"Berets for all!"

ABL song

Once upon a time on the Dominion sliders bboard, discussion grew about the headwear known as berets which were worn in the episode 'Net Worth' and the BFA (Berets For All) was formed to promote this. The ABL (Anti-Beret League) were set up as well to stop the mention and wearing of berets

"The Ballad of the Anti-Berets"

Date: 2/18/99
From: Blinker

After reading Slider_Sarah's admittedly very clever BFA Song, I started trying to think up a retaliatory ABL song that touched on the themes of war, men, patriotism... and berets. To my surprise I realized there actually was one: "The Ballad of the Green Berets". A little re-jigging and we have:

*The Ballad of the Anti-Berets*

Watching Sliders
on Sci-Fi;
Or maybe Space,
Perhaps on Sky;
We're men who mean,
Just what we say:
We'll rid this board,
Of all berets.


We are the side,
That's tastefully dressed;
We're fighting men,
BritSlider's best;
We'll hunt them down,
Those B.F.A.'s;
And we will burn,
All their berets.
Five captured men,
In a B.F.A. base;
Escaped on foot,
Without leaving a trace;
What they had seen,
Was dark and foul:
Unspeakable things,
Involving towels.


At home today,
Sits a young wife;
Those B.F.A.'s,
Took her husband's life;
He died to save,
The fashion-oppressed;
Leaving her,
With his last request.

"Keep our son,
Tastefully dressed.
Make him one,
Of BritSlider's best.
He'll be a man,
Who'll post one day;
And rid this board,
Of those scummy berets."

Blinker 7:-)

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