[ Earth 8950 ]

So how did Tracy Tormé get to produce S4 on Earth 8950? I'm glad you asked... or clicked that nuclear inferno image on the front page, anyway.

- Blinker 7:-P

August 21, 1997: Judgment Day. The day Tracy Tormé vacated his office at Universal Studios... and the destination of two cyborgs from a post-apocalyptic future.

A future where even the collapse of civilization into an atomic wasteland couldn't keep David Peckinpah from filming "The Alternateville Horror" and "Heavy Metal."

A future where the survivors envy the dead...

The TorminatorThe Torminator
Model T-650

Constructed from: The special VCR parts that control where movies begin and end.

Mission: Keep his namesake from surrendering the show once and for all to David Peckinpah. If time permits, stop the Skynet automated defence system from achieving self-awareness and decimating humanity on August 29.

Affinity for sunglasses: Rivals the real Tormé's.

Quote: "Come with me if you want your show to live."

Idea for "Doomsday" was actually: His.

The TorslideminatorslideThe Torslideminatorslide
Model T-Rex (No relation to Quinn's)

Constructed from: "Liquid metal": a mimetic poly-alloy with the ability to "pay homage" to any object it touches.

Travels through time: Naked, even though this is in no way necessary.

Mission: Bed hot chicks, raise awareness of the most pressing social issue affecting 1990s America: Nazism, and if time permits, bed hot chicks. Oh, and something about that ridiculously absurd, self-righteous, irritating loam nut Tracy Tormé.

Not even he knows: What the hell a "loam nut" is.

Quote: <nonchalantly> "Say... that's a nice bike..." <as the little girl frantically pedals away> "Man, I should make a bike just like that, only with a lower budget and the word 'slide' in the title."

Back-up plan in case the T-650 defeats him: Send the T-XXX - a Kristanna Loken robot with built-in camcorder - back in time to film "Revelations" as a one-woman stage show, so that at least the most pivotal, meaningful work in the Peckinpah canon will endure for future generations. And if time permits, bed hot chicks.