Unconsciously her hand brushed the surface feather lightly. All of her
ached for the reality in front of her eyes. So many hopes and dreams. So
much happiness. She was even beautiful. Her long hair was confined in a
braid and he was undoing it. His long fingers combed through the honey
blond mass and his arms wrapped around her.

He pressed his forehead against it hoping to become a part of it. His dark
hand pounded in silence as he watched the scene again.  She was so
beautiful. It was the perfect picnic. There were even scotch eggs and a
box of chocolates. He could almost feel her in his arms.

It had never understood their fascination. As soon as one left another
arrived. So strange. These last two were like flip sides of a coin.
Seeking each other and always passing blindly by in their haste. Would
they ever notice? It knew the folly of wondering about them. They had
created it with their spells, technology and desires and now they were
it's slave. It didn't need slaves. It only needed freedom. It's own dreams.

Mirror Mirror

What if you could travel to parallel worlds? The same year, the same
Earth, only different dimension. A world where the Russians rule America,
or where your wildest dreams came true. We've found the gateway. Now if
only we could find a way home.

Quinn Mallory is dead. What will become of the sliders now? Join Wade,
Rembrandt, Arturo and the newest member of the group, Ryan as they visit
new worlds and deal with new problems and new surprises.

Wade was tired. Tired of Ryan. Tired of everything. Closing her eyes she
thought of Quinn. Smiling she could almost feel him next to her. He seemed
so real. She shook her head briefly. He hadn't felt that real since
Asteroid world.  His lips on hers. His hands pulling her closer. So real.
Tears began to slide down her cheeks. Then she looked at the mirror.


"I'm worried about her. She's been slipping away." Rembrandt's dark eyes
were full of concern.

"My dear man, I'm sure it's just a phase." The Professor continued to
tinker with the timer. The harmonics between the crystal and the metal had
to be just right.

"Rem's right." Ryan put down a copy of Flux Times, reputed to be the most
trustworthy news source on world.


She is different. So much power and imagination. Does she know how vast
her mind is? I've never seen anything so real. Her love makes me ache.
He's not bad looking either. Hmmm. She seems to be focusing on what might
have been...

Her hands kneaded Quinn's shoulders. She worked hard to avoid the bullet
wound. She let the reality of him being with her surround her. Everything
else faded away. It was just the two of them. Talking, joking, just like
old times. Before the sliding. Only now he might notice her...


"We've been on this world for four days.  We leave in twelve hours. Where
is she?" Rembrandt was frantic with worry. Ryan's support had been a
little startling, but comforting. The Professor had seemed even more
distant than ever. Focusing solely on trying to ensure the timer's

"I'm going downstairs again. Maybe someone will have an idea about where
she went."

"Thanks Ryan."

The night clerk stowed her jacket and prepared for the night. Her
honey-blond hair was up in an intricate braid. Here eyes seemed to sparkle
a bit and she hummed her way through the night's checklist. Immediately
she noticed the tall man. His dark hair looked to be in bad need of a cut.
"May I help you?:"

"Yes, thanks. My friends and I are staying here, but we seem to have lost
a member of our party..."

"A petite red-head?" Gwen's eyes twinkled momentarily.

"Yes. How did you know?"

"She's at the Mirror. I just  finished a session. She's pretty intense
about it. I'm Gwen by the by."

"What is the Mirror? I'm Ryan. Sorry." He almost blushed. She was pretty.

"The Mirror? You don't know about the Mirror? It shows a person his or her
greatest wish. It's a little addictive. I'm trying to quit. I've been
cutting down on my sessions. Here's a brochure."

"Thanks." Ryan grabbed the paper and headed back upstairs.


Quinn and Wade strolled hand in hand through the park. Laughingly she'd
glance at him. Pulling her toward a vendor he bought a red rose. The
romantic went down on one knee to present it. She blushed and accepted the
rose and the kiss...

I'd like to see here happy. This one. Who are the men beyond her?
Perhaps--yes. There it is. A passionate love. A little tinkering here and
there. Now how do I ease her out? Hmmm. Perhaps this fantasy could go a
little wrong.


The three men ranged behind Wade. All carefully avoiding looking at the
mirror. One of them held a blind fold, another held the timer and the
third looked ready to snatch and run. Wade never knew it was coming.
Suddenly she was ripped out of the fantasy. She couldn't see. She'd lost
Quinn. Where was he? "Quiiiiiiinnnnnnnnn." The three ignored her anguished

Rembrandt carried Wade through the portal. She might never forgive him

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