What if you could travel to parallel worlds? The same year, the same Earth, only different dimension. A world where the Russians rule America, or where your wildest dreams came true. We've found the gateway. Now if only we could find a way home. 

Quinn Mallory is dead. What will become of the sliders now? Join Wade, Rembrandt, Arturo and the newest member of the group, Ryan as they visit new worlds and deal with new problems and new surprises. 

Season Two

Funeral For A Friend: Each slider must find a way to cope with the loss of Quinn. Ryan struggles with feelings of guilt while the others search for closure.

Lions, Tiger, and Snares: The sliders land on a "reserve" and end up as a zoo exhibit for the current "residents" of that earth. Ryan finds his adjustment into the group rockier than he expected.

Love Gods: Wade must rescue the three men from a breeding facility on an earth where the majority of the male population was "purged" during a jihad. The men bond in their dilemma and Ryan is pulled into "service."

Hard Time: Wade and Ryan end up in a prison facility during a "youth round-up" while the timer goes on the fritz. Remmy gets creative when he rescues Wade and Ryan just before the slide.

Camelot: The group lands on a world where the descendents of Camelot colonized the new world. The country is ruled by the Round Table Government and things get a little crazy for Arturo.

Truth Be Told: On a world that enforces truth with honesty collars, the sliders hit the talk show circuit.

Rechargable: The timer runs out of energy on a low-tech world. A local inventor, Colin Mallory, helps Arturo develop a new energy source that Colin uses to revolutionize his world.

Mirror Mirror: Wade becomes enamoured with a magic mirror that shows her her greatest wish. Special guest appearance by Jerry O'Connell.

Greatfellas: Remmy saves his double from a mob hit when he hits just the right ATM. Ryan and Wade try to save a mob marriage from divorce and war. Mel Torme guest stars as an FBI informant.

The Young and The Relentless: The group land on a world where society is changing. Young movers and shakers are accelerating education and retirement.

Invasion: A strange ship crashlands as the sliders land on a seemingly abandonded world. Arturo and Ryan explore the ship before sliding on. A fleet of the ships attack the next world in search of a homing device Ryan pocketed. One of the sliders is implanted with a new type of homing device just before they are allowed to escape from a prison world.

Penance: Ryan must spend the entire slide doing community service at a "mental" hospice after getting into a fight with a mentally "disabled" man. This slide marks a dramatic change in Ryan's character.

Pure and Simple: The sliders land on a world where simplicity rules. They find out that this world had acheived interstellar spaceflight and then abandoned it. If they solve the mystery of why they might just be able to help the worlds that have been taken over by the Kromaggs.

Season Three

Double Cross: The sliders land on a technologically advanced world without natural resources. They meet Logan St. Clair for the first time, and while hacking Wade discovers that Logan is Quinn Mallory's double. As Arturo tries to help Logan perfect sliding Remmy has a close encounter of the bizarre kind and Ryan discovers a dangerous secret.

Endless Night: On a world that has a dimmer sun the sliders discover a very different culture. One that brings new meaning to the phrase "night life." Ryan continues to spin out of control emotionally as Arturo continues to explore the limits of the timer.

The Guardian: The sliders land on a world where a very active supreme being takes an interest in Ryan. Wade develops a new aspect of her relationship with Rembrandt.

Mind Over Manner: On a world where speech has been abandoned in favor of telepathy the Sliders must figure out how to survive and keep their secrets intact. Arturo hunts down a woman called Joy in search of more information on Sliding.

Hydra Bay: The foursome land on a world where myth and legend are reality. They discover that a small underground movement is very versatile with sliding technology. Ryan and Rembrandt get to know Zany, a healer.

The "Real" World: On a world obsessed with documentary television Wade is an instant hit as a poet returned from the dead. She must resolve some family problems while dodging television cameras. Ryan, Rembrandt and Arturo search for her double.

The Princess Slide: In this strange caper the Sliders find themselves characters in a live action fairy tale.

Old Friends Don't Just Die: Logan St. Clare reappears as the sliders' nemesis. Only this time she has hostages. After tracking the sliders for several months she has dragged Joy and Zany along for the ride. The two women manage to stop her from killing Wade and Arturo, but not without a high price.

I Am: The sliders land on a world where humanity is obsessed with proving the existence or nonexistence of God. It's guaranteed to make you think.

Grinch Much?: On a world where Valspeak is language prime the sliders experience a new meaning for Christmas. Arturo plays Santa in a mega mall while Ryan and Wade get the opportunity to deal with their families' doubles.

Melt Down: The sliders land on a world where Conrad Bennish Jr invented the atom bomb. The only problem is waste disposal. The foursome meet and mingle with the great scientist as they work to help him come up with an answer that will save the world.

Star Crossed: In this homage to Shakespeare the group meet Romy and Juler, two lovebirds who must literally challenge fate to marry. Their world is obsessed with astrology and the wrong signs doom the two. The sliders work to change fate and alter an entire communities view of astrology at the same time.

Exodus Part 1: The sliders land in an abandoned city. Shortly after hitting the ground they are picked up by the Military Police. They meet Captain Maggie Beckett and her husband Stephen Jensen. Stephen is working on sliding technology; the sliders' wormhole has been tracked and they are asked to help this world in the path of quasars.

Exodus Part 2: Maggie, Ryan and Wade explore several earths while Arturo and Stephen frantically work on sliding technology. Stephen is killed during a quasar related earthquake. Arturo finishes the device and the entire population is slid to a new world. A distraught and devastated Maggie joins the sliders.

The Venus Effect: On a world where red hair signifies greatness and beauty Maggie and Wade are seen as the beauty ideal and spirited off to a harem. The two women bond as they try to escape.

Scorned: Ryan's continually fragile temper is put to the test by a woman who claims that he is her contracted mate. The other four try to rescue him from a series of increasingly humiliating stunts.

Pridelands: The group lands in a rainforest. While searching for shelter they stumble upon the natives, bipedal febars who share legends of mankind and the fall of Pacifica, mankind's home.

Repercussions: The sliders return to the world of Colin Mallory and Rechargable. They discover that there is no such thing as something for nothing as they try to help Colin and his world.

Mind's Eye: On a world where dreams are far stronger than reality all of the sliders fight the urge to dream a little dream. Maggie and Wade are briefly reunited with their true loves and grow closer as they help each other.

Extinction: The sliders end up in a dinosaur park where they are on the endagered species list. The only problem is that this is also the world Maggie's people ended up on.

Stoker: Wade and Maggie catch the eye of a local vampire rock band. Ryan gets sucked in to singing lead when the Count is staked. Remmy and Arturo hook up with Chaplin, a local hunter. And all hell breaks loose as the sun rises and the Vamps don't fry.

Post Traumatic Slide Syndrome: The five sliders land on a world that seems like Rembrandt, Arturo and Wade's home. So close they share with Mrs. Mallory the news of her son's death. But what happens when Arturo meets his double and Ryan and Maggie try to live in a world they never existed on?

A Spoonful Of Sugar: On a world where the only advancements belong to medicine the sliders are rigorously tested and each one is diagnosed and treated.

Prime Problem: Charlie and Jerry O'Connell guest star in this episode. The sliders land on a world called Earth Prime. The only problem is the world's ecological disaster from a past war. Logan pops in for this episode and the sparks fly as she and Quinn face of in the duel of the century.

Prophets and Losses: Offbarrs and onbarrs don't mix in this realm of magical technology and grunts. The sliders end up on both sides of the fence as Wade hacks onbar and drags Maggie along for the ride.

Common Ground: The Kromaggs resurface in Maggie's final episode. Vicious ground battles force the group to rely on Maggie's combat experience as the Maggs hunt down the sliders. In the final moments Maggie shoves Wade into the wormhole and keeps the Maggs from following.

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