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  ThomasMalthus presents...

 [ Peckinpah the Series Slayer ]

"I know fans have often asked me how I could ever top the classic 'Welcome to the Heckmouth' episode that served as the pilot for the "Buffy" series. For some reason, it’s usually after they down a lot of Quaaludes."

Yes, it's a world where Peck sank his fangs into "Buffy" rather than "Sliders," draining the would-be cult hit of its life-force from the get-go. On the plus side, however, there's plenty of motorcycles!

  Introduction: The Peck Transplant
  1.01: Welcome to the Heckmouth
  1.02: The Harvest of Blood for Vampires
  1.03: The Brownies
  1.04: Teacher's Vampire
  1.05: It's OK to Kill a Boy on the First Date
  1.06: The Peck
  1.07: Angel's Big Secret
  1.08: Silence of the Clams
  1.09: The Knife-Wielding Puppet
  1.10: Nightmares on the Street where Sunnydale High Is
  1.11: Mostly Filler
  1.12: The Big Finnish

"So I got to think about this one scene where there's brownies on the table and about how gooey and chocolatey and rich and mmmmmm....brownies..."

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