The BFA song

"Berets For All!"

Once upon a time on the Dominion sliders bboard, discussion grew about the headwear known as berets which were worn in the episode 'Net Worth' and the BFA (Berets For All) was formed to promote this. The ABL (Anti-Beret League) were set up as well to stop the mention and wearing of berets

Date posted at bboard: 2/17/99

I got really bored of doing my physics coursework (I mean, stopping distances???), so I stopped. I was listening to this CD while I was typing and I noticed that it could easily be adapted to a "Berets for All" campaign type song. So I decided to rewrite some of the words and this is what I came up with.

"Berets for All"
To the tune of "Too Real" by the Levellers, a song most of you have probably never heard of.
Music by the Levellers
Words adapted by Slider_Sarah from origional words by the Levellers

Here she comes,
The Beret leader,
Kings and serfs bow before her,
If you feel her eyes on you stay,
She'll come and show you how life could be,
You lie and say she hasn't found you,
Run to her,
She's there to help you.

Are you lost to us forever,
so afraid,
With no berets,
Is the cost way beyond you?
Don't you want the World to be a better place.

Berets for all,
Berets for all,
Colour you,
Could wish for.
Berets for all,
Berets for all,
Colour you,
Could wish for.

Long ago this was founded,
When berets were not a symbol,
That Sliders episode where they were worn,
It spawned a new revolution,
To improve life and give berets,
To all who join our cause,
Women and men,
You don't have to understand us,
But hand in hand,
We join together,
Coloured berets and with a future,
You can come and join us if you dare.


Our leader,
Her loyal second,
Devoted to berets,
You've got to join our cause,
You know,
It's the right thing,
You think,
That you should join,
You're just,
A bit afraid of change,
You've got to join our cause,
Should be for all,
They can be,
If you join us,
There's no need,
To fear the berets,
You've got to join our cause,

(1/2 Chorus)
Instumental until end.

Alternate Earth 117
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