Peel back the veil of reality and journey to worlds unrealized. Worlds where Ray took a different path. These are . . . The Otherworlds!


Earth 21diverges from our world in the opening days of the ninth season. Here, Michael remained with the family, and the results of this aren't what you're expecting . . .

Earth 69is every Raymond fan's worst nightmare! Here on this God-forsaken world, Ray and Robert were forced out in a contract dispute prior to Season Five. The result? The brothers contracted terminal illnesses, had their brain fluid drained, were shot, and were dumped in a burning shed, leaving only their grieving family to carry on the great comedy.

Earth 170diverges from our world in the final days of the ninth season. In the world of Earth 170, Raymond was cancelled by CBS but not picked up by the Sci-Fi Channel. The resulting effort launched by the fans led to the production of Raymond: Homecoming, the final epic in the Everybody Loves Raymond saga, wrapping up loose plot lines and fixing continuity problems.

Earth 214 brings you a Season Seven where everything's turned on its ear. Ray's column is souped up, the Barones have reunited - sort of - and the dangers are deadlier than ever.

Earth 317 asks the provocative question, What if everybody didn't love Raymond? 

Earth 374 made a concerted effort beginning with Season Sixteen to return the show to its roots. Gone were the wacky plotlines about jockey elves and rock 'n roll vampires, and back was the wholesome family comedy about Ray landing in hospital after falling out of bed during sex.

Earth 406 diverges from our world at a very early point, namely the very beginning of Raymond. In the reality of Earth 406, the family made the decision to adopt a fourth child. The character of Jayson Barone was added and nothing was ever the same again.

Earth 1014 offers an intriguing premise: what if Ray's father wasn't Frank Barone, but psychic Clyde Bruckman? Why is he convinced that Ally will never die, and why does he maintain that Ray will expire from injuries sustained in a fall?

Earth 1125 diverges from our reality following the end of Raymond season one. In between the end of filming and the renewal for a second season, Patricia Heaton was cast in a role for a movie . . . something about a chimp who falls for a seamstress. With a prosperous film career, Patricia no longer needed a series. The character of Debra died from the bullet she took for her husband in "Somebody Hates Raymond" and her character was replaced by Britney Spears (playing herself), leading the show down a very different path.

Earth 1712 is a 6MB QuickTime 3 movie that reveals the shocking result of Ray and Philip Rosenthal rewriting "Traffic School." I see time travel, sock puppets, and Traffic Officer Timmy 7:-#ing up hundreds of kids' lives... holy crap!

Earth 2013 presents a unique, alternative nineteenth season. Tired of S19 fics that either (a) wrap up every hanging plotline of the last decade in a couple pages, or (b) continue on with the S17 cast, spinning out the lame, overextended Dark Raymond/robot Frank arcs for aeons? Well, this is the S19 for you!

Earth 2958 remains the craziest Earth in our stable. What more can you say about a series with lines like "As Ray watched football he continued to watch football"?

Earth 3623 focuses entirely on the hot, steamy details of Frank and Marie's sex life!

Earth 4919 sees the Barones' daughter launch her own spin-off legal drama, "Ally Barone"... or as unappreciative critics dubbed it, "Single Female Toddler."

Earth 4629is a world where ELR is just entering its smash hit thirty-fourth season. This year: having won the lottery, the Barones use the money to visit a different exotic locale every week, console themselves over Ray's tragic death, buy dogs named Poochie and Scrappy, and travel back in time. Also starring Ted McGinley as Cousin Gazoo.

Earth 5260 documents the extended post-Jeffrey Season Fourteen that Rosenthal would have crafted had "Slide Like a Barone" aired months in advance. In-law catfights... genetically engineered hybrid soldiers... endless lectures about listening to Marie's cooking advice... relive the nightmare!

Earth 5501 picks up directly from the shocking finale. At last, things are turning around for Ray Barone . . . but the road back to where he started won't be an easy one.

Earth 7749 depicts an alternate "Frank Paints The House" that's as good as our world's was bad.

Earth 8950explores the consequences of Jennifer Crittenden never joining the writing staff. How might the series' story arc have played out without such pivotal episodes as "Mother's Day" and "Ray's Journal"?

Earth 10153 is Season Eleven done right. Did you lose interest in the series when the brothers were merged into "Raybert" and their parents were shipped to a breeding camp in Manhattan? Well, on Earth 10153, none of that ever came to pass!

Earth 12243teams the family up with Voyager's Brannon Braga. Say hello to Jeri Ryan, the twins driving go-carts, and "Raywoman"...

Earth 14111 made a special effort to eliminate the show's few minor flaws, such as its over-reliance on shouting matches, sarcastic putdowns and blows to Ray's groin. In a completely unrelated development, each episode is now three minutes long.

Earth 71999 is the official season nineteen of the Otherworlds. In this gripping continuation, Marie, Jeffrey, and a badly scarred Debra were the only survivors of the Johannesburg massacre, and the only ones who can put an end to the Quantum Directorate's tyranny for good.

Earth 209715 takes a poetic look at a world where events based on 'The Can Opener' had very different consequences. Not to be missed!


Earth X-95 details the horrific television unleashed when Ray steps in for Sarah Michelle Gellar in the earliest days of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer."


Earth 297 takes us to a small town about to be rocked by the discovery of Ray's sports column . . . a town where 'Everybody Loves Raymond' has just finished a hit nine-hundred-year run on TV!

Earth 414 supposes that Debra could never have lived with herself if Ray never made it back to his home world. In the final moments of "This Barone of Paradise," a heart-broken Debra pushes Ray into the vortex along with the kids. Raymond history will never be the same...

Earth 421 asks the question, What if another network had picked up Raymond for a tenth season instead of Sci-Fi?  Here, a young network known as BET picked up the show and sent it down a significantly more flavaful path.

Earth 1126 poses Raymond his ultimate challenge. Lost amid foreign timelines, he slowly comes to the conclusion that the very universe around him is plotting his downfall. Now, a man whose only taste of assertiveness has been his columns meekly questioning the Knicks' offensive strategy faces the task of saving the multiverse from a horror that predates time itself.

Earth 9999 is the strangest world we've charted yet. Here, the events of "The Dog" never occurred . . . but those of "The Garage Sale" did in their place! Earth 9999 is guaranteed to blow your mind.