-Quinn, Autumn, Bennish and Mary were running as fast as they could, but still the creture behind them was gaining.  "How much time?" Quinn asked.  "About 30 seconds," Autumn replied.  "Bennish look out!" Quinn screamed.  The creature had almost grabbed him . . .  "3 . .2 . .1" Autmn opened the vortex and jumped in.  Mary and Bennish followed.  Quinn spoke as he jumped in, "So long Sasquatch world!"

-The ride was routine, but the after effects were not.  Quinn found himself under water.  He swam back up until he was above water.  He looked around, Autmn was surfacing as was Bennish.  Bennish looked around, "Where's Mary."  She had yet to surface.  The three sliders dove back under water.  Mary was sinking.  They grabbed her and pulled her up.   "Mary!  Come on . . come on." Bennish screamed.  Quinn looked around.  Everything was covered in water.  This wasn't good.

What if you found a portal to a parallel universe? What if you could slide into a thousand different dimensions.  Where it's the same year and you're the same person,but everything else is different? What if that portal took everything you've ever held dear? And what if the nightmare never ends?


Jerry O'Connell as Quinn Mallory
Sabrina Lloyd as Wade Mallory
Cleavant Derricks as Rembrandt Brown
John Rhys-Davies as Maximillian Arturo
Jason Gaffney as Conrad Bennish Jr.
Una Damon as Mary
Katie Holmes as Autumn Mallory
"In Too Deep pt.1"
Based on an idea by Sliderblake

-Everything was happening so fast.  The last thing Mary remembered was jumping into the vortex.  The usual ride through the tunnel, and suddenly light.  So why was everything so dark?  Why was it so hard to breathe?  What was happening too her?

-"Mary!" Bennish screamed. Quinn, Autumn and  Bennish were trying to keep themselves afloat.  They had slid into the ocean and Mary couldn't swim.  "What do we do now?   I can't hold her up much longer," Bennish said.  Autumn had never seen Bennish like this before.  He was becoming  upset.  "I'm not sure," Quinn replied.

-The sliders began to feel something pushing them up from the water.  Suddenly a submarine surfaced and it's hatch opened.  A bearded man wearing a military uniform spoke, "What the hell are you people doing out here?"  Quinn responded, "We were in a boating accident."  "Then let me ask you how you got past the military barricades out here?"  Quinn didn't answer.  Bennish spoke up, "Look, I don't have time for this!  She's injured, she nearly drowned!  We need help!"  The man looked at the four sliders and spoke, "Bring her down.  I'll get the doc."

-"She'll be fine.  She needs rest.  She took in alot of water, but  she's okay.  Let her rest," the doc said.  "You two go ahead, I'm staying with her," Bennish said.  Quinn and Autumn nodded and left the room.

-Quinn and Autumn were walking down a corridor of the sub when it began to shake violently.    "What's going on?" Autumn asked.  "Not sure, but I think the sub's under attack."    Red lights began to flash as a voice could be heard over the loud speakers.  "All hands, battle stations.  The Atlanteans are attacking."  A man in uniform approached Quinn and Autumn.  "You two, the Captain wants you on the deck.  Follow me."

-Quinn and Autumn walked  into the "deck" and the Captain spoke, "We're being pursued by the Atlantean forces.  This is very unusual.  They usually hit and run.  The only difference is I've brought you and your friends on board ."  Autumn spoke, "We don't even know who you're talking about."  The Captain spoke, "I seriously doubt that.  Everyone on the planet knows about the Atlantean-Surface War."  Quinn hesitantly spoke, "On this world maybe."  The Captain raised an eyebrow and spoke, "Sliders . . .great . . ."

-Bennish sat  by Mary's side.  Here eyes slowly began to flutter. "Conrad?" she spoke.  "I'm here honey."  "What?"  "We landed in the ocean.  You nearly drowned . . . I thought . . .I was going to  . . lose you."  Tears began to fill Bennish's eyes.  "I didn't know what I'd do without you.  Mary . . . you are my life . . . I love you."

-The Captain looked Quinn and Autumn over and spoke, "Are you with the Draconians?"  Quinn's eyes widened, " No, they have my wife and my friends.  I'm trying to find them.  What's going on here?"   The Captain shook his head, "About six years ago, water levels rose due to the melting of the polar ice caps.  Most of the coastal areas were buried underneath the water.  Overcrowding became commonplace as the citizens of those areas were transported to other states and cities.  During a salvage mission to one of the underwater cities, we came into contact with the Atlanteans.  They were a completely different race of beings.  Not exactly human, evolved form aquatic creatures.  They saw the intrusion of the surface dwellers into the sunken cities as an act of war.  Since then, we've been fighting a horrible battle, and when the Draconians appeared and gave their support to the Atlanteans, we're losing.  We can't stand up to their technological advancements."  "Wonderful," Autumn replied.  Quinn's eyes widened, he had an idea.  "Captain, can you send a message to the Atlanteans?"  "We can, but why?"  "Let's give them what they want."

-"You can't be serious Quinn!" Autumn screamed.  "I am.  The Draconians kidnapped Wade, Remmy and the Professor to get to me.  I'll turn myself over to them.  Then, when the timer hits 0:00 you can track their distortion and follow me to their homeworld, then we find Wade and the others and slide back to Earth Prime."  "What if something happens to you?"  'It's worth the risk."  "Will you think! What if I can't track the distortion?  What if you're trapped?"  "At least I'll be with Wade."  "Grrrrr!  I give up Quinn.  You just won't listen."  The Captain entered the room and spoke, "We've just received a message from the Atlanteans.  We're to surface at this location and hand you over.  Are you sure about this?"  Quinn looked at Autumn.  She turned away form him.  "Yes."

-Bennish and Mary had made their way to Autumn and Quinn's room, and were shocked to find Autumn sitting on a bed crying.  "What's wrong?" Bennish asked.  "Quinn's turning himself over to the Draconians."  Bennish and Mary spoke in unison, "WHAT!"

-Two subs began to surface from the water.  One was more advanced than the other and seemed almost alien in design.  The hatches opened.  Quinn and the Captain stepped from their sub's hatch and Atlantean soldiers stepped from the other.  They had grayish blue skin, dark eyes and gills on their necks.  From behind the Atlanteans, stepped Dragonius.  His fangs could be seen as he smiled a devious smile.  "Mallory . . . and here I thought you'd never be able to leave the confines of your home Earth."  Quinn smiled, "I got lucky, the sliding fairy showed up and gave me a new timer." Dragonius chuckled.  He motioned for the soldiers to bring Quinn to him.  He spoke, "Captain, you and your crew are safe for now.  Return to your surface world and leave the seas to their rightful rulers."  The Captain did not respond.  Quinn was lowered into the Atlantean sub as Autumn, Bennish and Mary made their way to the top of their sub.  They saw him being lowered and watched as the hatch closed.  Bennish looked at Autumn spoke, "What do we do now?"  Autumn replied, "I don't care what he wants.  I'm not leaving him to their mercies.  We're going after him!"

To Be Continued

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