The Characters

A little about the major players in the saga...


Laurie Price

The 19-year old newcomer to the team, Laurie has lived under Kromagg rule for the latter part of her teenage life. After losing her entire family in their takeover, she immediately joined the strong Resistance Movement where she became a computer expert. Finally part of a research teamS 6-Beta, she's realising there's a lot more danger out there than she thought...

Connor Matthews

This trainee doctor found his studies cut short by the Kromagg invasion, but has since found no lack of field practice. He joined the research teams as a precaution after several ran into problems, but Team 6 has found he normally causes more problems than he solves. The loss of a team member affected him greatly and he still feels guilty for his inability to help and so has a tendency to overcompensate to others.

Mike Chambers

As the official leader of team 6-Beta, he holds a huge amount of responsibility. Captured by the Kromaggs just after the invasion, he was broken out of a work camp almost two years later and as a result has no love for the Kromaggs and their methods. He'd like nothing better than to rid the multiverse of such terror, but he's gradually realised that there are better ways to do so than to go in guns a blazing.

Steven Henley

Scientist Steven, currently assigned to Research Team 6-Beta, lost his wife and two children to the Kromaggs and he still in unsure of their fate. A brilliant academic, he was one of the team who adapted the Kromagg technologies for human use and now has to ensure that his team retain a working timer at all costs.

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