-Autumn Mallory couldn't sleep.  The last few hours had been an eye opening experience.  She had tried to sleep, all of the others were, but there was too much on her mind.   She had taken a walk to try to ease her mind, but found herself on the "deck" of the Traveller unit.  Lost in her thoughts,m Autumn was started to hear a mechanized voice.  {May I be of assistance, Miss Mallory?}  "Oh . . .DALIUS, right?  I don't guess so.  I was just taking a walk.  Couldn't sleep and please call me Autumn."  {Very well Autumn.}    Autumn sat down in a chair and spoke, "Care for some company DALIUS?"   {By all means.}  Autumn began typing away at one of the computer consoles.  A list appeared on the computer screen.  Autumn's mouth dropped, "Oh my God."


Jerry O'Connell as Quinn Mallory
Sabrina Lloyd as Wade Mallory
Cleavant Derricks as Rembrandt Brown
John Rhys-Davies as Maximillian Arturo
Jason Gaffney as Conrad Bennish Jr.
Una Damon as Mary
Katie Holmes as Autumn Mallory

"The Gathering: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About The Draconians, But Were Afraid To Ask "

-Autumn spoke, "What is this?  A list of topics in your database?"  A voice from behind her spoke, "Yes.  That's exactly what it is."  Autumn jumped a little.  She turned around to see Andrew.  "See something you want to take a look at?"  Autumn was uncomfortable around Andrew and with good reason, she was the splitting image of his dead fiancé'.  "IS this really the origin of the Draconians?"  {Yes Autumn.  It is all of the information we have been able to gather in our travels.}  "Here, take a look at it.  DALIUS, run program D-14.  Authorization: Meggan."  Autumn felt a chill run up her back when Andrew spoke Meggan's name. She listened intently as DALIUS began to speak.
{FILE D-14: The Origin Of The Draconian Empire
In the reality we recognize as our own, Homo Sapiens rose to become the dominant
humanoid life forms.  But there are countless alternate earths where this is not the
case. It is in this that the origins of the Draconian Empire lie.

The Draconian Empire began as a simple collection of worlds inhabited by different
species.  One such world contained the Retillians.  Another the Felineans.  While
another was home to the Aeriads.  It was until the closing years of what we consider
the 20th century that the Empire began to form.

A Retillian physics student accidentally switched places with his Aeriad counterpart, by
use of a trans-dimensional displacement field.  This lead to the two races, the Retillians
and the Aeriads, attempts to discover a way to reach these other worlds that were
inhabited by these other species.

First contact was made between the Retillians and the Felineans, shortly thereafter,
communication was established with the Aeriads.  In a trans-displacement gone
wrong, members from all three worlds were transported to a world inhabited by
humans.  They were attacked by these humans who were very paranoid and war-like.
After being retrieved from this world by an advanced ape named Cyrus (who was a
renegade Multiversal Traveller, but that's another story), the decision was made that
a cohesive alliance should be formed.  Cyrus brought his homeworld, inhabited by the Primads, into what became known as the Alliance.

With the inclusion of the Primads, the Alliance began to take shape.  A council was formed by representatives from all four worlds.  Cyrus's Traveller unit, ALDO, was dissected, studied and upgraded by Alliance scientists.  With the addition of the Traveller technology, the Alliance now had the ability to open displacement fields at will and control the destination.  Truly the Alliance was becoming a force to reckon with.

The Alliance began sending scout teams out to parallel worlds .  Early in their scouting they encountered a Genesis-Kromagg war party.  These "Kromaggs"  were incredibly similar to the humans they had originally encountered.  Upon return to the council, it was decided that until more could be learned about the Kromaggs and the humans that the Alliance should simply bide its time.  Unfortunately the council was soon to discover that which Cyrus already knew.  The multitude of earths in the multiverse were inhabited by the humans.

It was at this time that an Aeriad general began to rise to power.  His name was Katar and he spoke of power for all members of the Alliance, worlds filled with resources that should rightfully be theirs and the will of the great creator for the Alliance to show the humans the error of their ways.  He spoke of what he called Taranus' Ve' Destina' which translated into "By Right Of Destiny".  Katar was soon instated as High Chancellor of the High Council of the Alliance.

Katar decided that something had to be done about the Kromaggs before anything else, unfortunately there was no time for this as the MTS ,that Cyrus had once been a member of and the originators of the technology that the Alliance had gotten from the ALDO unit, suddenly arrived to deal with the Alliance situation.  They had come to put an end to this sham that called itself "The Alliance".

-Note:  information about the MTS will be forthcoming-

What the MTS failed to realize was that Cyrus had supporters inside of the MTS.  Members of the non-humoniod words who had long been looking for  a way to exit the MTS.  The battle was short as the MTS  was brutally defeated.  The MTS basically ceased to exist.  And only a few stray Travellers still roam the multiverse (because they were unable to respond to the MTS distress call).  The new members of the Alliance quickly rallied behind Katar and the Alliance became known as the Draconian Empire.  Their original goal was still clear and the Kromaggs ahd to be dealt with first and foremost.  they were the only race that possessed enough technology to possibly interfere with the Draconian's plans.  When it was discovered that there were actually two different races of Kromaggs, Katar knew drastic steps had to be taken.

They would need spies regardless.  But how could they mingle amongst the Kromaggs and humans?  Thus Project Proteus was born.

The Proteans were engineered to be the ultimate spies.  Nameless, faceless, soulless shapeshifters that were blindly loyal to the empire.  Not only could they imitate the form of any race, they also were capable of imitating their attributes (such as i the case of the Kromaggs, telepathy).

Using the Proteans, the Draconians were able to abduct members of both Kromagg races.  And able to develop a weapon that would destroy their genetic structure. The device would be attached to a trans-displacement device so that the beam would be broadcast  throughout the multiverse, but it would only affect Kromaggs.

Once the Kromaggs were destroyed, the true mission could begin.  Complete domination of the multiverse.    Of course it's not that easy; there is resistance.  A stray traveller here or there, nomad sliders and resistance on the worlds they attempt to conquer, but the power of the Empire is growing by the day.}

-Autumn spoke, "So much to take in.  We have to let the others see this.  Especially Quinn."  Andrew spoke, "We will.  Everyone will.  Look . . . . Autumn . . . .you should really get some rest."  {Andrew is right Autumn.  For all that is to transpire you will need your rest.}  Autumn yawned and spoke, "You're right.  I do feel tired finally.  See you two in the morning."  Autumn left the deck and DALIUS spoke. {Andrew . . . are you all right?}  Andrew began to cry.  "I don't think I can take it this time.  She seems exactly like Meggan.  The closest ever.    DALIUS, old friend,  I need a shoulder to cry on."  {Well, as you well know Andrew, I do not have shoulders, but I am here for you.  I am your friend, Andrew.}  'Thank you."  Andrew began to speak to DALIUS of Meggan, but little did either realize that Autumn Mallory was standing right outside of the deck listening to their every word . . .  crying tears of her own.

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