My spin-off fanfiction. Want to know more about the characters? Check out my Characters page! With pictures generously provided by Blinker. I have uploaded some out of order, but it shouldn't affect continuity, and might even heighten it.

1. First Impressions
This is an introductory "episode" to the characters and situation. What if your world had been taken over by Kromaggs, and all you loved and hated taken away. What if there was a way your people might be able to resist them?

Uploaded on: 6th March 1999
NB. This story was written when I was only fifteen.... as such it is uhoned and not my best. Please don't hold it against me or the other episodes!

2. Barriers
Team 6-Beta encounter a few problems of a kind that's difficult to bluff your way out of. At least, not unless you know what you, and everyone else, are talking about
Uploaded on: 27th March 2001

3. Leadership Qualities
In a dictatoral world where there have been drastic changes in recent years due to a change in power, team 6-Beta discover some scarily familiar faces.
Uploaded on: 23rd August 2004

4. Misplaced Guilt
Connor is thrown back into his old life as a doctor, many years behind and much out of practice and he is forced to take on his double's personal problems to boot.
Uploaded on: 23rd August 2004

5. Past Mistakes
After a spell at home, the Sliders find themselves in a poverty stricken world. But why is one man persected above others? And then there is a problem at the last Slide.
Uploaded on: 22nd March 2005

6. Solitaire
The problem at the last Slide causes some very stark problems for one particular member of the team left alone.
Uploaded on: 22nd March 2005

7. Waiting For Today to Happen
Reflections and reminisence when it's not really what they want to be doing.
Uploaded on:

8. Into the Fire
The consequences of Solitaire lead events down a rather unexpected route for Laurie.
Uploaded on: 22nd March 2005

9. True Faith
Sometimes things just don't go to plan
Uploaded on:

10. Camp
PLEASE NOTE: Contains scenes that some readers may find disturbing.
Another Slider brings hope to Laurie, but life is still tougher than she ever imagined it could be, even with a friend such as Wade.
Uploaded on: 22nd March 2005

Alternate Earth 117
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