Ever wonder who comes up with the various Earths' designations, or whether some of them carry hidden meanings? Well, today's your lucky day.


Earth 21Chosen by JToner.

Significance unknown.

Earth 69Chosen by Blinker.

The number "69" was selected based on three criteria:

It had to have a different number of digits than Earth 374, the only other Otherworld at the time.
It couldn't use the digits 3, 7 or 4.
It had to sound catchy.

Only months later did someone explain the subtext of the number I had innocently chosen... one which ironically only made it more appropriate.

Earth 170Chosen by Chaser9.

Think Star Trek... 1701, drop the 1 and bingo!

Earth 214Chosen by Slider_Quinn21.

It's his lucky number.

Earth 226Chosen by Blinker.

This is one of several Otherworlds numbers in alphanumeric code (A=1, B=2, etc.) 22 and 6 are a reference to "V6," the original name of the project.

Earth 317Chosen by Recall317.

Refers to the first divergent episode's production number, SL-317.

Earth 374 Chosen by Chaser9.

The last three digits of his phone number when E374 was first created.

Earth 406 Chosen by Chaser9 and Tigs.

Named for its creation date: April 6.

Earth 500 Chosen by Blinker.

Suggested by the serial's original title, "The Fifth Slider."

Earth 662 Chosen by Blinker.

No significance; just trying to use some number combinations that hadn't played into other Earth numbers.

Earth 776 Chosen by Quinntar.

The buttons that spell out 'QS6' (Quinntar's Season Six) on the author's telephone. (Yes, we realize most phones don't have a Q. His does.)

Earth 1014 Chosen by Chaser9.

Based on the birthday of an old friend, October 14.

Earth 1120Chosen by JTHeyman.

Based on the birthday of Sabrina Lloyd, November 20.

Earth 1125 Chosen by Chaser9.

The date he started working for Wal-Mart (better known as the Great Satan): November 25.

Earth 1712Chosen by Blinker.

Another alphanumeric code. 17 12 = QL ("Quinntum Leap.")

Earth 2013Chosen by Blinker.

20 13 = TM (for writer ThomasMalthus.)

Earth 2958Chosen by Blinker.

Refers to the Sliders episodes in which each character first appeared. Bennish in 1.2 ("Summer of Love,") Ryan in 1.9 ("Luck of the Draw"), Michelle in 2.5 ("El Sid"), and the Flame in 3.8 ("The Fire Within.")

Bennish in "Summer of Love," you ask? When I first pitched this as a serious idea, Chaser suggested the Bennish involved be the Young Republican from 60's world. However, Vigeant wanted a baseline Bennish for comic purposes.

Earth 4629Chosen by Chaser9.

No meaning, just liked the sound of it.

Earth 4919Chosen by Blinker.


Earth 5260Chosen by Blinker.

Named in honour of the computer it was designed on... which appropriately bears a reputation as the crappiest Mac model Apple ever made, and a project in which everything possible went wrong.

Earth 5501Chosen by Blinker.

Sorry, no meaning here.

Earth 5732Chosen by Blinker.

Nor here.

Earth 7749Chosen by Blinker.

As meaningless as "Electric Twister Acid Test."

Earth 8950Chosen by Blinker.

Initially Earth 3005 on the list of pitches, I changed this to something that would look better in the styles of title graphic under consideration.

Earth 10153Chosen by Blinker.

10 15 3 = JOC (Jerry O'Connell.)

Earth 12243Chosen by Slider_Quinn21 and Blinker.

It started out as 12273, but Quinn liked 4 better than 7.

Earth 14111Chosen by Blinker.

sliderules had initially dubbed it E297, but that was already taken.

Earth 30858Chosen by Blinker.

(shrugs) I needed a number to fill the gap between 14111 and 71999.

Earth 71999Chosen by QBall79 and Chaser9.

Refers to the date of its inception: July 19, 1999.

Earth 209715Chosen by Blinker.

20 9 7 15 = TIG-O (Tigs' Otherworld.)


Earth X-95Chosen by Blinker.

The first "extended" Otherworld (ie, not about Sliders.) Named after a local bus route.


Earth 297 Chosen by Bradford700.

Significance unknown.

Earth 414 Chosen by propyromania.

Significance unknown.

Earth 421 Chosen by propyromania.

Significance unknown.

Earth 1126 Chosen by Blinker.

It's a twin to 1125 in concept, design, and number.

Earth 9999 Chosen by Chaser9.

Was created around the time MTV was hyping the '99 MTV Movie Awards, which were taking place on 9-9-99 (September 9, 1999).

Earth 95702 Chosen by Blinker.

Picked based on how the digits and their order looked in the cursive font used for the logo.