My Brother's Keeper

This episode first aired in the UK on 17th August 1998 on Sky 1.

Writer:Doug Molitor (rewrite Marc Scott Zicree)
Director:Reza Badiyi
Guests:John Walcutt (Dr. Michael Mallory), Paula Tricky (Lauren Perry), Bob Morrisy (Bill Pappas, the head of MHO security), Judith McConnell (Sylvia), Malcolm Jamal Warner (RJ), David Kallaway (guard one), Ross Barden (doctor), Reba Shaw Alexander (clerk), David Flynn (Brad).
Background:None necessary
Additional Notes:
* Charlie O'Connell says this is episode 18 (Sky don't seem to be keeping to the correct order, but this one seems to be in the right place, I think, although other official sources number it 19).
* This episode was filmed on and around Thursday March 12th 1998. In LA, California, the heat suddenly turned cold around then and the Thursday was cold.
* Interviews with, Jerry O'Connell, Charlie O'Connell and Kari Wuhrer were conducted during production that I know of.
* In issue 103 of TV Zone Charlie O'Connell said, "In this episode my brother has two other doubles, so he gets to play three characters."
* Kari Wuhrer told issue 34 of Cult Times, "...We take a look at the whole cloning thing. On this world they clone humans for body parts, so if I go blind i've got a clone who lives in relative seclusion. Sh's a second class person, cloned for the purpose of giving body parts to the primary humans. It kind of takes a twist on what is going on now in the scientific community."
The Sliders exit the wormhole gliding on a mattress (this was Colin's idea in Lipschitze Live). They decide that to take a mattress every time would not be practical, especially if they had to make a quick get away. Whilst walking down the street, Quinn is recognised by two of his doubles workpals from the Quantum Translocation (Sliding) lab. Quinn thinks his double may have access to some useful equipment, so he and Colin go to find him. There are 2 days, 2 hours and 22 seconds untill the slide.

Quinn and Colin arrive at the Carl Sagen Institute. They get in easily and see Quinn2 through a glass window. The equipment Quinn2 is using, is a outdated by Quinn's standards and there is nothing useful. Quinn then notices a flaw in Quinn2's equation. He is trying to punch a photon rift through an Argon Laser. Quinn tries to shout to him that there is a flaw and continuing the experiment could be disasterous, but the glass is soundproof and Quinn2 carries on oblivious. The device explodes and Quinn2's eyes are burnt. Quinn and Colin rush down and call 911. When help arrives, Quinn and Colin try to leave before the resemblance is noticed, but before they can, the medics notice and quinn is stunned, being mistaken for Quinn2's clone (escaped) and being needed for body parts.


Colin is asked why he has an escaped clone with him and the cops are about to be called, so Colin runs. He escapes.

Maggie and Rembrandt come out of a bookshop and are met by a running Colin who tells them what happened.

Quinn and Quinn2 are taken to the Maximised Health Organisation where it seems Quinn2's father is part of the clone programme. The other sliders follow them there. Maggie and Colin go inside while Remmy finds them some transport.

The hospital people know that Quinn isn't the real clone because the real one is still in the controlled environment. However, they think he's a rogue-grown clone. Quinn is tied down and the hospital staff are surprised when he uses correct syntax, has a good vocabulary, says went to school and when he shows empathy. They think, however, that he was just well trained. Quinn sees his double's father involved with the programme and is surprised. When he realises that they think he's a clone, he tells them he's an exchange student from Canada, but they don't believe him. Because he's identical to Quinn2, they decide to keep him as a spare donor.

To get into the hospital, Maggie buys some flowers and says she's here to vist this world's Quinn Mallory, but as he's in intensive care, she and Colin go to visit the donor, assuming it's their Quinn. They jump the guard outside (well, Maggie does) and get the donor out. Rembrandt steals and ambulance for them to get away in and they go back to the Chandler. There, they discover that it's Quinn2's clone they've taken (Quinn3 or Mallory) via a barcode on his neck and Colin wants to go back for Quinn, but Maggie thinks it's not safe yet. The clone doesn't have a first name, he's just called Mallory. Rembrandt goes to the hospital for Quinn since he wasn't seen last time, Maggie goes to find some information from someone and Colin stays with Mallory.

Dr. Mallory thinks that Quinn has something to do with the disappearence of Mallory. Quinn tries to prove who he is by telling the truth and telling him that Quinn2 needs to intergrate an M-theory base into the supersting model to perfect sliding, but he is taken to pre-op anyway.

It appears that Quinn2 was opposed to the clone programme and never knew he was cloned. The nurse, Lauren is also part of the action-group against cloning. Dr. Mallory goes to see Quinn2 and Quinn2 confronts him. On this world, Quinn2's mother died. Quinn2 tells his father that he was looking for an interdimensional doorway so that clones could escape. Dr. Mallory mentions M-theory to Quinn2 and Quinn2 says that would have been his next step. Quinn2 is then sedated and will stay sedated untill surgery, presumably so he wouldn't find out about Quinn. Lauren phones the gang against cloning for help rescuing Quinn.

Colin teaches Mallory about television and he finds out Mallory doesn't want to go back. Colin shows him the photos of him and Quinn and teaches Mallory about family and how you always look out for family members.

Lauren goes to pre-op Quinn, but instead she breaks him out and when they are discovered they are chased. Quinn2 got her this job and she works to screw up the processes. They and the gang are nearly caught untill Dr. Mallory is taken as a hostage.

At the hotel, Maggie discovers no med-cards, no medical help and that the rich used to buy organs of the poor for transplants untill the clones were created.

Quinn is taken to the base. The leader, RJ, is a clone with only one eye. He's about to shoot Dr. Mallory, but Quinn stops him.

Maggie finds out that if the hospital thinks they can get the real clone back, the hospital will postpone the operation. Maggie, Rembrandt and Colin plan to pretend a trade, but Mallory overhears and runs to the hospital. They all go after him. Maggie and Colin stay outside because of last time and Rembrandt goes in after Mallory. The hospital staff already know and both groups are sprung.

Quinn is talking to Quinn2's father. They see the others on the news and Dr. Mallory askes about Colin. They decide to make a trade. RJ was once with another clone from the same person, but the other was taken first for major organs.

They all go to the trade. When Mallory offers his eyes, Dr. Mallory and the hospital staff try to keep Mallory and shooting breaks out. Mallory takes a bullet for Dr. Mallory.

Dr. Mallory leaves the programme and works on giving medication to clones. Mallory heals. Just before the slide, Quinn gives Quinn2 the formula for sliding.

Did You Notice?
* The book Rembrandt buys is "Good things happen to bad people" and it has 18 missing pages.
* Quinn2 works at the Carl Sagan Institute.
* MHO = Maximised Heath Organisation.
* At the hospital, Quinn says he is Rudi Secora, an exchange student from Canada.
* Three of Colin's photos are seen. Two of himself and Quinn (they look like they were taken close together) and one of the father that raised him.
* When they are on the news, Maggie is arguing with her captors.
* All three Quinns are all in one breif scene at the end of the episode.
"We're from Canada"'s: 1, when Quinn says he's Rudi Secora, an exchange student from Canada.
Cool Quotes:

"Sounds like on this world I'm the.......version of Dean Martin!" - Quinn
"I can never get used to our doubles; It's like looking in a mirror." - Colin
"A fun-house mirror!" - Quinn
"Same as always: Brains, charm and brute force!" - Maggie when Colin asks how they will get Quinn out
"You're a bad liar, I'm afraid." - Bill Pappas
"Is that like saying one is a good Nazi?" - Quinn
"Unstrap him." - Dr. Mallory
"Thank you. Man, I have an itch!" - Quinn
"My son is brilliant, not merely coached to seem clever." - Dr. Mallory
"This accident took my eyes, not my mind." - Quinn2
"I thank you from the bottom of my eyes." - Quinn to RJ
"Thought you'd traded me in for a newer model!" - Quinn to Colin after the trade
* How come they didn't notice the barcode before Maggie mentions it. Colin stands right behind Mallory and it should be visible to him.
My Opinion:
I enjoyed most of this episode. There are some things i wasn't too happy about, but the good outweighed the bad. I liked all the confusion over the Quinns, but how come they haven't had any other Quinns who have discovered sliding since Season 2 and I think the last on to feature one was Post-Traumatic Slide Syndrome although I could be wrong. We've had numerous Quinns (or a Logan) who haven't perfected it yet. Even though I could see Mallory (the clone) getting shot for Dr. Mallory from the beginning of the scene, it wouldn't have worked any other way. I liked the way Colin was teaching Mallory about things a lot. It took Colin back to where he started in a way. I liked this because I think the writers advanced the character of Colin too quickly and this kind of regressed him a little, but I don't remember him asking what cloning was, which is surprising. This episode also showed how much Quinn and Colin care for each other and each others doubles. I also liked most of Jerry O'Connell's portrayal of the controlled clone, but like the character of Colin, Mallory's character was advanced too quickly. And at last a scientist who wasn't working on an anti-gravity machine! Still, it's a pretty good episode.

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