"Truth Be Told"

Truth World~

This has to be the strangest world yet. I can't believe Ryan, he got us
stuck with these stupid truth collars. Now everyone knows we are sliders.
And everyone wants to know all the details. I don't know if I can handle
talking about it, About the whole thing. Quinn dragging me on the damned
adventure, dying on me. It's so hard.

 Remmy has been a rock.  He's been so good to me. I couldn't say no when
he came up with a good way to make money. So tomorrow we hit the Executive
Hour. And for the two weeks we're here we go the whole circuit. He
actually has a bidding war for the rights to video our exit. That's Rem.



Collar Freak Planet ~

I didn't mean to lie. And I usually don't get caught. These collars seem

It's bad enough I can't hit the mountains now that we finally have a long
stay, but now these stupid talk shows?!? What a farce! The Executive Hour.
That guy needs a new job. Could he ask a relevant question? Apparently
not. Oh, Wade tell us about your feelings. Gee Professor what was it like
to lose your protege.

He's lucky he didn't ask me anything. I could see it coming just as the
commercial break came.  No one can ever prove I scared him out of it. It
is his word against mine. And the pain isn't that bad.



THAT BLISTERING IDIOT!!!!! How dare he accuse me of benefitting from
Quinn's death. The boy was like the son I always wanted. His death--

The timer seems to be holding up fairly well. Wade has come to terms of
some sort with things as they stand. Ryan still isn't part of the group.
What do I do about that? Rembrandt has taken the lead which leaves me more
time to concentrate on getting us home. I do miss the boy right about now.

Tomorrow is the eleventh talk show in as many days. Morning With Aelita.
Apparently she's quite racy.



"Welcome back people! We've only got a few more minutes with our visitors.
<applause> So, Remmy tell us your side of the story. How exactly do you
feel about your fellow sliders?" The petite, dark haired hostess seemed
truly interested in the answer.

"I respect the Professor a great deal." Rembrandt took his time. He had
discovered how to tell just enough of the truth to satisfy and not offend,
"Ryan is becoming a friend and I love them all. It looks like our time is
up Aelita. Thanks for having us one the show."

The tall, middle-aged black man pointed a strange device at the sky in
front of him. A swirling circle of color tore a rent in the fabric of
reality and leaves and debris swirled in a mini-whirlwind. The Professor
launched himself into the circle, quickly followed by Rembrandt. Ryan took
a running jump next and Wade paused to wave before entering the circle.

The talk show host, her camera crew, and the audience spent a full minute
of shocked silence staring at the now normal area before them.

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