What if you could travel to parallel worlds? The same year, the same Earth, only different dimension. A world where the Russians rule America, or where your wildest dreams came true. We've found the gateway. Now if only we could find a way home.

Sliders began as the story of Quinn Mallory, Wade Wells, Rembrandt Brown and Maximillian Arturo. The four "slid" from one universe to the next, searching for their home Earth. But everything was not to stay this way.

After landing on a world where people win "the lottery" and are killed to maintain population control, trouble arose. Wade (having no idea what the lottery was) won, and when the sliders realized the truth, all hell broke loose. At the banquet for the lottery winners Quinn and the others were able to barricade the doors and open the gateway. Rembrandt, Arturo Wade and another lottery winner, Ryan, jumped into the vortex. As Quinn leapt into the vortex, the barricade was broken down and the police began firing. Quinn was shot as he entered the vortex. He landed on the next world in shock. He had lost a lot of blood and was barely able to pull Wade close and speak, "I'm sorry, Wade and I love you." With those words, Quinn Mallory died.

Now, with one of their members dead and a new friend sliding with them, it's a completely different dynamic. And no one knows what the result will be...

Sliders is trademark and copyright 1999 St. Clare Entertainment, MCA Universal and the SCI-FI Channel. And is used without permission