The gigantic, swirling green vortex opened within the basement of the Mallory home.  At an almost incredible rate, 11 figures
were thrown from it.

"That has to be the roughest slide ever!" Autumn said.

Alt-Quinn cracked a smile and spoke, "Honey, I'm home!"  Silence was his answer.  "Daelin?"

Quinn Mallory spoke, "What's going on?  Where's Wade?"

Alt-Quinn walked up the stairs to the house.  Meanwhile the others tried to take in the events that had just transpired.  Logan's
death, the destruction of DALIUS and success against the Draconians.  So much had happened.

"Quinn!" Alt-Quinn screamed.

Terror ran through Quinn's veins.

"We have to go!"

Quinn turned to his double and spoke, "What's going on?"

Alt-Quinn held up a piece of paper and spoke, "this."

What if you found a portal to a parallel universe? What if you could slide into a thousand
different dimensions.  Where it's the same year and you're the same person, but everything else is
different? What if that portal took everything you've ever held dear? And what if the nightmare
never ends?

Jerry O'Connell as Quinn Mallory
Sabrina Lloyd as Wade Mallory
Cleavant Derricks as Rembrandt Brown
John Rhys-Davies as Maximillian Arturo
Jason Gaffney as Conrad Bennish Jr.
Una Damon as Mary
Katie Holmes as Autumn Mallory
Anthony Stewart Head as Nimbus Da'Trall
Chris Deaver as Andrew Summers
Jeremy London as Jayson Garrick
Tembi Locke as Diana Davis
Danial Evans as Evan Arturo
Kimberly Leach as Logan St. Claire
Charlie O'Connell as Colin Mallory
Nicholas Lea as Ryan Styles
Brooke Langton as Daelin Mallory

"To All Things An Ending Pt.2"

Alt Quinn handed Quinn the piece of paper.

                            Wade has gone into labor.  If you happen to return, we are at Jefferson Memorial.

Quinn's eyes widened.  "Labor.  Has it already been nine months?"

Remmy spoke, "Yeah, it has Q-Ball.  We have to go!"

"Rembrandt is right Quinn." Arturo replied.

Autumn spoke, "Then go!  We'll stay here."

Quinn, Rembrandt, Arturo, Alt-Quinn, Mary and Bennish ran from the basement leaving Autumn, Andrew, Evan, Nimbus and
Alt-Bennish to ponder the turn of events.

Evan distanced himself from the others.  His pain was too great.  His heart ached.  He had lost the woman he loved.

Autumn and Alt-Bennish walked up into the house.  It had been far too long since Autumn had been home.

Andrew turned to Nimbus and spoke, "I can't believe DALIUS is gone.  It isn't fair."

Nimbus replied, "Andrew, do not think of DALIUS as being gone."

"What are you talking about?"

Nimbus walked to a computer in the basement.  He removed a device from his pocket and inserted it into one of the drives.
The computer lit up.

[Where am I?] a voice came from the computer.


[Andrew?  I thought I had been destroyed.]

"I removed your memory core, DALIUS, right before the explosion," Nimbus replied.

Andrew's eyes widened, "And you didn't tell me?"

"I was saving it for a surprise."  Nimbus cracked a sly grin.

Andrew hugged Nimbus and spoke, "You . .you . . . thank you."

"Consider it a testament to our friendship, Andrew.  After all, we are the last of the Travellers."

[Excuse me, but does anyone have any idea as to when I might acquire a new Traveller unit to inhabit?]

Andrew and Nimbus could only exchange dumbfounded looks.

Jefferson Memorial Hospital, Quinn and the others have arrived to find Daelin in the Waiting Room.

"Quinn! You're back!" Daelin screamed.

Alt-Quinn held his wife close and spoke, "We found Autumn and Wade's Quinn."

Quinn spoke, "Where is she?"  He seemed nervous, agitated

Daelin replied, "They have hr in now."

"I have to get in there."

"That could be a problem.  You look almost exactly like my Quinn.  How will we explain that?"

Quinn cracked a smile.

Wade wanted Quinn to be here for this.  She was giving birth to their child, She needed her husband by her side.  The pain was
getting worse.  It was almost time.  The door to the OR swung open and 3 figures in OR scrubs entered.

The nurse looked up and spoke, "Who are you three?  Can't you see this woman is in labor?"

Quinn stepped forward.  The lower half of his face was covered by the OR mask and he was wearing his glasses.  "I'm her
husband.  Jim.  Jim Brown."

"And you two?"

Rembrandt spoke, "I'm his father."  Remmy quickly cut his eyes to Arturo.  "And this is my brother."

"Well, he can stay but you two have two leave." The nurse replied.

Remmy and Arturo looked to Quinn. Quinn spoke, "It's okay Dad, Uncle Max.  Maggie will be fine."

Remmy and Arturo left the room.  Quinn stood right beside Wade.  He leaned down and whispered in her ear.  "I'm here

Wade looked up and smiled.  She wanted to scream out his name, but she knew they were both here under false pretenses.
She simply grabbed his hand and spoke, "I love you."

Quinn looked down at her and replied, "I love you too."

Quinn could only offer support and stand in awe as the miracle of childbirth played out before him.  He soon heard the cry of a
newborn child.

The doctor turned to Quinn and Wade and spoke, "Congratulations.  It's a girl."

Andrew knew he was the only one who could possibly understand what Evan was going through.  Andrew approached Evan
and spoke, "You okay Evan?"

Evan looked up.  His face was tear stained.  His eyes shown hurt and pain.  HE replied quickly, "I want to be left alone."

"I know you do, but you need to talk about this."

"You wouldn't understand.  I lost the woman I loved!  She sacrificed herself to save my life!"

Andrew shook his head.  "I wouldn't understand?  Evan, you know nothing about me!  Everything I ever loved is gone!  My
world, my family and the woman I loved.  They all died when a comet struck my Earth while I was away training to become a
Traveller.  I know all about pain.  I know what it's like to lose someone you care about."

Evan replied, "Look, I didn't know.  Anyway, you've got Autumn now so obviously this other woman didn't mean that much to

Andrew screamed, "How dare you!  Meggan meant everything to me!  She was my world and when I lost her I wanted to die!
Probably exactly like you feel right now!  And as for Autumn . . . if you really must know, we aren't an item.  It's complicated."

Evan was stunned.  "Andrew . . .I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you, it's just . . .just . . ."

"You miss her . . . I know.  It gets easier with time, but you never forget completely.  I can still smell Meggan's hair, remember
every look she use to give me . . ."

"Man, you do know."  Evan was silent for a moment, then spoke, "So what's the deal with Autumn?"

Andrew hesitated, "She's Meggan's double."

Evan's eyes widened.  "You're kidding?"

"No.  They're identical in appearance, but Autumn . . .well, Autumn has more spirit in her then Meggan ever did.  She's her own
woman, able to take charge, won't put up with anyone's crap.  And to be honest, I love that about her, but it's hard.  They're
not the same person, no matter how much they look alike.  Besides, I won't be sticking around here.  Nimbus and me have to
rebuild the Traveller society and Autumn is finally home."

"We're a pair aren't we?" Evan said.

"Yeah.  Evan, just know, things will get easier and if you need a friend . . ."

"Thanks Andrew."  Evan extended his hand and Andrew shook it.  Little did either realize that Autumn had been eavesdropping
on their conversation.

Wade held her newborn daughter in her arms.  Quinn, Remmy and Arturo stood by her side.

"I must say Quinn, she has your eyes," Arturo said.

"And her mother's nose," Remmy said with a chuckle.

Wade looked to Quinn and spoke, "Have you thought about a name?"

Quinn smiled. "Only one comes to mind.  Autumn."

Wade replied, "After your doubles sister?"

"Yes.  If it wasn't for Autumn, I never would have found you and I wouldn't have been here for the birth of our child."

Wade smiled.  "Welcome to the world Autumn Mallory."


The Mallory basement.  Autumn Mallory played with the child that bared her name; Quinn and Alt-Quinn were putting the final
touches on Quinn's new timer, Rembrandt talked casually with Nimbus and Andrew and Arturo slowly approached Evan.

"Evan, I know I am not your father, but I wanted to ask you if you might consider coming with us?"

Evan smiled, "You know, that means a lot.  You're a lot like my dad, regardless of what he did to you or the others, he was a
good man, just a bit misguided by his arrogance on occasion.  The truth is, I have to find my own way.  So much has
happened to me in the last year.  And while I appreciate your offer, I have to decline.  Andrew and Nimbus are putting the
Travellers back together and I'm going to help."

"Then I wish you the best of luck Evan." Arturo replied.

Quinn closed the timer and spoke, "It's ready.  All aboard for Earth Prime!"

"I appreciate everything you did for me Daelin, thank you for being my friend." Wade said.

"It was an honor, Wade.  It makes me wish the Wade of this world had lived, we might have been very close friends and
besides, seeing you and your Quinn with your autumn . . .well, I think I may finally be able to convince my Quinn it's time for a

Daelin hugged Wade and smiled.

"We may meet again gang, after all with me, Nimbus and Evan rebuilding the Travellers, who knows when we might pop across
Earth Prime." Andrew said.

"You're forgetting something," Autumn said.

"What's that?" Andrew replied.

"It's not just you, Nimbus and Evan.  I'm coming along too."

Almost in unison the entire group spoke, "What?"

"I loved sliding, exploring the unknown.  The multiverse is a dangerous place right now.  Renegade Humagg factions, the
remnants of the Draconians and who knows what else.  It needs the Travellers, besides I'll be in good company."  Autumn
tossed a glance and a smile to Andrew.  HE could only wonder what that meant.

"Well, looks like big things are gonna happen for all of you.  It's been great.  Feel free to visit and I'll try to get you all sweats to
one of my shows," Remmy said and cracked a smile.

"Okay gang, let's go."  Quinn turned the dial on the timer and a translucent blue wormhole identical to the first vortex he ever
opened appeared. "Sorry man, but I hated the green!"

Wade strapped her daughter close to her; she wouldn't risk anything happening to her child during the slide.  Quinn, Wade and
child, Remmy, Arturo, Bennish and Mary leapt into the vortex.  The slide was fairly smooth as they slid along the tunnel.  The
end of the tunnel approached, light was becoming visible.  They reached the end of the tunnel; and bounced back and slid down
another tunnel.  The vortex opened and the group came tumbling out. Wade made sure to land so as not o injure her child.

"What was that?" Rembrandt asked.

"I'm not sure," Quinn replied.  "It was like we bounced off the exit.  Almost as if . . ."

Wade's eyes widened.  "What Quinn?"

Arturo spoke, "What I think Quinn is trying to say is that it would appear that we have been 'locked out' from Earth Prime."

"No way!  That can't be.  No one would have that kind of power." Bennish said.

Quinn spoke hesitantly, "It's possible . . .its happened.  I can't get a lock on Earth Prime’s coordinates, or any of the other
worlds my double stored in the timer's memory."

Mary spoke, "Then that means . . ."

Rembrandt interrupted, "We're back to random sliding . . .and we can't get home."

The group became melancholy.  once again after all these years, there hopes had been dashed.

Wade smiled and spoke, "So we're not home.  It doesn't matter what world we're on, or if we ever make it home.  As long as
we’re together that's all that matters.  We're family, we are each other’s world.  Now cheer up everyone.  I don't want all this
negativity rubbing off on my daughter."

Rembrandt tried not to laugh.  "She's right you know.  Let's face it gang . . .we're sliders."

The Draconian homeworld.  It has been weeks since the fall of the Empire.  The rubble began to stir as a green hand emerged
from underneath it.  Dragonius arose.  He was beaten bruised and battered.  He shook the debris off of him, looked around and
the devastation and smiled.  His fangs glistened in the sunlight.  "Poor Mallory.  He and his friends will never find their way
home."  With those words, all Dragonius could do was laugh . . . the most evil laugh ever heard.

THE END . . .for now.

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