-Wade, Rembrandt and Arturo emerged from the distortion effect and found themselves in the exact same place they had left from, well, sort of.  The Draconian trans-dislocation device, must have been site to site, regardless of the world.  The three looked around.  It was obvious this wasn't their home world.  At least, not unless Star Trekish uniforms had become the fashion since they had left.  Beyond that the buildings were  designed somewhat differently, more curved .  They had an air of beauty to them.  It was quite possibly the most beautiful site the three sliders had ever beheld.  This world could pass for a virtual paradise.  A loud set of sirens was heard  a strange looking ship appeared.  "Please return to your homes.  We have a breach in sector 7-G. "  Wade and the others saw men in what must have been police uniforms coming towards them.  Only one thought could escape Wade's lips, "Quinn, where are you?"

 What if you found a portal to a parallel universe?  What if you could slide into a thousand different dimensions, where it's the same year and you're the same person, but everything else is different? What if that portal took everything you've ever held dear? And what if the nightmare never end?


Jerry O'Connell as Quinn Mallory
Sabrina Lloyd as Wade Mallory
Cleavant Derricks as Rembrandt Brown
John Rhys-Davies as Maximillian Arturo
Jason Gaffney as Conrad Bennish Jr.
Una Damon as Mary
Katie Holmes as Autumn Mallory
"New World, Old Faces"

 -Wade, Rembrandt and Arturo prepared for the worst.  yet, strangely enough, the officers continued past them.  One of the officers spoke, "You three should really get inside.  By the way, nice costumes and the resemblance is uncanny, well, except for her.  Are you three in the parade?"    Arturo replied, "Yes, my good man.  We are . . . in the parade."  "Good, can't wait to see it.  Now, it would be best if you got inside somewhere, this could get ugly."

-The three sliders turned and began to walk away.  A familiar sound stopped them dead in their tracks .  They turned around to see the one sight they thought they would never see again.  A blood red wormhole and a Manta Ship coming out of it.

-"That's not possible.  The Kromaggs are gone," Rembrandt said.  "Wait," Wade replied.  The Manta Ship landed and the officers surrounded it.  A panel on the ship opened and someone stepped from it.  Wade and the others couldn't  see who it was, but when the officers finally moved, the shock was almost unbelievable.  Rembrandt spoke with shock in his voice, "Colin?"

-In another part of the town a green vortex opened and Quinn Mallory and Conrad Bennish stepped from it.  The two had been searching for Autumn almost non-stop since she vanished with Quinn's first timer nearly two months ago.  He had been forced to push his work farther than he ahd ever intended it to go.  The timer had to be fool proof.  It had to be able to store coordinates, and it had to be able to track wormholes.  If not, he would never find her.  With his best friend, Conrad Bennish Jr., by his side, the two had worked day and night for weeks  before the timer was ready.  It had taken a while to backtrack Autumn's path, but according to the timer, she hadn't left this world yet.   "She hasn't left this world yet," Quinn said.  "Where do we start?" Bennish asked.  'I'm not sure.  If I have a double on this world, maybe she's with him.  Wait a sec.  The timer is registering another vortex opened up on this world."  "She's slid already?"  'No, someone else slid in.  Bennish you realize what that means."  Conrad Bennish Jr. spoke, "Other people have the technology."  Quinn's head sank, "In my arrogance I assumed I was the only one.  That we had to be tracking her.  Bennish, what if we've been thrown off her trail?"  "Easy Quinn.  We don't know that.  As far as you know, this other vortex could be another version of you who's just discovered sliding."  His friends words eased Quinn's mind.  Autumn had to be on this world.  He had to find her and bring her home, or he would never forgive himself.

-"Greetings from the Kromagg Dynasty," Colin said.   The main officer replied, "The Dynasty no longer exists, and this world was freed from it's grip long ago by The Sliders.  You will return to your Manta Ship and depart from this designate." Colin moved with lightning speed.  He grabbed the main officer by the neck and lifted him up.  The other  officers powered up their weapons.  Colin slowly dropped the man back to the ground.  He spoke, "Forgive me.  I did not come here to fight."  "The officer was still gasping for air as he spoke, "I  . . . suppose  . . . you came to conquer us."  Colin cracked a smile, "No.  Kassius."  A Humagg stepped from the ship and handed a strange looking device to Colin.  The officer spoke, "He's a Humagg.  Then it's true.  The Kromaggs have been destroyed."  "Yes, by a threat far greater than the Kromaggs ever where.  I have begun a new Dynasty with one simple goal.   The destruction of The Draconian Empire!  Your people are warriors.  You  were able to turn back the Kromaggs from this world.  I am here to offer you the chance to join the New Dynasty and destroy the Draconians."  The officer spoke, "The council must hear of your offer.  I'll make the arrangements."

-"Colin.  I can't believe it," Rembrandt said.  The three sliders had settled into a hotel room and the topic of what had come before weighed heavy in their minds.  Arturo had taken to dissecting the trans-dislocation device, yet again.  The technology was incomprehensible.  Wade spoke, "I don't want to think about it, Remmy.  Colin was in a Manta Ship.  One of those things is powerful enough to level a city.  I think we should get off this world as soon as we can."  "That could be a problem, "Arturo replied.  "What?" Rembrandt exclaimed.  "The device isn't responding properly, I'm not sure I can open a gate."    Rembrandt and Wade gathered around Arturo.  "Maybe if I-" Arturo fiddled with a wire and suddenly the three sliders had vanished.

-Quinn and Bennish were walking back towards the city.  On this world, his home didn't exist and there were no listings for Quinn Mallory in the phone book.  Quinn's timer began to beep.  "What is it?" Bennish asked.  "We've got a trail.  Someone has left this Earth."  Bennish simply looked at Quinn.  He knew what he was thinking.  Should they follow this trail?  Was it Autumn's signature or should they wait for the second signal?  Quinn opened a vortex and looked at Bennish.  "Go!"  Quinn hoped he was making the right decision as he dove into the vortex and it collapsed.

-On another world, A green wormhole opened and four sliders where thrown from it.  "I will never get use to these landings," Mary said.  "How long are we here, Autumn," Bennish replied.  Autumn raised her timer and spoke, "About a week.  I say we head to the Dominion and take a look around.  Where's Quinn?"  Quinn had walked away from the others.  He knew where they would go.  He had alot on his mind.  He knew he had treated the others badly of late.  They had only been trying to help him, but it hurt so much.  They couldn't possibly understand.  Could they?  His mind troubled more than any man should bare alone, Quinn could only cry as he walked to the hotel.

-Colin Mallory stood on the bridge of his Manta Ship.  He turned to Kassius and spoke, "Soon.  Soon  the Dynasty will rise again.  And the Draconians will pay for what they've done to me!"

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