To Catch A Slider

This episode first aired in the UK on 22nd December 1999 on sky 1 and in the US on the Sci-Fi Channel 14th January 2000

[ The Sliders in 'To Catch A Slider' ] Writer: Bill Dial
Director: Peter Ellis
Guests: Lisa Stahl Sullivan (Monique Mansfield), Todd Kimsey (Grant Curtis), Israel Juarbe (Gomez Calhoun), Judith McConnell (Clerk)
* In Season 3's 'Slide like And Egyptian, The Sliders at that time missed their slide window and were forced to use a timer taken from that world.

The Sliders are in a 'normal' kind of world. Remmy and Mallory are talking in the street, while Maggie and Dianaare in a show shop trying on shoes. Before this, Diana has said to them that they are moving closer and closer to Remmy's home world. Then the timer starts suddenly going screwy. They thought they still had a day, but now only 30 seconds. The two guys pull the girls out the shop and they run into a back alley to Slide from. The timer numbers are going up, then down, then up, then down again. Very weird, but overall time is going down. Slide. It's a very weird Slide, quite rough. They exit in what looks like the same alley, but immediately after the vortex has closed, the next opens and they are pulled in. This time an even rougher Slide. And then... they stop mid-Slide, just standing in the tunnel between worlds and hold a discussion.


The Sliders fly out of the vortex, obviously having restarted the Slide. The timer reads two days and looks like it's working normally. When Diana used to PDL to look at it, she discovers that it's having trouble locking on to co-ordinates. When they look at this world, they discover that it's almost identical to the previous one. Not the same, but similar. Finally, Rembrandt tells the others about how this isn't the original timer, so who knows what systems are in there.

They head to the Chandler, in hope of a room. On the way, they pass a posh jewelry shop with some beautiful gems in the window that enthrall Maggie. Inside, the foyer is very busy. They ask Calhoun at the desk for a room, but it appears to be full because of a film festival that's on at this time. However, they appear to be lucky; Quentin Tarantino has just checked out and they can have his room once housecleaning is finished. Calhoun tells them about the digital safe in each suite and the code system. Diana seems quite interested.

A woman enters the foyer. She looks very slutty and is followed by cameras and waving people etc. Her name is Monique Mansfield, known and the Goddess of Sex (eugh). She's a movie star (that doesn't stop her being slutty though). She sees Mallory and starts to come on to him... and him being him, he doesn't object. She goes off to her room for now, but it looks like she'll go back to Mallory later. As the Sliders begin to make their way to their suite, a guy at the bar makes eyes at Diana.

Later in the room, Diana attempts to check the timer. She has no idea what's wrong with it. To try and help, she gets Remmy to talk about what Quinn and the professor said about it. He comes up with 'Scarabs' which Diana recognises can also be a jewel that's almost like it's alive. when she checks the timer for oe, she finds a trace. It matches the dimensional vibrations. Apparently, it's been worn out and they need another. They realise that this jewel is very like the ones in the shop, and like the one Monique had around her neck.

The four of them go to the posh jewelry shop and ask to look at some of the jewels. They do and Diana uses one of her thingys to measure the hertz. She tries one on also. Remmy and Diana are fake-o involved, the same for Maggie and Mallory :-) The jewels are $9,000 per Hertz, and the Sldiers need 9 Hertz for the timer. They haven't anywhere near enough. They take a brochure though.

[ The Sliders in 'To Catch A Slider' ] It looks like the only way is to steal it. In the suite, Maggie, Diana and Mallory are discussing the best way to steal it, borrowing methods from popular films such as Mission Impossible with Tom Cruise. Remmy then tells them that they're not in a movie (not yet anyway :-) and that they can't act as if they are. He then points out to them it's illegal, and in turn Mallory points out about the ATM card scams. Monique Mansefield calls through for Mallory. He agrees to go as it gives him a chance to get close to her and her 'living jewel.' Diana goes down to the bar to read up on the specs and the brochure, and Maggie and Remmy go to check out a possible black market.

Diana is in the bar alone. she orders a tea, and then the man who noticed her earlier approaches. He introduces himself as Grant Curtis.

Mallory meets this Monique Mansefield. She calls him her 'hunky.' As a publicity stunt, she needs to go down to the pool and she can't go without accompaniment, so she asks him to join her. He is provided with trunks to wear... the look of horror on his face!

Diana talks to this Grant guy. He seems a little surprised that she is an academic. He tells her he sells these 'living gems.' He has to go, but they set a date for later in the evening.

Between them, Maggie and Diana pick out a suitable dress for the evening. Diana isn't sure what to do... she's never been on a date before.

Remmy and Mallory in the suite. Mallory has managed to get them floor plans of the building. Maggie joins them while Diana changes and they plan what to do. They know the gem will be in the suite because Monique is not allowed by her insurance company to wear it to the do. Diana is to undo the locks from the desk.

Diana comes out in the red dress from the credits and leaves for her date.

The other Sliders are in place for the burglary, only waiting until the arranged time for Diana to change the codes. Very take-off looking.

Diana isn't paying complete attention. She excuses herself from her date for a moment. Grant looks at his watch and then at what we assume to be his colleagues. Diana tells Calhoun on front desk the head asked for him in the kitchen and that she'll look after the front desk for him. He leaves her alone and she sets about changing codes.

Maggie and Mallory get into the room. Diana leaves the desk. Rembrandt watches the windows and sees a torch light that doesn't belong to Maggie and Mallory. It appears someone else had the idea of stealing the gem. The two Sliders are attacked and the other theif gets away. Maggie also makes it out, but not Mallory. He can hear people coming, so he hides in Monique's bed and pretends to be Monique's entertainment for the evening who's just woken up.

Next morning, Mallory is still in Monique's suite. He goes to the bathroom and phones his friends from there. Remmy answers, but has to relay messages from Maggie. Monique's adopted Mallory as part of her entourage now and won't let him out of her sight. Diana is at breakfast with her date, who also disappeared the previous night (to try and catch the burglar). He comes clean and tells her he's an insurance investigator. And he needs her help. There are no female agents of his around here, and he wants her to go to the dance with him and wear the gem for a little while, so they can catch the theif. She agrees.

That evening, at the dance. Mallory is also there, with Monique. Remmy and Maggie are watching the windows from across the street. Diana and Grant put the gem in the safe in Diana's room, but she slips it in her purse when his back is turned. Monique leaves the dance for a moment. Grant follows her. He comms with Maggie and Remmy. They see a torchlight, but when the men enter, there's no one there. Remmy got the wrong room. Grant gets Diana to open the safe, and they catch the theif having broken the back of the safe, hand still seaching for the gem. They check adjacent suite and catch the theif, who turns out to be Monique.

[ The Sliders in 'To Catch A Slider' ] There's a $100,000 reward for the recovery of the gem. He also refers to Monique as a 'he' and when Mallory realises, Grant explains Monique is a very successful cross-dresser who's time is nearly over. Mallory swears all they did was talk movies. Diana gives the gem back and asks for another in return.

Using the gem, Diana is able to fix the timer and they discover the read-out was wrong... they have 20 seconds.

Did You Notice?
* The rooms on the puter read:
309 Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Masters Locked
215 Reserved unlocked
117 Rick Smith Locked
240 Susan Zody Locked
330 Reserved unlocked
243 Monique Mansfield Locked
380 Ms. Penny Irwin locked
273 Mr. and Mrs. John Kern Locked
142 Mr. Omar Boraby Locked
103 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Burke Locked
108 Ms. Risa Blewitt Locked
109 Mala Vrivlo Locked
* Mallory has done a jewelry store in the past.
* The jewels were discovered 5 years ago in the jungles of Bolivia. They are rated on the Hetz system and cost $9,000 per Hertz. The Sliders need one of 9 Hertz.
* Diana orders tea.
* This was Diana's first date. she never did parties and the like either.
* Mallory told the hotel people that he was a producer and that he might shoot his next picture there to get the floor plans.
* Monique talks on the phone to a Nicky.
* People at the party included Brad (Pitt) and Jenifer (Aniston), Melanie (? I'm not sure) and Antonio (Banderas), Arnold (Schwarzenegger?), Bruce Willis and Sandra (Bullock?).
* Monique's listing on the computer:
Room - 243
Guest - Monique Mansfield
Check in - 18:30
Check out -
Credit Card - .... .... .... ....
Security code - _ _ _ _
* Security numbers are 4 characters long.

Cool Quotes:

"I think it's genetic. You know any men who compulsively try on shoes?" - Mallory
"Are we unstuck?" - Mallory when they stop mid-slide
"The word I'd use is 'stuck'" - Diana
"And hose down 'hunky'" - Maggie about what to do with Mallory after his first encounter with Monique
"I'm sorry, I thought I was watching a movie" - Rembrandt about their burglary plans
"<growl>" - Mallory about Monique
If you're as good as you think you are, she'd probably give it to you out of gratitude!" - Maggie about Mallory's ego.
"Gotta be sexy without being blatant.... blatant. It's gotta say 'I'm an adult, I'm on my own, I love a good time and I have a healthy attitude about sex.'" - Maggie about dressing for dates (she's ALWAYS blatant though!)
"But without saying 'Welcome aboard.'" - Diana
"Right on." - Remmy likes Diana's dress
"Too many classes, not enough glasses." - Grant about Diana's student social life. I say more glasses for everyone!!!! :-)
"Sorry; Wrong room!" - I can't remember
"Okay, I got the windows wrong... so sue me!" - Remmy
"I swear to God we just talked about movies!" - Mallory on the revelation that Monique is a man

* How would Diana know they were getting closer? She's shouldn't ahve Remmy's co-ordinates. In Season 4's Revelations Michael Mallory was going to have to find the co-ordinates for that world.
* They would Slide that roughly then exit standing with the barest wobble.
* Maggie exlains to REMMY they have little control????????
* A different language on Egypt world???? YEAH RIGHT!!!!!!!
* Diana says she never went to bars and stuff like that in college, but she said in another eppy that she went to the student union bar for the odd beer.
* That's one feminine looking man!!!! :-)

My Opinion:
Yeah, this episode was pretty enjoyable. A bit cheesy at times, but also it took the piss out of films a little and laughed at itself in a way :-) Wasn't the best, but it was quite watchable and enjoyable. Better than I was expecting.

Please excuse the disjointedness of these points... I jotted down nots and can't read half of them (that's what happens when you try to wrap pressies, watch a show and take notes!!)

Oh I see we get Mallory the walking hormone again! He is such a hormone (I would say bloke, but I'd probably get flamed :-) He so is though!!! Can he never stop staring at various parts of women???

Lol on the shoes. I know it's stereotypical, but it's probably true. I KNOW I've had that particular convo with BritSlider and I think SL4ever as well.

A screwy timer again???? Dearie me. That doesn't happen OFTEN does it now? Can't they think up anything else? And that shot of it acting screwy looked very wierd. the second one at least looked like they'd frozen the hand holding it then CG-ed the numbers behaving weird. they shoulda been able to manage better than that.

That was a little fake-o slide, fun as it may be. There is no WAY they slide like that and exit standing up!!! I liked the really short slide, only it reminded me of a fanfic a little (Slide after Slide by Ivan Turner). But I was a little bit dubious when they got left in mid-slide.

Does Diana ALWAYS need a lab? Can't she do what Quinn and the prof always did and muddle through with what they have? :-) lol.

What I find really strange is that Maggie and Remmy NEVER seem to talk about past slides with Mallory and Diana. I mean they never talked about Wade, never about the Egyptian Slide, what DO they talk about???? Is this a sign they don't really get on?

The Goddess of Sex? Oh puh-leaze! How slutty were they!!!! It nearly made me puke!!!! :-)

A different language on Egytian world? Oh yeah right!!!!

Wow, at last another mention of the prof :-)

Oh, Mallory and Maggie were funny in the jewelry store!!! They really were!!!! That was a pretty fun scene :-)

Lol @ the movie stuff. I love references like that :-) And woh!!!! Common sense!!!! Althought that's becoming more common on TV 'oh this is real life, not TV.' I like it though. And I'm glad Remmy was the one with the common sense :-)

I've written something here I really cannot read. It looks like crawl or growl or something. Wait that's what it is!!! Mallory's growl made me laugh so hard!!!! But I think it made the others laugh too, so that was okay :-)

Tea??? But Diana's not English!!! LOL!!! (as a side note, I don't drink tea, nor does BritSlider, and nor do half the Brits I know :-)

The name Mansfield makes me laugh in this context becasue I know a guy with that name... and laugh even more at the end!!!! :-)

Oh what lovely trunks they were :-) I bet Mallory loved them to bits :-)

Hey! At least Diana gets to do SOMETHING this eppy! She needs to be explored more as a character. True she was still technobabble girl, but at least she was technobabble girl having fun!!!! :-)

Love the clothes convo. Almost excatly right!!! If again stereotypical :-) Cool dress! (the one from the credits) though I like the later one better though. Remmy's comment made me laugh too :-)

Gotta love Mallory's way out, however cheesy. :-)

Oh that three way convo was absolute genius!!! I laughed so hard!!!! That happens so often to me!!!! The screen thing was a bit pridictable and a change from format, but it emphasized it and made me laugh so mcuh1!!! The whle scene did!!!

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHA!!!! Monique was a cross dresser!!!!! Oh I laughed so hard!!! It wasn't as predictable that s/he would be the theif!! Oh they'll laugh at Mallory for a while yet. I will :-)

This seems to be a generous world where they give out rewards just like that! Handy really! Handy that the readout was wrong and that they had two mins as well :-)

Yeah I liked this ep.

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