March 12, 2000

To All Things An Ending pt.2 is up. Earth 374 is over for the forseable future, but keep a lookout, you never know when it will be back! 

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 Quinn Mallory curses the day he opened that first wormhole.  It cost him too much.  His friends, his wife and quite possibly his mind.  Since Wade, Rembrandt and Arturo's abduction, Quinn has tried in vain to rebuild the sliding equipment, but for some reason even what was once child's play to him has become more difficult than anything else he has ever attempted.  If not for Autumn, Quinn would still be scrawling away on a blackboard trying to resolve the equation.  It's too bad he had to make a promise he can never keep to get her help. 

 Conrad Bennish Jr. has been forced into roles he never thought he'd  be in.  Not only has he become the most important thing in Mary's life, but now he also has  become the "brains" of the sliders.  With Mary's knowledge of Kromagg tech gone and Quinn's faltering state of mind, Bennish has had no choice but to become the problem solver.   

 Mary was once a servant of the Kromaggs (The Prime-Kromaggs, not the Genesis-Kromaggs), that was when there were Kromaggs to serve.  With no purpose to her life, she agreed to accompany the sliders upon their journey.  When they made it back to Earth Prime she moved in with Conrad Bennish Jr.  and began building a life for herself.  Since Wade, Rembrandt and Arturo were abducted by the Draconian Empire, Mary has wanted to help Quinn rebuild the sliding equipment.  Unfortunately, her knowledge of Kromagg sliding technology has vanished and neither she nor Bennish can explain why.  

  Autumn Mallory is Quinn's sister in a parallel universe.  She took her brother's timer for a test run (when he wasn't around) and ended up lost after advancing the timer.  She slid to Earth Prime and encountered our Quinn.  At first believing she was home, she was soon disappointed to learn this was not her Earth.  Quinn has promised to get her home if she will allow him to use her timer to find his friends.  After all, if she can't trust her own brother who can she trust? 

  Wade Mallory thought she was finally going to be free of the sliding nightmare her life had become, but fate was not so kind.  Abducted from her husband's side only moments after they were married and placed in a Draconian prison, her nightmare seemed to be only beginning.  Until Rembrandt, Arturo and herself secured that Draconian sliding device.  Now, maybe the nightmare will end . . . someday. 

  Rembrandt "The Cryin' Man" Brown was on his way to the top.  His comeback had begun.  Until the Draconians captured him along with Wade and Arturo.  Placed in a Draconian prison until the three of them were able to secure a Draconian sliding device.  Now Rembrandt is thrown into the unlikely position of leader.  He has placed the burden upon himself to keep Wade safe and to make sure she sees Quinn again. 
   Professor Maximillian Arturo has been given the chance some scientist only dream off.  He has the chance to decipher the language and technology of a completely different race.  Given any other circumstances he would probably be having the time of his life.  Unfortunately, having no idea how this Draconian sliding device works and no clue how to get Wade, Rembrandt and himself home,  he feels the burden on his shoulders to figure out how to get the three of them home.  Now he knows how Quinn must have felt for all of those years.

the villains _________________________________________________________

The Draconian Empire makes the Kromaggs look like school kids having a fight on the playground.  A group of races that evolved from other species, they have banded together with one goal in mind . . . total mastery over all of the multiverse.  So far the only members of the empire we have encountered are: Dragonius, from the Retillian race; Talese, a Felinean and Cyrus, a Primad.  Yet, the question remains.  How many races are there in the Draconian Empire?   

   Logan St. Claire only wanted to perfect sliding to help her world strip mine other worlds of all of their natural resources.  Instead, she's been burned beyond recognition, given an entire new look and abducted by the Draconians for a far more sinister purpose.  What does the future hold for Logan?  It probably won't be good for the sliders whatever it is. 

Ryan Styles should have died on his world.  That was the way it was suppose to be.  Instead he followed the sliders through the wormhole and had his heart broken by Wade Welles.  After escaping the world he had been stranded on (by his own choice, mind you) and encountering our sliders again, he was abducted by the Draconian Empire.  As with Logan, this doesn't look good for Quinn and the others. 

Colin Mallory is a trained killer.  Raised by the Kromaggs to be the ultimate human killing machine.  Of course, what does the ultimate human killing machine do when the people giving the orders are all dead?  And did I mention that in a way, he's Quinn's brother. 

  Evan Arturo son of one of the most brilliant men of all time on any world, Maximillian Arturo.  Born on Azure Gate Bridge World, he loved his father very much.  So imagine his shock  when he returned from MIT to discover his dad was gone and his double had taken his place.  And how would he react if he knew his father died to save a group of people he never should have been with in the first place?  Only time will tell. 

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