Anti-Maggie Poem

Date: 1/2799
From: BritSlider

I think that by now most of you realise I am not the world's biggest fan of our dear Captain Beckett! So in honour of her, I have written this poem, to fully express the way that I feel (and judging from your posts - some of you feel the same way too!) :)

Ode To Maggie

Dear Maggie, don't take this to heart,
But I think you're an ugly old tart,
And I just want to say,
In a not unkind way,
That I never liked you from the start.

Dear Maggie, can I just point out,
I believe that there's really no doubt,
You're a bit of a slapper,
And never seem happier,
Than when flashing your cleavage about.

Dear Maggie, you're meant to be smart,
You were an Intelligence Officer at the start,
But with each passing day,
You are losing your way,
Now you're naught but a cheap little tart.

Dear Maggie, is it really such fun,
To nail every bloke under the sun,
Your criteria for men,
Seems to be measured then,
By the way that he handles his 'gun'.

Dear Maggie, I much preferred Wade,
She was smarter and prettier I'd say,
She was kind and had heart,
Not like you, you old tart,
And superior in every way.

Dear Maggie, I don't like you at all,
You really do make my skin crawl,
You're a horrible floozy,
Who isn't too choosy,
'Bout for whom you let your panties fall.

Dear Maggie, I'll finish by saying,
That now I am fervently praying,
If there's a sixth season,
You'll listen to reason,
And tell us that you won't be staying!

Alternate Earth 117
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