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March 12,2000

-Well gang, this is it, my final update to this page.  With Season6 over and my job calling, I just donít have the time for it anymore, but I leave you with a wonderful parting gift.  An Interview With Sliders Executive Producer Chris Deaver is up and ready for your viewing pleasure.

-Thank you all for all your support over the years, you made this pastime fun!

December 20, 1999

-I know what you're thinking . . .WHERE THE HELL HAVE I BEEN? Well, alot has been going on in my life . . .Your buddy the X-Pert got married and got a real job. What kind of job? Let's just say my years of kissing butt at SFC have paid off. But I'm back now after more than six months . . .with bad news . . .

-Well, it's official . . . Sliders will not return for a seventh season. Don't fret, I've been talking to Tracy and Chris about it recently and they explained everything. Basically, the actors contracts are up and they want to pursue some other venues . . . but there are still more stories of our favorite group of sliders to tell. So SFC has decided to do a series of TV Movies later on in 2000. We'll still be getting our Sliders fix just not as regularly.

-Come back soon because I'll be posting an interview I conducted with Executive Producer Chris Deaver, also known as Andrew Summers: Traveller! I should have it up by next week at the latest . . . And just in case I don't see any of you . . . MERRY CHRISTMAS! See you soon.

June 2, 1999

-After almost a month long absence I have returned. I've changed up a few things around here, to try to tie the page more closely to the  Sliders Season Six Page . The colors a little different and the font style has changed, but beyond that the goal is still the same, quality news and rumors about our favorite show Sliders! It's getting harder and harder to find the time to update this page, but I will endeavor to continue to as long as I can.  Big things have been happening on the show.  Hopefully all of you have seen the first two episodes of Season Six.  In my opinion, they were amazing.  And the best is still to come!

-It was originally believed that Charlie O'Connell would return to the show and become a recurring villain and one of the Anti-Sliders.  This isn't true.  The Anti-Slider group idea has been retooled a little bit and the show has other plans for the character of Colin.  So, Charlie will be doing a couple of episodes this season, but he will not be a part of the recurring Anti-Sliders group.

-The characters of Nimbus and Andrew Summers will be recurring, and SFC plans to rerun The Andrew Summers: Traveller Pilot  from 1997 in the near future.  It contains all sorts of nice little tie-ins to the last two seasons of Sliders and explains some things that really need to be explained.  Trust me, after you see it a lot of the stuff that has happened to our group of late makes sense.

-There is no word yet on if Sliders will return for a seventh season after the sixth season ends, but Tracy Torme` was quoted as saying, "All good sci-fi shows must run seven seasons.  It's like a law or something."  Hmmm . . .wonder what that could mean.


May 4, 1999

-I told you the season finale was incredible, but no one wanted to listen to me. Anyway, now that it's finally out of the way, I have been freed from my vow of silence. Big things happening in season six:

-The main group of sliders will be Quinn, Bennish, Mary and Autumn Mallory. Although many episodes will focus on Wade, Rembrandt and Arturo (Look for those three to escape from the Draconian Empire fairly early in the season and begin sliding using Draconian sliding equipment).

-A new character is set to be introduced in season six. His name is Evan Arturo, and yes he does have a connection to the Professor. Evan will be played by relative newcomer Danial Evans. Pictures of the character and of Danial himself should be posted on the Sliders Season Six Page in the coming weeks.

-Many people are still trying to uncover the identity of the new Logan St. Claire (Yet another of the wonderful things SFC Central swore me to secrecy on way back when) well, all can be revealed now. Logan is now portrayed by yet another newcomer Kimberly Leach. As with the character of Evan, pictures of Logan and Kimberly should be available on the Season Six Page in the coming weeks.

-More is coming in on the "Anti-Sliders group everyday, unfortunately I'm not at liberty to mention any of it yet, not to worry though. Very soon all will be revealed.

-Don't forget, season six begins on May 21, only on SFC.

April 12, 1999

-The latest news from SFC Central has Charlie O'Connell appearing in at least one episode in season six. It is not known if this will be the final appearance of Colin or not, then again with that Anti-Sliders group being formed. Hmmmm . . .

-While we're on the subject of the Anti-Sliders group, I will tell you this. One of them is Ryan and one of the others should become very obvious real soon.

April 3, 1999

-after a month long absence I have returned. Needless to say the last month hasn't been that pleasant (I was locked in the SFC Central basement forced to watch reruns of season 3 over and over again!). But now I'm back and I've got a ton of Sliders news!

-It appears that the sliders will be split into two groups in season six. I won't say who's in what group (although the season finale will give that away), but I will say that as of this minute the writers are not sure how long that situation will last.

-The identity of Katie Holmes character has been revealed. She will play Autumn Mallory. Quinn's younger sister in a parallel universe. She will have become lost while helping her Quinn test his sliding device and meets up with "our" Quinn originally believing him to be her own. She will slide with our sliders to try to find her way home.

-expect a dramatic change in the character of Quinn (Due in part to the events that transpire in the season five finale).

-The Draconians will appear in at least three episodes and a group of "Anti-Sliders" made up of somewhat familiar faces will be after our sliders (the specifics behind this one were laid out in the last few eps of season five).

-Rumor has it that Bennish may be sporting a new look in season six and his relationship with Mary will take off a bit more. That's all for now, but keep checking back here, you never know when something new might show up.

-March 1, 1999

-Well, word has come down from some of my sources at SFC Central, that Katie Holmes has indeed signed on for season six. It appears she'll play a lost slider who hooks up with our sliders. No word yet on a character name or any back history, but with filming set to start in a little less than two weeks I'm sure more information will be forthcoming.

February 24, 1999

-There's a rumor flying around that Katie Holmes (formerly of the now defunct WB's Dawson's Creek) is coming aboard in season six. Nothing has been confirmed yet, and it's not known what type of role she would have. I'll keep you posted as soon as the news breaks.

February 20, 1999

-It's official.  Sliders has been renewed for a sixth season!  And thank God, because seeing as how I've already seen an advance copy of the season five finale, I don't think I could have handled it if the show had ended like that.  Of course, details are still under wraps,  but expect all the main characters from season five to stick around (in some fashion. . . oh cryptic).  Filming is expected to begin around March 13, with a premiere set for Friday May 21 for the season premiere.  As it stands now, season six will be a full  22 episodes with the same three episode extension clause that was in season five, so there's a possibility of 25 episodes for season six.

Keep checking here for more news and rumors concerning season six!

February 3, 1999

-I saw an advance copy of the season five finale.  Oh my!  I'm sworn to secrecy on the ending (SFC Central swears they won't return my puppy Toby unless I keep quiet), but I will say this, you will never, ever, ever believe what happens!

-Rumors circulating for season six already.  A lot of people think Bennish won't be involved in season six.  I have spoken to Jason Gaffney and he has told me the rumors are far from true.  Unless something changes, Bennish will be in season six, either as one of the sliders, or as a recurring character much like he was in season one.  Rest easy Bennish fans, he's along for the ride.

January 22, 1999

-It seems Charlie O'Connell's character of Colin has made his final bow.  Charlie has expressed an interest in doing other things.  He was quoted as saying, "I really enjoyed the new depth Colin was given this season.  He went from an almost boring character to a devious, scheming , maniac.  I t was a joy to play the new character because it gave me a chance to show off my acting abilities, but I feel it's time to move on.  Jerry and the rest of the cast have been great and Tracy is a joy to work for, but it just feels like now is the perfect time to move on.  Besides, Tracy has already told me anytime I'm willing to play Colin again he has a great story in mind, so you never know.  Colin might make a return visit one of these days."  I support Charlie's decision, but I will say that he proved a lot of us wrong.  When he first appeared in season 4 many thought he had no acting abilities and was only given the job as a favor to Jerry.  The intriguing turn the character of Colin took in season five's premier changed all of that.  Charlie O'Connell has come into his own as an actor and I wish him the best of luck in his new endeavors.

January 10, 1999

-Sliders has become the highest rated cable television show in history!  Which means that the 3-episode extension is going to happen.  We are getting 25 all-new episodes of Sliders this season.  From the few fans I've spoken to, they aren't disappointed.  Torme has fixed something that has been hurting for a long time.

-Rumors abound that "The Music of The Cryin Man" is in the works.  I spoke with Cleavant Derricks and his reply was, "Yes.  They've had me in the studio recording tracks of "Tears in My Fro" and "Cry Like a Man" also there's a song I'll be performing in season five that we're putting on the disk, it's called "Cryin". " And for all those who've been clamoring for it since Remmy belted it out back in "The Weaker Sex", Cleavant is recording "The Cryin Man's" version of "Tears on My Pillow".  So be looking for "The Music of the Cryin Man"  around the middle of February.

December 31, 1998

-DO NOT FORGET that Sliders Season Five starts tomorrow on SFC.  I promise you, if you are a true sliders fan, you will most definitely not be disappointed.

December 17, 1998

-John Rhys-Davies officially returns to the cast as of episode sixteen as the lovable Professor Maximillian Arturo.  No word yet on if any members of the cast will be stepping aside to a recurring role, or if the main cast is getting bigger.

December 1, 1998

-Una Damon is returning as the character of Mary, the Kromagg attendant, for a multi-part episode that deals with just why the Kromaggs in season four were so different from the Kromaggs in season two.  This could be big.  Also, I hear this could lead to a recurring role for Una and possibly Mary might start a romance with one of the Sliders.

November 22, 1998

-It's been awhile, but I've had some stuff to deal with.  I'm back and let me tell you, I've seen a promo of the season premiere and it looks good.  SFC has upped the budget for Sliders to something a little bit closer to the Fox budget and it shows.  Also, SFC has began producing merchandise to market with the fifth season premiere.  Look for the original timer replica in stores soon, along with a few posters  and some shirts featuring the cast (but which cast?  I'm not telling).  As it stands now, January 1, 1999 is the premiere date for Sliders season five.  Now there's a good reason to stay home on a Friday and a great way to start the new year off.

October 14, 1998

-My buddies at SFC CEntral have revealed a few tidbits to me about the upcoming season five (already filming mind you), so buckle up.

*The sliders find the REAL Earth Prime.

*The whole Kromagg situation gets resolved (But not like you think).

*Expect the Quinn/Wade romance to heat back up.

*All the dangling plot-lines from season four will be answered through "flashback episodes" throughout the season.

*Arturo will show up frequently.

*A return to character driven stories following the old "What If?" format.

*A Maggie Beckett double will appear in season five and  Kari will make a couple of guest spots for the "flashback episodes"

*SFC Central has signed a deal for at least 22 episodes with a 3-episode extension deal if all goes well in the first few weeks.  A possibility of 25 all-new episodes.

October 1, 1998

-Oh yeah!  It's happening!  Sabrina's back, Jason Gaffney is in and Kari is out!  Charlie's still in, but only as a recurring character from what I hear and the character of Colin is getting a complete overhaul.  Also, John Rhys-Davies is returning in a recurring role as well.  It seems he has a few projects he has to finish, but he wants back in, that 's for sure.  No word yet  on how Tracy Torme is going to fix all of D.P.'s crap but filming starts next week.  SFC Central is shooting for a January 1, 1999 premiere date(which would work out perfectly , since the last few eps of season four are set to air by the end of November).  The fun is about to begin!

September 20, 1998

-A little bird told me that Torme would really like to have Jason Gaffney (Conrad Bennish Jr.) involved in season five.

-Kari Wuher was caught auditioning for a Pilot for CBS called "Douglas Law"  I wonder what that could mean? Hmmmmm(Is Kari looking for another job?)

September 9, 1998

-He's back!  Tracy Torme has agreed to return to helm Sliders season five.  So expect some real big changes.

-Sabrina Lloyd has expressed an interest in returning to the show, granted Torme can fix that damn "breeder camp" crap that Pekinpah instituted.  Considering this is the Daddy of Sliders we're talking about here, I'd almost say it's a shoe in that she'll be back.

August 15, 1998

-It's official, David Peckinpah has been released from his contract.  Thank God!  The idiot who ruined Sliders gets what he deserves!  But I've got even better news.  Rumor has it SFC Central is pleading with Tracy Torme to come back and fix his baby.  Which makes one wonder?  Now that Peckinpah is gone , will JRD return to the show, since it has already been renewed for season five?  We can only hope.