"Quinn….Quinn, wake up! We have one hour till we slide. "Quinn Mallory opens his eyes and looks up at
Autumn Mallory staring down at him. "Sorry Autumn…I must have dozed off..." Autumn smiled and said "Its
understandable, this world has been pretty dull." Quinn got up out of bed and said "I'll go take a
quick shower."

While Quinn was in the shower, Autumn walked outside their room at the Dominion Hotel to sit on a
bench with Conrad Bennish Jr. and Mary. "Is he up?" "Yeah." "Was he talking in his sleep again?" Bennish
asks her. Autumn nods and says "He was mumbling Wade's name again, along with those of his friends.
I'm worried about him guys." Mary took Autumn's hand and replied "We all are, this has been so hard for
him, but as long as were there for him we won't lose him." Autumn looks at Mary and replies "I know,
thanks guys." Bennish just smiles and says "Anytime dude."

10 minutes later Quinn came out fully cleaned and dressed. "Lets go slide out of here in the park, maybe we'll get a soft landing for a change." He said. "Good plan." Says Autumn with a smile as the
four headed for Golden Gate Park.

The ride through the vortex was routine for them, but when they flew out of it, Quinn, Mary, Bennish
and Autumn found themselves in unusual surroundings. They looked around and discovered to their surprise
they were in a vast underground tunnel, and just a few feet away was a large metal door that appeared to
be sealed completely. "This ranks very high on the weird meter guys."
says Autumn as she looks at the large door. "Why did we slide into this place?" Bennish asks out loud. As if in response to his question, the huge door suddenly started to open. The quartet stared as the door parted and two men walked out toward them. They were wearing lab coats and most important of all they had two familiar faces, for the two men were doubles
of Quinn and Professor Arturo! Quinn#2 looks them over and then says, "Welcome to Salvation Base fellow Sliders. We need your help……"

What if you found a portal to a parallel universe? What if you could slide into a thousand different dimensions.  Where it's the same year and you're the same person,but everything else is different? What if that portal took everything you've ever held dear? And what if the nightmare never ends?


Jerry O'Connell as Quinn Mallory
Sabrina Lloyd as Wade Mallory
Cleavant Derricks as Rembrandt Brown
John Rhys-Davies as Maximillian Arturo
Jason Gaffney as Conrad Bennish Jr.
Una Damon as Mary
Katie Holmes as Autumn Mallory

"Racing Against Time"

By JToner

- Autumn was surprised to hear Quinn's double calling them that, she asked him, "How did you know we are Sliders?" Arturo's double stepped forward and said "We have the ability to track wormholes, we detected yours entering our universe. Using our
equipment we were able to divert your wormhole down here." Everyone was impressed, they obviously had very advanced sliding technology to control the wormhole's destination. Quinn stepped forward toward his double and asked "Why did you bring us down here?". Quinn2 replied "We need your help, follow Max and I inside, we'll explain everything." They followed them through the doors, they walked down a short hallway to a large elevator. They got inside and went down, Quinn2 began to talk. "First, the sun in this universe is dying, for reasons still unknown, and it will go nova in a few days." "How many days exactly?" asked Mary. "2 days." Says Max. Autumn pulls out the timer and checks the readout."Were going to cut it close guys, we slide in exactly 1 day, 23 hours and 50 minutes, we slide 10 minutes before the sun blows." "Let me guess what you're
going to say next," says Quinn "You want to slide as many people as possible to another earth." Quinn2nodded and replied "The surface has become a wasteland thanks to the sun, there are only a few underground bunkers like Salvation here left in the
world. There are only about 5,000 people total left on our world, there are about 200 in this one." Quinn then said "Your going to need a Slidewave device in order to get everyone out of here." "Slidewave?, what do you mean?" asks Max Arturo. Quinn relates the tale of his double on a parallel earth who created a sliding device that slid all the people on his earth to another. "Oh, our equipment can do that, but the problem we have is our "Slidewave" device is damaged and is in need of repair, that's why we need your help. Max and I can't fix the all damage by ourselves in time for us to slide. We need people familiar with
the technology to help speed up the repairs in time." Autumn and Bennish look at each other and smile, Bennish says "Autumn and I can help you out man." "Good and in return maybe we can give you something to help you." "Like what?" "Can your timer track wormholes and store parallel earth coordinates?" Quinn and the others got excited at this, Quinn said "No, can you upgrade our timer?" Quinn2 takes a look at Autumn's timer, than smiles as he replies "Yes, this design is pretty close to ours, it will be a small thank you in return for your help in saving what's left of this world." Little did the sliders know that a shadowy figure was watching them from afar and listening to this entire conversation, after hearing this he muttered to himself. "They will not succeed, not as long as I live……"

A few hours later, Autumn and Bennish assisted Quinn2 with repairing their Slidewave device, Mary went for a walk while Quinn watched as Arturo's double began to upgrade the timer. "So how long have you and my double been working on sliding?" "Ever since we arrived here." "From the way you two talked, I got the sense your not from around here, your from
another dimension aren't you?" Arturo2 nodded and replied "My Quinn and I arrived on this earth over a year ago, it was the result of a struggle between the two of us. We came from an earth where the Soviet Union ruled the earth. I was a fool who worked for them for years as a Citizen General." Quinn was completely shocked, he interrupted him and said "I know you two!, I'm the other Quinn you met! I slid to your world years ago on one of my first slides, then I came back when my friends and I went looking for our Arturo! I saw you and my double fall into the wormhole!…So….this is where you two ended up. What happened to change you?" Arturo smiled and replied "The people of this earth knew of sliding, they welcomed us as lost strangers and took us in. The more time I spent here the more I saw the mistakes I made in the life I led on my world. When things started to go bad, Quinn and I offered our help. It was the least we could do in return for the hospitality and help the people of this earth gave us." Meanwhile Mary was walking through the living quarters of the underground base. She met several people, who were more than willing to talk. "So your from a parallel earth?" asked a young man in T-shirt and jeans. "Yes, we are helping to repair your sliding device. My friends and I are looking for some friends of our from our world who were abducted." "Wow!, who kidnapped your friends?" "A race from another earth called the Draconians." "THE DRACONIANS!, you ran into them too!" "Yes!, you know of them?" "I wish our world hadn't, they slid to our world and tried to conquer it. Lucky for us our technology is much more advanced than other parallel earth's. We were able to fight them to a stalemate and they gave up the invasion eventually. We got real lucky." "That is an understatement….."

For many hours, long into the night, Autumn and Bennish worked with Quinn2 to fix the Slidewave machine. "This damage looks like it was done on purpose." Autumn says. "It was, we have a saboteur inside this base." Replies Quinn2. Bennish asks him "Dude, why the heck would someone do that when it's the only way for you guys to survive?" "I don't know, but security has been unable to catch our mystery man. I hope he doesn't strike again, because if he does, we won't be able to fix the machine in time to slide our people off this earth."

Later, before the Sliders went to bed, Autumn and Bennish told Quinn and Mary what they learned, and likewise Mary told the others about her conversationwith the young boy. Quinn sat down on his bed and said "Guys….from this information I think its safe to say that the Draconians sent a spy to make sure these people don't survive this." "Kind of a final revenge, since they couldn't conquer this earth." says Autumn. "What are we going to man, what if this spy strikes again, if he does the people on this earth are history." "Maybe they can post guards on the Slidewave machine To protect it." Mary suggested. "Sounds like a good idea…."

Quinn2 followed the Sliders advice and posted security on the machine, with shifts that lasted  all night long and into the next day, which was the final day this earth had left. Quinn and Arturo2 walked in as Quinn2, Autumn and Bennish were finishing the work on the Slidewave machine, with Mary watching with great interest. "Quinn!" said Autumn, who was happy to see him. She had noticed that his spending time with the double of Arturo seemed to lessen the pain of his missing wife and friends. "How is my timer?" "Arturo finished the upgrades, we can track wormholes and store coordinates now." Autumn and Bennish exchanged a high five, while Mary just smiled. "Oh no!" Said Quinn2, interrupting the good news "I forgot one of my tools
From my room. I need it to finish this last adjustment. We only have about 20 minutes left, let's hurry." "You shouldn't go alone, we'll go with you." Said Quinn. "I'll stay behind with security and watch the machine." Said Mary. A few minutes later, the others waited as Quinn2 got the tool, just as came out with it, Mary walked up to them. "Mary?, I thought you were going to stay by the Slidewave machine with the guards?" "What…what are you talking about? I just got out of bed, I overslept for some reason…." "Oh my god…" said Autumn. They all raced back to the lab. When they walked in, they saw all the guards dead, and the Mary imposter leaning up against the machine, she looked wounded. "Guys!, the spy…he was here! He
attacked…." "I think its time you stop pretending to be Me." said the real Mary as she stepped out from behind the others. "I see…that sleeping potion I gave you didn't work as long as I thought it would, no matter, in 15 minutes you will all die when theshock-wave from the sun's destruction hits this planet." "Who are you? What are you?" asked Quinn "The Draconians sent you didn't they?" The spy smiled "Yes, my masters wanted to make sure that this earth died and took its humans with it. I was sent to ensure that outcome. I am a Protean, I'm what you would call a.....shapeshifter." "You won't get away with this…" said Quinn2. "I already have…in order to complete the final repair to this machine, you have to get by me, and you won't."  Quinn knew that in 4 minutes they had to slide, and had to think fast. What he didn't notice was that  Bennish had sneaked around the Protean and jumped it from behind to tackle it to the ground. Quinn, Arturo2, Bennish and Mary tried to hold him at bay,
as Autumn helped Quinn2 finish the work. "Hurry!" said Autumn checking the timer "We only have 3 minutes till our window. And 13 till the sun goes nova!" Quinn2 worked fast and said "Done!, the Slidewave will take people with specific signatures.
You and your friends will not be taken, so you can slide out on your own." The Protean suddenly changed his shape into that of a body builder with huge muscles. He easily tossed Quinn and the other off of him. Just as he started to run at them, Autumn yells "Throw the switch!!". Quinn2 activates the Slidewave and in a flash he and Arturo2 disappear as the Slidewave covers the
base and soon the world, taking all of the last humans of this earth to another one. The Protean, realizing his mission had failed, said "They may have escaped, but you won't. You will die with me here!" He then grabs Autumn by the throat and starts to
strangle her. Quinn grabs a hammer and screams "NO!!!" and whacks the Protean in the back of the  head with all his strength, knocking him to his knees and releasing Autumn. "Run!" says Quinn and the fourof them run out of the lab. As they run down the corridors, they can hear the Protean gaining on them. "Quinn! How much time left?!" said Autumn. Quinn pulls out the timer and says "20 seconds!". They run a little more, then Quinn stops them, activates the timer and the green wormhole appeared. "GO! GO! GO!" screams Quinn and the top of his lungs. Mary and Bennish jump in, andjust as Autumn prepares to follow, the Protean rounds the corner and heads right for them, still in the shape of the Arnold look-alike. "SLIDE!" Quinn screams, as he grabs Autumn and jumps into the wormhole with her. The Protean tries to jump in after them, but the wormhole closes just a half a second before he can enter it…..

A few hours later, on the next world. Quinn was sitting alone on a park bench in Golden Gate Park, when Autumn came up and sat down next to him. "How much time left?" he asks. Autumn pulls out the timer and replies "About an hour, Bennish and Mary are still in the circus, and having a good time. They said they would meet us at the Lincoln statue before the slide. "Good, they deserve to have some fun after what we went through on the last world." Autumn then said "Quinn…I'm very grateful of how you…practically saved me from that thing. For a minute there I thought we were all going to die….". Quinn turned to
her, and said "I would have done that for any of my friends, Bennish, Mary, Remmy, the Professor...Wade......I know that...I have not been the easiest person to be sliding with since we started and...even though you are not my sister........I.... I'm starting to feel like that you....are." Autumn was on the verge of tears, she reached over and hugged Quinn. "Thanks Quinn!...that means a lot to me to hear that." Quinn returned the hug, and for the first time in awhile, he felt a little happy.

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