Previously on Sliders:  Quinn and the others slid into a world where the South won the Civil War and became its own nation.  The US and The Confederacy have been mired in a "Cold War" for many years and are on the verge of signing an agreement to end hostilities.  Quinn and Autumn encounter a double off Rickman who plans to kill the Confederate President, Bill Clinton.  They go to the FBI about what they have heard, but are shocked to discover Rickman is the head of the FBI.  The sliders return to their hotel, but two men with guns burst into the room and threaten to kill the sliders.  And now SLIDERS . . . . .
What if you found a portal to a parallel universe?  What if you could slide into a thousand different dimensions where it's the same year and you're the same person, but everything else is different? What if that portal took everything you've ever held dear? And what if the nightmare never  ends?
Jerry O'Connell as Quinn Mallory
Sabrina Lloyd as Wade Mallory
Cleavant Derricks as Rembrandt Brown
John Rhys-Davies as Maximillian Arturo
Jason Gaffney as Conrad Bennish Jr.
Una Damon as Mary
Katie Holmes as Autumn Mallory
"The Blue And The Grey pt.2"
Written by JToner

Just as the two gunmen are about to kill Quinn, Bennish, Mary and Autumn, two shots ring out and the
two assassins drop dead on the room floor. The gang looks up and are surprised to see Ryan and Agent Pratt
standing in the hallway with their guns out. "Boy are we glad to see you!" says Autumn. "Save the thanks for later, we need to get you out of here." says Agent Pratt. "What's going on here? Did you know these guys were sent to kill us?" Quinn asks Ryan. "I'll explain everything on the way, follow us." Quinn motions for them to follow as the two agents lead the sliders out the back door of the Dominion. They get into a van with government plates and takeoff.

  As Agent Pratt drives, Ryan fills the Quinn and the others in. "I'm sorry about earlier, but we couldn't let Director Rickman know we suspect he's involved in the assassination plot." "How long have you two been investigating Rickman?" Quinn asks. "For the last few weeks we have been keeping tabs on him after Jaime and I picked up rumors of a potential plot by Confederate and U.S. parties against the summit meeting here in San Francisco. We suspected he may be involved when we learned he was making a lot of secret calls to David Duke, the Vice  President of the Confederate States. Duke is a fierce Confederate Racist and has openly opposed the Richards Agreement, while Rickman has been known for his feelings that the U.S. and the Confederate States should not be
friends. That made us suspicious of him. Thanks to you we know he's involved in a assassination that will destroy any hope of peace and friendship between our nations." "Do you have enough evidence thanks to us?" asks Mary. "No," Ryan replies "Your word against a man with a reputation like Rickman's isn't enough, we need his voice on tape proving he's involved in the conspiracy." "How did you know those guys were going to kill us?" asks Bennish. "We didn't, but we feared Rickman may try to silence you guys since you found him out. Jamie and I decided to follow you. We were watching you from down the hall when those men showed up and tried to kill you. If we hadn't been there you four would be corpses right now." "So where are we going?" asks Quinn. "Back to headquarters, we need to go over the wire taps we put on Rickman's phone. Hopefully we'll have something we can use to expose the bastard as a traitor." "Can we help?" asks Autumn "Sure, seeing as were going to need your testimony along with the fact that two men just tried to kill you, I think it's a good idea that you to stay with us."

  As the sun set the sliders and the agents had spent the last several hours listening to the tapes of a weeks worth of phone calls made by Rickman in the lab at the FBI. When they started to give up hope of finding anything they listened to a conversation Rickman had just this afternoon. "This is Rickman." "Its Duke, is this line secure?" "Of course it is, do you want a progress report?" "Yes, Is everything set for tomorrow?" "Yes, the assassin is in place as well as our patsy Mr. Vice President, once Clinton is dead it will be revealed it was a FBI agent who was the assassin. The U.S. will be blamed for their gross negligence of protecting Clinton. Then when you're sworn in as President of the Confederate States of America, you will make your sure the agreement isn't signed and that the hostilities continue, just as we both want it to." "Excellent, for a Yankee you're a crafty man Rickman." "I'll take that as a compliment, good bye."

  After its done playing Ryan practically jumps up and down with joy. "That's it! We have him!" "Yes, but we still have to stop the assassination," says Pratt "We don't know who the assassin is and where he'll be shooting from." "We need to warn President Richards", says Autumn "We can bring him the evidence and expose Rickman." "No good, Rickman is a close friend of President Richards," says Ryan "Also Rickman's running the President's    security, he won't let us near him." "Doesn't the Secret Service protect the President?" asks Bennish. "What's the Secret Service?" Agent Pratt replies. As they continue to talk about their options Quinn notices a newspaper on
the desk that has a photo of President Richards and his wife, the First Lady. "Ryan, can we meet the First Lady? Maybe she will listen to us and get us inside the conference building." "Its possible, but how can you be sure she will listen to us?" "Lets just say I know her…in a way." "I say we give Quinn's idea a shot, it's the best option we have." Autumn says. Ryan and Pratt agree.
 A while later, Quinn and the others wait in a FBI safe house for Ryan and Agent Pratt to return. As they relax in the living room, Autumn asks Quinn "Are you sure this will work? What if you don't have a double on this world?" Quinn replies "Its a risk, I know, but its the best shot we have left." As he finishes his sentence the front door opens as the Agents lead the First Lady into the room. Quinn stands up and says "Hello, thank you for coming." She nods and replies "From what these two agents said it sounded very important, and besides, it's been a long time Quinn." Quinn let out a small smile and said "It sure has Daelin.", which was a true statement. It had been a while since Quinn had last seen a double of Daelin Richards, his friend who moved away in the 9th grade and whom he had a crush on. "Last I heard you where in Japan doing research into anti-gravity." Daelin says. Realizing it was best to pretend he was the Quinn on this earth he replied "I am, but I decided to come back home for a vacation." "I'm glad, it's good to see you. Now, Agent Styles says you have evidence that Rickman is involved in a plot to kill President Clinton and ruin the talks?" "Yes, they have him on tape plotting with the Confederate Vice President to kill him. We need you to get us into the conference building so we can stop the assassination." "Are you absolutely sure? He's been a friend of my husband for years, I can't believe he would be involved in something like this!" "Daelin, you know me." Quinn says, hoping the Daelin and Quinn on this world had been as good friends as he hoped "Trust us." Daelin thinks it over and says, "You've always been a good friend Quinn. I trust you. I'll do whatever I can to help."

  The next day Daelin escorted Ryan, Agent Pratt and the Sliders into the Conference Building. Thanks to
Daelin they got past Rickman's FBI security detail without any problems. "Got a plan on how were going to find the assassin and stop him in time?" Quinn asks Ryan. "Sort of, Rickman called me this mourning and told me to meet him in the back before the meeting begins." "Oh my god…You're the one he's going to frame for the assassination!" says Autumn, remembering the conversation between Rickman and the assassin at the Dominion Hotel. "Yeah, but he doesn't know we have the evidence to put him away. I'll go in and try to get him to tell me where the assassin will be shooting from," Ryan replies to Autumn,  "Then Jaime and the rest of you can stop him." "I Hope this works," says Quinn. "So do I," says Ryan.

  Rickman turns as Ryan enters the back room. "You wanted to see me Sir?" "Yes Agent Styles, I need your help." he says as he pulls out his gun. "I need you to be our patsy." "I know everything Rickman, the assassination on Clinton and you being in bed with David Duke to ensure The U.S. and the Confederacy stay enemies for a long time." "I should have known you would find me out, you're a good investigator, unfortunately in this case its going to lead to your death." "Where is the assassin?" "Oh, you'll be meeting him shortly, once he's done his job he'll make it back here from the balcony, then we'll kill you with his gun in your hand. Your fingerprints will be the only ones on it, making you the President's killer." Ryan nods, "A good plan, except one problem Rickman". "Oh?, what's that pray tell". "I brought backup."and as he finishes several FBI agents burst into the room, Rickman tries to shoot Ryan but he kicks the gun out of his hand with a nice kung fu move, allowing the others to arrest Rickman. "You think you've won don't you!" he says as the handcuff him. "You won't stop the assassin in time! Once he's done the job its all over!" Ryan picks up his radio and calls Pratt "He's on the balcony, hurry!"

  From the balcony in the reception hall the assassin watches as President's Richards and Clinton enter the room and shake hands. All their aides and foreign dignitaries are their. He pulls up his gun and prepares to kill Clinton. Suddenly a voice behind him says, "I wouldn't do that if I were you." The Assassin turns to see Quinn and Bennish standing behind him. He shoots at them but they jump back out into the hallway and hit the floor. The assassin, standing up, turns to finish his job. But Agent Pratt, thanks to the distraction by the Sliders, shoots the assassin from behind before he can get his shot off. Autumn and Mary run up to the guys. "Are you two all right?" Mary asks. "Barely, man that guy almost got us", says Bennish. Autumn helps Quinn up and says "Mission Accomplished." which gets a good laugh out of the group as Ryan and security arrive to clean up.

  Three days later the Richards Agreement is signed by President Richards and President Clinton, with the added stipulation that the Confederate States agree to end segregation gradually over the next 10 years. Thankfully for Clinton most of the citizen's in the Confederacy approve of the agreement, ending segregation is a price they are willing to pay to ensure peace with the U.S. Ryan, Agent Pratt, Daelin and both President's thank the Sliders personally for their help.

  As the group prepares to slide out behind the Dominion Hotel, Autumn says "This was defiantly an exciting slide. Not only did we help stop a assassination, but we got to meet two Presidents. I'd say that's pretty darn good." "Yeah man, but I hope on the next earth we don't get sucked into any sort of conspiracy or assassination plot," says Bennish. Quinn remarks "Amen to that. Well, its time to go. We have some people we need to find", as he pulls out the timer. Quinn activates the vortex and the gang slides out.

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