This episode first aired in the UK on 4th May 1998 and 15th June? in the US

Writer: Chris Black
Director: Reza Badiyi
Stephen Macht (Kromanus), Tom Westbrooke (Krolak), Mina Badie (Penny), William Bookston (body), Tom Fitzpatrick (eyeless man), Carl Gabriel Yorke (Kromagg leader).
Back Info:
*The Kromaggs have sliding technology and they slide between worlds and take over all those they land on.
*The Kromaggs origionally evolved on a world which contained humans (including Quinn's parents). There was a civil war and just as the humans were about to be beaten, the invented a weapon which helped them defeat the Kromaggs. The Kromaggs were thrown off their world and they are now looking for a way to return.
*Quinn, Arturo, Wade and Rembrandt were captured by the Kromaggs before (see season two although it's not running yet). One of them was implanted with a homing device, but we didn't find out who. They escaped from the Kromaggs with help, but it turned out that they were intended to escape in order to lead the 'Maggs to their homeworld.
Additional Notes:
* This is Kromagg episode #3.
* Carl Gabriel Yorke also plays the director in California Reich.
The Sliders slide into some kind of a war zone where they are stuck for 27 hours. They come from a Hawaii-like world where either Quinn or Maggie (Ican't work out who, though I suspect it was Quinn from the look he gave Maggie when she mentioned something) was slated to be a virgin sacrifice. The alley which they slid into is bombed. Maggie sees someone and rescues them and takes them into a building where they find out the person she saved is actually a Kromagg. More 'Maggs come and capture them. They are interrogated by the 'Maggs, Maggie first. Quinn and Remrandt are held in a cell and made to watch. They are taken to the 'Magg commander (who was the one Maggie saved) and he tells them they are on Earth 147. The Kromaggs know they are sliders. They tell him they found the device outside, but the Commander doesn't believe them because there's no radiation in their tissue. Rembrandt "gives in" and tells the Commander they come from a world conquered by the Kromaggs, but he also says they stole the device from scientists on their world. They are detained under house arrest, but only because they saved the Commander's life and he doesn't want to kill them. Quinn thinks the 'Magg Commander knows they didn't steal the timer.

The Kromagg Commander receives a trans-dimensional communication telling him that a rogue human, Quinn, has recently arrived on Earth 147 according to their sources and should not be detained. The Kromaggs cannot return to their home Earth because the Humans on their world errected a dampening field around it and they want Quinn to lead them through it.

The Sliders find that the Humans of this world offered great resistance. Maggie tells the Commander about the second of three world wars on her world where bombs were dropped on their own troops to stop the enemy, which is similar to what these humans did. Maggie is ordered to dine with Commander that evening when he finds out she was a fighter pilot.

Rembrandt goes for a look around and finds a room with dead people in it. One man is not quite dead, but he has burns all over him.

Maggie goes to the Kromagg Commander's office. He puts on a human face to make her feel more relaxed, but she doesn't like it so he changes back to his real face.

Rembrandt goes into an adjoining room to the one with dead people in. In there he finds people who have been experimented on - injured, radiation burns etc. He talks to a woman in there named Penny who is part of the 'Magg experiment. Rembrandt returns to Quinn and takes him to the project room. Just before they get in there, they are captured again by the 'Maggs (the sub-commander, who doesn't agree with the Commander). They just about manage to talk their way out of it and they return to their room.

Maggie talks to Kromagg Commander. She tries to snatch the timer back, but can't. She does get the Commanders button/switch thing however. She finds out that the Commander is stuck here because when trying to take the capital city on their home Earth during the civil war, the humans used a terrible weapon and the war was lost. Maggie returns to their room.

The Sliders decide to stop this project. Quinn and Rembrandt use the button to open doors. When they get to the project room, all the people are gone except one. They find people being led into a room.

Meanwhile, Maggie goes to get the timer, but can't find it and is caught.

The prisoners for the project are taken outside. Quinn and Rembrandt put on protective suits so won't be recognised. They see the people being disintergrated by a particle weapon. Quinn and Rembrandt try to syop it being used on Penny and manage to let them escape, but are overpowered.

They are all put together in a cell. They find the Kromaggs have finished the weapon and it will now kill humans only. Penny breaks in and lets them out. They all go outside to stop the weapon. When the weapon is left alone, Quinn adjusts the settings so that Humans won't be killed, but Kromaggs will. The Commander finds them and gives them the timer, telling them they are supposed to be free, much to the sliders' astonishment. Other Kromaggs arrive and the sub-commander orders the weapon to be tested on them. The weapon is turned on and the 'Maggs are killed. The weapon explodes. Rembrandt invites Penny to join them, but she declines because she has to help rebuild her world. They slide.

Cool Quotes:

"Since when did you become shrapnel-proof?" - Quinn to Maggie
"Remmy, I appreciate the moral support, but shut up!" - Maggie

* If the disintegrater could kill the Kromaggs when they were standing out of the line of the beam, shouldn’t it have been able to disintegrate any human within its radius and therefore the sliders should be dead.

My Opinion:
I don't remember much of this as I saw it a while ago, but I thought it was okay, although the best Kromagg episide for me so far is Season 2's Invasion. I did like the sliders quest for the timer, only to be handed it by the Kromagg leader just before his death and just in time for the slide. It wasn't really that different from the ending of "Prophets and Losses", but I didn't really mind that much; It shows that the sliders do quite often need help from the inhabitants of the worlds they encounter.

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