-"This thing must be broken!" Rembrandt Brown cursed.  "Why do you say that?" Arturo asked.  "Because ever since the last world, I haven't been able to get a lock on either Quinn's or Autumn's quantum signature.  I mean, Max, they couldn't have both just vanished . . . could they?"  "The odds are highly improbable, but . . ."  Alt-Quinn interrupted, "There is one thing we may be overlooking."  Alt-Bennish turned to his friend and spoke, "What would that be Quinn?"   "We've been assuming that your Quinn and Autumn were sliding separately. What if they're together?"  Arturo replied, "That is feasible, but the question is, where are they now?"

What if you found a portal to a parallel universe? What if you could slide into a thousand different dimensions.  Where it's the same year and you're the same person, but everything else is different? What if that portal took everything you've ever held dear? And what if the nightmare never ends?


Jerry O'Connell as Quinn Mallory
Sabrina Lloyd as Wade Mallory
Cleavant Derricks as Rembrandt Brown
John Rhys-Davies as Maximillian Arturo
Jason Gaffney as Conrad Bennish Jr.
Una Damon as Mary
Katie Holmes as Autumn Mallory
"The Gathering: Falling Into Place"

-The Traveller unit DALIUS, it has become a makeshift headquarters for the resistance against the Draconian Empire.  Its crew consisting of Andrew Summers, Nimbus Da'Trall, Quinn Mallory, Conrad Bennish Jr. and Mary have all come together on the "deck" to  discuss the "Gathering" as Nimbus calls it and its implications on their lives.

-"I've seen the history of the Draconians, how are we going to stop them?  Their Empire seems so vast," Autumn said.  Nimbus replied, "It all hinges on certain elements."  "And these elements are?" Quinn asked.  "Sliders.  Nexus beings of their realities.  You represent one part of the equation."  Mary spoke up, "What about the rest of us?"  Nimbus replied, "Mary, you are crucial to this battle, as are Bennish and Autumn.  Autumn happens to be a nexus being from her reality.  Mary, you and Bennish I need for  something else entirely.  DALIUS, display file G-116."  {Opening file, Nimbus.}  The screen begins to fill with pictures of other sliders.   Quinn could not believe his eyes. "Oh my God . . . ."

-Logan St. Claire sat over her disassembled timer.  It obviously had to be flawed.  If not, The Draconians would have retrieved her and Evan by now.  That was the entire point of her finding him in the first place.  The Draconians had plans for him.  They never told her what they were, but it coincided with her own agenda.  Of course, that was months ago.  She has spent so much time with Evan, had grown to love him.  A part of her just wanted to forget everything, Quinn, The Draconians, even finding her way back to her home Earth.  yes, part of her wanted to simply be with Evan.  What had happened to her?  She had never been like this before.  She was a manipulator, that was her nature.  How could one man change her so much?

-"Quinn, what is it?" Autumn asked.    Quinn stared at  the screen and spoke, "Logan, Colin and . . . ." Autumn looked to the screen and spoke, "Jayson Garrick?"  Quinn looked at Autumn, "You noticed that too?"  "He lived about a block over from us on my world, well, until he got married a few years back."  "Same here.  How could he be a part of this?  And Colin and Logan . . they're killers . . .what role do they play in all of this?"  "Who is the last person on the screen?" Mary asked.  Nimbus replied, "Her name is Diana Davis.  She is the final piece to the puzzle."  "So what do we do now?" Bennish asked.   Andrew replied, "That's where you come in.  You and Mary, are the retrieval group.  You have to find Logan, Colin, Jayson and Diana and bring them here."  "That could take years!" Mary responded.  Nimbus spoke," No, we've been watching them as well.  It will be a simple matter for you to find them,  the only thing the two of you must do, is convince them to help us."  Quinn spoke, "If I might make a suggestion.  I think you should track down Jayson and this Diana Davis first.  Colin and Logan . . .could be a problem."  Nimbus was silent for a moment then spoke, "Agreed.  I'll make the necessary arrangements.  DALIUS, lock onto signature Garrick 1014 and prepare to open a traverse to his current location."  {Working.  Garrick1014 located.  Traverse ready.}  "Whenever you are ready," Nimbus said.  bennish looked to Mary and spoke, "Well?"  "Just a second.  You'll need this," Andrew said.   He handed his wrist-com to Bennish.  "When you're ready to return, just let us know."  'Sounds simple enough. Ready?"  Mary responded, "Let's go."  The two figures dove into the traverse and vanished.

-Rembrandt Brown heard aloud beeping noise emanating from the timer.  He opened it and spoke, "Guys, we've got a lock on a signature from Earth Prime!  It could be Quinn.  Alt-Quinn spoke, "any sign of Autumn's signature?"  "Not yet."  "Well, my good men, it appears we have a lead at least," Arturo said.  "What are you waiting for, lock on and follow it," Alt-Bennish said.  Arturo looked to Rembrandt and spoke, "Well . . ."  Rembrandt  opened the vortex and spoke, "After you guys."  The four dove into the vortex and it closed.

-"And what do we do know, "Autumn asked.   Nimbus replied, "There is still much to do.  Andrew can assist you in going over some more files."  Andrew cut his eyes towards Nimbus, What was he thinking?  He knew the affect Autumn had on him.  "I don't think that's a good . . . ."  Quinn began to speak but suddenly fell to the floor.  "Quinn!" Autumn screamed.  "Andrew. Quickly, we must  get him to the med-lab!"

To Be Continued

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