was possible if not probable. One of my main problems with the episode was when Wade was crawling through the air vents. They were (in my opinion) ridiculously large for air vents and very echoing. Why is it that air vents are always gigantic (enough to easily fit a grown person) and they always carry echos very well? In general though, a pretty good episode. It wasn't quite The Guardian quality, but it was better than most of this season.

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