Still other Earths have yet to be explored, though the MAYBE Machine has charted their deviations. Browse the ranks of the yet-to-be, and contact us if you'd like to develop one --- or have an idea of your own . . .


Earth 719Pitched by Slider_Quinn21
Writers welcome

In a situation reminiscent of the original Star Trek, FOX rejected the original pilot and ordered the cast of characters be shuffled. Remmy and Wade were thus eliminated in favour of Bennish and Stephanie, and a second pilot prepared...

Earth 1011Pitched by Chaser9
To be written by Chaser9

Imagine a world where Quinn Mallory lived in a boarding house with five other people. What might have been the consequences of his experimentation with sliding? Earth 1011 answers that question. Join Quinn Mallory, Chasey Lane, Jim Wekken, Alyce Richards, Vince Turner and Malcolm Vics for the adventure of a lifetime!

Earth 1013Pitched by Charmed07
Writers welcome

A slightly less mutilated Wade in "Requiem" was salvaged from her cyborg prison, and now faces a torturous journey to mental and physical recovery.

Earth 1016Pitched by Chaser9
Writers welcome

What if the producers of Season 5 had taken a different route in dealing with the loss of the O'Connells? What might have the results been? Maybe Remmy and Maggie would have encountered Quinn's sister -- well, his double's sister -- and nothing would ever be the same again.

Earth 2000Pitched by TemporalFlux
To be written by propyromania

History is changed forever by Quinn's desperate attempt to get the Sliders home. Before it succeeds, they'll face time loops, nanites, a villainous David Peckinpah, and the realization that Earth Prime has split into an infinity of 'daughter Earths' during their absence.

Earth 2084Pitched by Chaser9 and Adam Hoerner
To be written by Adam Hoerner and propyromania

How different would our sliders' lives be if they'd made the slide on Egypt World? Never losing the original timer, never journeying to Exodus World. No Maggie, no Rickman, no horrible movie rip-offs. Welcome to every Sliders fan's dream world.

Earth 2537Pitched by Arturo6
Writers invited to work with Arturo6

Back on Earth Prime after five long years, Rembrandt discovers a shocking truth that will rock the very foundation of the sliders: one of them was a Kromagg plant. When that plant learns from the Kromagg hierarchy that Rembrandt knows the truth, the remaining sliders are taken hostage. Join Rembrandt Brown and an old friend as they seek to free the sliders, reveal the truth, and stop the Kromagg dynasty once and for all. It all takes place here at Sliders: The Otherworlds.

Earth 3005Pitched by John Wrigley
Writers welcome

Suppose that instead of venturing outside to scoop up Rembrandt, the initial vortex had traveled straight up -- and enveloped Quinn's mother? Watch as Quinn struggles to lead two much older authority figures! See Amanda Mallory pine for her son to hook up with that nice computer store lady! All this and more, only on Earth 3005!

Earth 4069Pitched by Tigs
Writers welcome

Maggie, Wade, and Logan with Colin somehow end up the sliding team in search of Quinn, Rembrandt and Max.

Earth 5218Pitched by Chaser9 & QBall79
To be written by Chaser9

Colin, Gillian, Rembrandt and Arturo? What's going on here? Observe an Earth that took a very different path beginning in Season Two . . .

Earth 5544Pitched by propyromania
Writers welcome

Imagine a world where Season Three had taken a different path during the Exodus and the character of Wade was killed off by Rickman. What might have been the consequences? Would Quinn and Maggie end up in a bizarre rebound relationship? Or would they be bitter reminders of the ones they've lost? Would Rembrandt and Professor Arturo contribute anything to the actual plot? You've got questions, Earth 5544 has twisted answers.

Earth 6107Pitched by Arturo6
Writers welcome

What if instead of letting their show rot forever, Tracy Tormé and RK Weiss had returned midway through the fourth season to wrest the reins away from Peck. Defiant to the end, Peck, almost at the point of defeat, whips out his own home-made timer at a board meeting. Opening a vortex, he takes his current set of actors -- Jerry, Charlie, Cleavant, and Kari -- and pushes them in, laughing like a maniac, proceeding to jump in himself. Raiding Peck's house, Tracy and RK find another timer. Recruiting John Rhys-Davies and Sabrina Lloyd, Tracy and RK decide to stop Peck and save the slider hostages. Tracy, RK, John, and Sabrina set out to put right what once went wrong and save Sliders!

Earth 7709Pitched by Chaser9
Writers welcome

What if Jerry, Charlie and Cleavant quit prior to S5? With Sliders still the Channel's biggest hit, SFC is forced to revive the series with Kari as the lone returning cast member.

Earth 11496Pitched by Chaser9
Writers welcome

What if Sabrina and Kari had both stayed on for S4?

Earth 14563Pitched by Andrew Brown
Writers welcome

With the Sci-Fi Channel struggling to rebrand itself for a wider audience, Season Six sees the Sliders finally get home, shack up together in LA, and become reality TV stars. There's no further mention of sliding, Kromaggs, or anything science-fictional... just dating, shoes, and career advancement.

Earth 22232Pitched by Blinker
Writers welcome

Suppose Colin hadn't been introduced as Quinn's long-lost brother from Kromagg Prime, but merely an alternate brother from an Amish-type world where Quinn died in infancy?

Earth 38614Pitched by Charmed07
Writers welcome

What if Domestic Abuse Daelin hadn't been saddled with an infant daughter? In the cliffhanger finale "As Time Goes By," Quinn invites her to slide with him and another Slider is forged.

Earth 49072Pitched by Liam Smith
Writers welcome

On this earth Sliders finished at the end of Season 5, but a spin-off was concocted using astonishing new technology with the ability to de-age actors. The show is titled Young Quinn and depicts an alternate version of Quinn in his teens who lives on a world where sliding is commonplace. Among his friends are Daelin Richards, Maggie Beckett, Conrad Bennish Jnr, and Jason Welles. Quinn attends school at the Institute of Sliding, where one of his teachers is a hologram known as Professor Arturo. Join Quinn and his friends as they explore the universe together...

Earth 60204Pitched by RealmKeeper
Writers welcome

Earth 60204 was identical to what we know as Sliders until "Revelations." Following the original idea for this episode, Colin was revealed to be a Kromagg plant responsible for leading the Dynasty out of exile. The cliffhanger ended with brother battling brother as thousands of Manta vortices opened overhead . . .

Earth 61707Pitched by bradford700
Writers welcome

What if Tormé was allowed to complete the full order for season one? No LotD cliffhanger? No hiatus? (This is NOT E21 - Quinn never gets shot here!)

Earth 65393Pitched by Blinker
Writers welcome

Following the loss of the O'Connell brothers, Season Five introduces the new characters Diana and Mallory -- but 'Mallory' is an amalgam of Quinn and Colin.

Earth 72099Pitched by Chaser9
Writers welcome

Are you ready for Sliders: The Animated Series? If not, get ready for Sci-Fi on E72099's answer to the Save Sliders campaign. A weekly animated show using the entire cast (well, actually just drawings of the cast and cheap voice actors who don't sound a thing like the real ones, but hey!) and insulting the intelligence of fans everywhere. Only on Earth 72099!

Earth 87612Pitched by Andrew Brown
Writers welcome

In a radical change of direction for the series, a multi-part epic sees Quinn stranded alone on Egyptian world, captured by the Kromaggs, and reluctantly joining forces with Logan St. Clair. Can they overcome their differences long enough to find the others or get either one of them home?

Earth 88525Pitched by Capt. J. Archer
Writers welcome

What if the impostor Arturo had stayed true to his cowardly nature and never taken the bullet for Quinn? How would the Sliders continue with their leader gone and another of their number secretly dying?

Earth 96012Pitched by Slider_Quinn21
Writers welcome

What if Remmy hadn't been double-crossed in The King Is Back? Would Ryan be accepted onto the team in his place, taking over the role of the befuddled everyman?

Earth 336397Pitched by Arturo6
Writers welcome

What if our Wade really had been killed in the Pilot in place of her double? How would the survivors face a journey that went disastrously wrong from day one?

Earth 735070Pitched by Slider_Quinn21
Writers welcome

It's Sliders: The Next Generation! Trevor from Murder Most Foul, Little Quinn from The Guardian, Malcolm from The Exodus and Dinoslide, and Quinn's daughter from Love Gods. Contrived? I think you're forgetting what network TV is capable of.

Earth 1300652Pitched by Tigs
Writers welcome

What if Quinn Mallory was a woman (and not Logan St. Clair)? What if Wade Welles was a man? Or Rembrandt Brown a sultry gospel singer? And what if Max Arturo stumbled onto them as he left Azure Gate World?

Earth 1913321Pitched by SliderMan321
Writers welcome

What if Logan had succeeded in abducting Quinn at the end of Double Cross?