The Unstuck Man-Everything changes for our sliders as a freak lab accident caused bya madman named Geiger, causes Professor Arturo to become "unstuck" fromreality and merges Quinn with his double who was working on the project. With Quinn's mind struggling for dominance with his double , it's up toWade, Rembrandt and Geiger's assistant, Diana to stop his plan before hedestroys the multiverse.

Applied Physics-AsDiana attempts to gain the other sliders' trust, Quinn's condition worsensas a third personality begins to form . . . three separate personalitiestrapped in one body.  Diana encounters her double and is shocked atthe decisions she has made, in attempting to help her double, she unknowinglymakes Quinn's and this world's conditions worse . . . .

Mating For The Slide-Uponexiting  the wormhole, Wade is injured and rushed to a hospital, therethe doctors implant her with a strange parasite. Although the parasiteimmediately heals her injuries, it begins to draw her to it's "mate". The sliders learn once the parasites host bodies "consummate' the parasitesrelationships, the hosts bodies are joined in a strange symbiotic relationship.Once joined the two cannot survive for extended periods without contact. It's up to the others to prevent Wade from finding the parasites "mate"and find a way to remove the parasite  before the slide.

The Kingdom Of TheBlind-On a world where blindness isthe norm and those with sight are considered freaks,  the slidersface the strangest, most unsettling slide in quite a while.

The Lost Ones-Thesliders find themselves on a world inhabited by only 3 people.  QuinnMallory, Wade Welles and Professor Maximillian Arturo.  On this world,when Quinn turned up the power on the vortex, he slid the entire world'spopulation of world.  Only he, Wade and Arturo were unaffected atground zero.  This world's Quinn and Arturo have been attempting toreverse the effect for nearly 4 years.  As Quinn and Diana attemptto help them, Wade and Remmy have a heart to heart on the current turnof events for the group.

The Land Of Forgetfulness-Waderecounts to Diana a tale of a world they visited when the Professor wasstill with them. The sliders find themselves in a veritable Paradise. A world of lush green vegetation, without war, hunger or want.  Butstrange things begin to happen as Quinn, Wade and Rembrandt's memoriesbegin to fade and they decide to stay on this world.  Can Arturo discoverwhat is going on and restore his friend's memories before they miss theslide?

Heart Of Darkness-AsQuinn's third personality begins to take control and grow closer to Wade,the sliders find themselves on a world devastated by a Kromagg invasion. Here they encounter a slightly mad double of Quinn who makes an outlandishclaim . . . He created the Kromaggs . . . . .surely he's lying, but whenDiana and Remmy discovers his notes . . .things are not what they appear.

Alucard-Thesliders find themselves on a world of eternal night ruled by a bloodthirstyvampire named Alucard . . .who has set his sites on Diana.  Thereonly hope . . .a vampire Hunter named Raven . . .

Through This Vessel-Quinn,Wade , Rembrandt and Diana find themselves on a world familiar to the original3 sliders.  It is there they encounter an old friend, Gillian, whofinally allows the others to communicate with the "unstuck" Professor Arturo.

Choices-whenQuinn is injured, his shattered psyche reforms as one person . . . thethird personality that has been exhibiting control of late.  As Dianaruns some tests, she discovers something shocking .  . . The Quinn'scan not be separated.  It would mean death to both . . . but doesit even matter as the two Quinns have faded away and become one being nolonger struggling for control.  How do our sliders deal with this? And why is Arturo appearing in a Kromagg lab run by Logan St. Claire anda dramatically different Conrad Bennish Jr.?

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