The following are excerpts from Father Mallory's diaries. They chronicle
the time of Discovery. The Mallory-Morehouse clan has elected to edit
certain sections.

December Nineteen Hundred Ninety-Six

Susanah (Morehouse)  has spent all week making the arrangements for our
wedding. Her mother is constantly pitching a fit over her choice of a
mate.  But my fair Susanah is too strong to let her mother dissuade her. I
am truly a lucky man. Tomorrow I'm trying out a new contraption. A glider.
I think I've found a new metal to conduct energy. This could make
electricity something common.


The flight had a few problems, but went well overall. I landed in a tree.
I was distracted by a circle of light and color forming in the sky below
me. Four figures shot out of it. Three men and a woman. They seemed a bit
disoriented. I offered them shelter, much to Susanah's dismay. Apparently
they slide from world to world through a dimensional bridge. Unfortunately
their device has no more energy. The Professor is going to the cavern with
me tomorrow to look at my new metal. I've been thinking that the metal's
conductibility might have to do wit the crystals that grow there as well.


Susanah corralled me tonight and took me to task for not having my suit
fitted for the wedding. It is only two days away. I'm torn, Susanah is the
love of my life, my soulmate. But I feel an urge to help these people.
They've told me of a man they once slid with (dead) who might have been an
alternate of mine. Or perhaps the duplicate of my younger brother. Quinn
died with Mom and Dad in the fever. I've always wondered...


Wade has taken it upon herself to get the house in order for Susanah and to
do it she coopted Rembrandt and Ryan. Susanah seems grateful. We are so
close to discovering the secret of the relationship between the crystals
and the metal. I wonder if this symbiosis can be found elsewhere around
the world?

I'm not sure the cavern is safe. I've begun to have dizzy spells. I have
yet to tell anyone. It is troubling. I'll keep quiet about it until the
wedding is over. The Professor seems to think this may be an answer for
him in more than one way. I'd like to test it further, but he seems


After the wedding the others moved over to the Morehouse residence so
Susanah and I could be alone. Marriage is proving to be a boon.

Other matters...The crystal/metal combination seems to power the device
amazingly well. They left after fixing the device.The two seem to
harmonize and produce energy. This could change my world!

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