-Logan St. Claire approached the door to apartment D-7.  She knocked on the door and waited for an answer.  The door slowly opened and a young man about age 23 answered.  He had blonde hair and a black goatee and was wearing a metal ball necklace around his neck.  "Can I help you?"  Logan replied, "No, but I can help you.   I can help you find the man who killed your father, Professor Maximillian Arturo . . . his name is Quinn Mallory."


Jerry O'Connell as Quinn Mallory
Sabrina Lloyd as Wade Mallory
Cleavant Derricks as Rembrandt Brown
John Rhys-Davies as Maximillian Arturo
Jason Gaffney as Conrad Bennish Jr.
Una Damon as Mary
Katie Holmes as Autumn Mallory


"Friends And Enemies"

-Ryan Styles was thrown from the wormhole and smacked into a metal  wall.  "Damn, I hate sliding!" he screamed.   "Don't worry, you won't be doing it any more."  Ryan  turned around and was face to face with Colin Mallory.  "YOU!"  Colin replied,  " I know you don't I?  Oh yes, prison camp 4162.  Styles, wasn't it?  You escaped, didn't you?"  'I'll kill you!  I'll kill you!"  Ryan leapt for Colin.  Colin grabbed Ryan by the neck and lifted him off of the ground.  "Why are you here?"  Ryan didn't answer.  "Answer me!"  Colin increased the pressure on Ryan's neck.  "The . . .Dra- Dra- Draconians . . .sent me . . . "  Colin dropped Ryan to the ground and spoke, "What?  The Draconians sent you.  For what reason?"  Ryan was gasping for air . . . he tried to catch his breath, but two Humagg officers pulled him up from the ground.  One of the guards spoke, "Answer the Emperor!"   Ryan's eyes widened.  "Emperor?"

-Logan was sitting in a chair in Evan's apartment.   "You can't know what it's like to return from college only to discover your father's been replaced by his double from a parallel universe.  I was so angry . . . I severed all ties with the "faux" Arturo  and tried to find my own way of finding my father.  Unfortunately,  I didn't have a clue where to begin.  After a while I figured he'd never come back . . . figured he'd died out there . .  and now . . .you confirm that.  He was murdered?"  Logan replied, " By the same people he slid off this world with.  I was there.  When Quinn found out he wasn't their Professor Arturo, he went insane.  I tried to stop him, but I couldn't .  He gunned your father down in cold blood . . . after all, he wasn't "their" Arturo anyway so what did it matter."  "That Bastard!  I'll kill him!"  "I'm here to help you.  I have some friends.  They're looking for Quinn too.  You can help us.  Help me find him and you can do what ever you feel you have to."  Evan looked at her strangely, "How do I know I can trust you?"  Logan smiled, "You don't . . . leap of faith Mr. Arturo."

-"Emperor?"  Colin looked Ryan over and spoke, "Welcome to the New Dynasty.  Now, why did the Draconians send you?"  Ryan was silent.  One of the Humagg officers punched him in the face.  "Talk!" Colin screamed.  'They want your help."  Colin chuckled, "Why would I ever help the ones who destroyed the Dynasty?"  Ryan tried to maintain  his composure, "They want you to help find Wade Mallory, Rembrandt Brown and Maximillian Arturo.  They were holding them, trying to lure Quinn mallory into a trap, but the three escaped."  "Quinn?  Why would they want Quinn?"  Ryan grew silent once more.  Colin kicked him in the stomach, "You will answer me!"  The Humaggs raised Ryan back up.  He spit in Colin's face and was immediately backhanded by Colin.  "Throw him in a holding cell!  I'll deal with him later!"  The Humaggs drug Ryan down to a holding cell and threw him in,.  they activated the force field around the cage and left.  Ryan Styles looked at his surroundings and spoke, "Damn I hate sliding!"

-Evan looked Logan over.  She was an incredibly attractive woman.  She was also a slider and could help him find the man responsible for his father's death.  Little did he realize she was doing to him what she did best, manipulating his every emotion.  Logan knew how to play with people's minds "Hmmm . . .hot chick and revenge . . . this might not be a bad idea . ." he thought to himself.   Little did he realize she was doing to him what she did best, manipulating his every emotion.  Logan knew how to play with people's minds.  She had mad e an art of it.  That was how she had killed her Arturo, pulled the right strings, pushed the right buttons, she couldn't help but laugh.  what would Evan think if he knew she ahd killed an alternate version of his father.  "So, are you in?" Logan asked.  Evan cracked a smile, he was going to enjoy this, he could only wonder how long it would be before he could get this Logan in the sack.  "Of course.  When do we leave?"  Logan raised her timer and fired a beam from it.  The reddish orange vortex opened.  "Now."  Evan looked over the vortex.  It was incredible.  Logan looked at him and spoke, "Newbies first."  Evan dove into the vortex and vanished.  Logan pressed a button on her timer and spoke, "Target 1 has been secured . . . "  Logan cracked a devious smile, she wondered how long it would be before she could get Evan into bed . . . knowing her methods, 3 days tops.  She dove into the vortex and it collapsed.

-Ryan stared at the walls of his cell.  Colin walked up to the force field and spoke, "Feeling more cooperative now?"  Ryan didn't answer.  "I just wanted to thank you."  Ryan looked at Colin strangely.  "Oh, you don't know?  Your timer, we dissected it.  It's filled with all sorts of nice Draconian technology.   And it's actually quite simple.  Using the transmitter in your timer we've been able to hack into their communication lines.  We know every move they're about to make."  Ryan really didn't care.  He didn't care what happened to the Draconians.  "Oh yeah, and we found something very interesting on our scan of you.  Seems the Draconians implanted their own version of a tracking device in you.  We've got it jammed, but it has all sorts of other nice uses on it, like this."  Colin pulled a strange looking device from his pocket and turned the dial  on it.  Ryan felt aloud ringing in his ears, the pain was unbearable.  He collapsed to the ground.  Colin could only smile, "Welcome back to hell , Mr. Styles."

-The fabric o reality began to distort and suddenly Wade, rembrandt and Arturo appeared.  Arturo was holding the Draconian "sliding" device.  It began to smoke and sputter.  He quickly dropped it and it burst into flames.  Wade stared at the  burning device.  She began to cry, "We're never getting home, are we?"  Rembrandt placed his arm around her and spoke, "We'll figure something out, won't we Max?"  Arturo stomped on the device putting out the flames.  He picked up the charred remains and spoke half heartedly, "Yes, we will figure *something* out."  Wade began to speak, "Guys, you'd better . . . ." Wade passed out in Rembrandt's arms.  Rembrandt looked at Arturo, Arturo looked at Rembrandt and in unison they spoke, "We'd better get her to a hospital!"

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