-Wade Mallory opened her eyes.  She was lying in a bed and she knew she was in a hospital.  Rembrandt and Arturo were standing above her.  She spoke, "Guys . .is . .am  . . ."  Rembrandt spoke, "You're fine Wade."  "What about my baby?"  Arturo spoke, "Your child is fine too Wade.  But you have to start taking better care of your self."  "I have to agree."  wade lifted her head to see a doctor had entered the room.  "You should be fine Mrs. Mallory, but you really have to start taking better care of yourself.  You're suffering from fatigue and stress related complications.  Your child is fine, but you have to rest and take care of yourself if you plan on completing this pregnancy.  Your friends tell me the three of you have been traveling a great deal lately."  Wade nodded her head.  Arturo spoke up, "But that's about to change, my good man.  I think we'll be settling here for the time being."  Remmy replied, "Yeah, I don't think we're going anywhere for awhile."  Wade looked at her friends and sank her head . .this was it . . .this was the world they would spend the rest of their lives on.


Jerry O'Connell as Quinn Mallory

Sabrina Lloyd as Wade Mallory
Cleavant Derricks as Rembrandt Brown
John Rhys-Davies as Maximillian Arturo
Jason Gaffney as Conrad Bennish Jr.
Una Damon as Mary
Katie Holmes as Autumn Mallory


"Hope For Tomorrow"

-A week had passed.  Wade, Rembrandt and Arturo had rented a room at the Dominion.  Their hearts and minds were heavy with the thought that the would never see home again.  Rembrandt turned to Arturo and spoke, "Any hope?"  Arturo shook his head, "The device is completely worthless.  I could attempt to recreate sliding here, but it took me nearly two and a half years the last time!  Besides, Wade cannot continue sliding in her current state."  "I heard that!" Wade said.   "Easy honey.  He's right," Rembrandt replied.  Wade sunk her head," I know.  I miss Quinn."   Arturo placed his hand on Wade's shoulder and spoke, "Wade.  If I know your husband as well as I think I do, then he will not rest until he finds the three of us.  You will be reunited with him.  That I promise."  Rembrandt spoke, "You two up for a walk?"  "Anything just as long as we get out of this room for awhile," Wade replied.

-The three were walking down the street.  Arturo was the first to speak, "This world seems almost identical to our own.  Except for the  American Flags colors being red white and gold."  "Yeah, Betsy Ross must have been out of blue material," Rembrandt cracked a smile.  Wade was quiet.  She looked at the park across the street and saw the children playing.  Her eyes watered as she spoke, "At least it seems like a nice world to raise a child on . . ."  Wade began to cry.  Rembrandt held her close and spoke, "It's okay Wade."  Arturo could only hang his head in shame.  He had failed her.

-The three began walking back to the Dominion.  They suddenly stopped.  They heard a very familiar sound . . . the sound of a wormhole opening.  The three turned and saw a green vortex form as two figures were thrown from it.  The two figures rose to the ground and Wade spoke, "Quinn!" She ran to him and flung herself into his arms.  He looked down at her in confusion and spoke, "Wade?"  He pushed her away gently.  "Quinn, what's wrong?"  She turned to his companion and spoke, "Bennish?  Someone answer me!"  Arturo approached with Rembrandt behind him.  "Wade, I think you have us confused with someone else," Alt-Bennish said.  Arturo spoke, "Wade, they're doubles."  "No . . .Quinn, tell him he's wrong . . .please!" Alt- Quinn's eyes began to water, 'Bennish, I can't .  Please explain to them."  Alt-Bennish spoke, "Maybe we should go someplace more private to discuss this."

-It was two hours later when the group had finally straightened everything out.  "Let me see if I have this straight, On your world, your Wade died and you're married to Daelin.  You and Bennish are best friends and are looking for your sister who took your timer and has become lost out here in the multiverse," Rembrandt said.  "That's right Professor Brown . .I'm sorry Mr. Brown . .you look so much like my old college professor.  We're looking for my sister Autumn.  I was so shocked to see your Wade.  Mine died a long time ago.  It was the first time I'd ran into one of her doubles."  Alt-Quinn said.  Wade spoke, "It's okay.  I needed you to be 'my' Quinn so bad, that I didn't notice right away that you weren't him."  "So you guys are sliders too?" Alt-Bennish asked.  "Yes, we're just trying ot find our way home, but our device has ben damaged beyond repair." Arturo said.  "Can I take  a look at it?" Alt-Quinn asked.  "Here." Arturo handed Alt-Quinn the Draconian sliding device.  He looked it over and spoke, "Oh my god!" "What is it, Quinn?" Alt-Bennish asked.  "We've been tracking them all along!"  "what?" Arturo said.  "We thought we were tracking my sisters photon trail, but we've been following you."  Alt-Bennish looked at Quinn and spoke, "So what do we do now?"

-"I'm not sure that's a good idea, Mr. Mallory.  I mean, after all, the doctor told wade she had to rest.  I don't believe sliding would help her in the least."  "Professor Arturo, I agree with you, but I can help both of us.  You and Mr. brown have a great deal with of experience with sliding.  I have my homeworld's coordinates.  Wade can stay with Daelin until we find Autumn or Earth Prime.  If we find Autumn before Earth Prime, I'll give you the timer so you can keep looking for it."    "We'll have to discuss this, "Rembrandt said.

-"Wade?" Rembrandt looked at her.  She replied, "Remmy, it's our best chance of getting home."  "You do realize you will be staying with an alternate Quinn's wife on a world where your double is dead?"   "I'm willing to make that sacrifice. You have to find Earth Prime.  We have to get home to Quinn."  'Very well Wade, we will do things your way."

-Alt-Quinn set the coordinates for his homeworld and opened the vortex.  The swirling green colors were almost hypnotic.  "After you," Alt-Quinn said.  "Actually, you should go first, you'll have to explain everything to your wife," Rembrandt said.  Alt-Quinn and Alt-Bennish jumped into the vortex and vanished.  Wade jumped in next.  Arturo looked and Rembrandt and spoke, "You realize we will be sliding with doubles of Quinn and Bennish that we know nothing about?"  "Yeah, I'd say things just got real interesting, Max."  The two jumped into the wormhole and it vanished.

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