Sliders is the story of Quinn Mallory and his companions, Wade Wells, Rembrandt Brown, Maximillian Arturo (killed in season 3), Maggie Beckett (introduced to replace Arturo in season 3) and their journeys through the multiverse as they attempt to find their way back to Earth Prime. 

Unfortunately, sliders was canceled by the FOX network following the end of it's third season (which many fans have referred to as the worst.  This is due mostly to bad writing and movie rip-offs and more precisely on Executive Producer David Peckinpah).  It appeared as if the fans would never know the fate of Quinn, Wade, Rembrandt, and Maggie.  Then again, no one really cared about Maggie too much, the masses would have preferred Professor Arturo over her any day. 

An enormous campaign was started by the fans of Sliders.  The fans had spoken, they wanted the dangling plot lines wrapped up, they wanted to know the final fate of their favorite characters and they wanted Tracy Torme to write it. 

The FOX executives scoffed at first, but with the FOX boycott and the sagging ratings of the X-Files and The Simpsons (the network's two most highly rated shows) that resulted from it, they finally caved in.  After all, they only had to wrap-up the plot lines, it wasn't like they had to renew the show for another season.  Or so it seemed. 

Torme began work on the wrap-up script entitled "Homecoming"  but the project took on a life of it's own.  It went from what would have been a 2 hour TV movie to a grand sci-fi epic that would appease Torme and the fans after the crap that they had been subjected to in season three. 

FOX was furious.  They needed a 2 hour movie, not a mini-series that would stretch on indefinitely.  Torme fled to the internet for his support.  He informed the fans  of what  was transpiring with the FOX executives.  The boycott continued.   

When FOX came in last place in the ratings, behind even UPN and the WB.  They had no choice but to buckle to Torme and the fan's demands. 

And thus was born  the greatest sci-fi epic ever seen on television Sliders:Homecoming.  Here you will find  transcripts of the episodes, a  familiarization of the characters and their whereabouts  at the end of season 3. 

So enjoy, you, the fans, have deserved this. 

--Christopher Deaver 
Producer, Sliders:Homecoming 

Sliders  and all related characters are  trademark and copyright 1999 St.Clare Entertainment,  MCA Universal and The Sci-Fi Channel and are used without permission.