What if you could travel to parallel worlds? The same year, the same Earth, only different dimension. A world where the Russians rule America, or where your wildest dreams came true. We've found the gateway. Now if only we could find a way home. 

The Cast 

Sabrina Lloyd stars as Wade Wells, the former computer store employee turned slider. Wade is the moral center of the group.  Having been in love with Quinn for some time, she is somewhat troubled following his death.  Even though she is attracted to Ryan, the lingering hole left by Quinn's death has driven a wedge between them.

Cleavant Derricks stars as former R&B singer Rembrandt "Crying Man" Brown. The only unwitting member of the group, Rembrandt has become a close friend to the others.  The others have become like a family to him and value his companionship and support.

John Rhys-Davies stars as Professor Maximilian Arturo.  Arturo is the seasoned intellect of the group.  It is his mind that now must solve the problems that the group encounters.  Following Quinn's death, he must also unravel the technology behind sliding in hopes that he can get the group home.

Nicholas Lea stars as Ryan Styles, the newest member of the group. Having come aboard at the same time as Quinn's death has left Ryan with a large void to fill. He doesn't want to replace Quinn, he only wants to ease the pain his companions feel due to his death.

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