-"DAMN IT!"  The scream rang out through the Mallory home.   Soon, more screams were heard, followed by the sound of   objects hitting the ground.   Amanda Mallory quickly grabbed  the phone and dialed, "Mary.  You and Conrad had better get over here quick.  Quinn's started again."  Amanda heard footsteps behind her.  She turned around to see Quinn.  He looked as if he was in pain.  He was unshaven, as matter of fact it appeared as if  he hadn't shaved in two months, and   he was  wearing glasses.  His clothes were  wrinkled and it was  not known when the last time he changed clothes was.  "Quinn?"  his mother said.  Quinn fell into her arms and began to cry, "I'm . . . never . . .  going . . .  to . . . find . . .her!"
What if you found a portal to a parallel universe?  What if you could slide into a thousand different dimensions where it's the same year and you're the same person, but everything else is different? What if that portal took everything you've ever held dear? And what if the nightmare never  ends?
Jerry O'Connell as Quinn Mallory
Sabrina Lloyd as Wade Mallory
Cleavant Derricks as Rembrandt Brown
John Rhys-Davies as Maximillian Arturo
Jason Gaffney as Conrad Bennish Jr.
Una Damon as Mary
Katie Holmes as Autumn Mallory
"New Beginnings"
-Mary and Bennish walked through the door of the Mallory home.  Amanda Mallory was waiting for them.  "Thank you both for coming."  Bennish replied, "We know how hard this has been for Quinn.  We want to help.  If we can." Amanda spoke, "He's in the basement."

-Mary and Bennish walked down the steps to the basement.  Quinn was standing in front of a blackboard.  He had a piece of chalk in his hand and he was staring at the blackboard.  The basement was still ransacked.  The Draconians had done quite a number to it.  They destroyed everything that even remotely related to sliding  and Quinn had been so wrapped up in his work he'd never bothered to clean up.  "Quinn," Mary said.  Quinn turned his head and spoke, "Go away."  Bennish replied, "We're here to help, man."  "Help?  How can you two possibly help me?" Quinn was becoming agitated, "Can you solve this equation?  The basic principle behind sliding.   I can't even begin to consider rebuilding the equipment without it.  Oh sure, last time it was by fluke, I thought I was building an anti-gravity machine, but instead I built a sliding machine, but I can't remember how I did it!  Can you?  Mary, do you remember the equation?"  Mary tried not to look Quinn in the face.  She and Bennish had been through this exact same scene with Quinn several times since Wade, Rembrandt and Arturo had been abducted.  Quinn knew what she was going to say and she knew what would follow.  "No Quinn.  I do not."    Quinn looked to Bennish and spoke, "Isn't it odd that Mary was raised by Kromaggs, lived with Kromaggs and knew the inner workings of every Kromagg device they had, yet she can't remember the simple equation for sliding, or anything else about kromagg tech for that matter."    Bennish replied, "Do you remember the equation, Quinn?"  Quinn's face contorted and he screamed, "Get the hell out of my basement!  I don't need you!  I can do this myself!" "C'mon, Mary."  Bennish and Mary left the basement.  Quinn looked to the blackboard again.  It should be so simple.  He knew he had the answer.  It was locked away somewhere in his brain, it had to be."  The frustration was too much.  Quinn kicked the blackboard over.  He picked up a few things and threw them into the wall.  It was suppose to make him feel better.  It didn't.   Quinn sank down into the corner and began to cry. One word escaped his lips, "Wade."

-Amanda Mallory turned to Bennish and Mary.  "The same as always?"  Bennish nodded his head.  "I wish he wouldn't push the two of you away.  You're all he has now."  "I understand where he's coming from.  It is odd that suddenly I've lost every memory pertaining to Kromagg tech.  It's almost as if it was a fail-safe installed in my mind in case I ever betrayed the Kromaggs."  "That is a possibility, honey.  I only wish I paid more attention to Quinn's notes when I built my timer.  I should have learned what I was doing, instead of being in such a hurry to get the timer built and go searching for Quinn and the others.  I  just never assumed the equipment would be destroyed.  I always assumed once everything was taken care of that Quinn would show me the inner workings, but look at him now."  Amanda spoke, "You couldn't have known.  None of us did.  We had no idea how everything would turn out."

-Quinn pulled himself out of the corner.  He had work to do.  He picked the blackboard up off of the ground.  He jotted a few equations down on the board and once again stopped.  Except this time it wasn't because he couldn't remember the next part, it was because he heard a familiar sound.  The sound of a wormhole opening.  His mind raced with thoughts.  Maybe they'd escaped.  Maybe Arturo had been able to build a timer and they were coming home.  A greenish wormhole opened  and a dark haired young woman was thrown from it.  The wormhole closed and the young woman arose from the ground.  She saw Quinn and ran to him.  She threw her arms around him and spoke, "I made it back Quinn!  I'm home!  Finally I'm home!"  Quinn slowly pushed her away.  He looked at her , she couldn't have been more than 20.  She seemed familiar somehow, but he had no idea who she was.  "Who are you?"  She stepped back.  "Quinn, it's me Autumn.  Your sister.  Stop playing."  She was becoming hysterical.  "I mean I'm home, right?"  She looked around at the basement and spoke, "I'm not home."  Quinn knew he should comfort her.  She was a nomad, lost like he had been for so long.  He had so much pain inside of him, though, that he couldn't.  He saw what she was holding in her right hand and spoke, "Is that your timer?"  Autumn regained her composure and replied, "Yes.  You know about sliding?"    "I was a slider."  "Maybe you can help me.  Maybe you can get me home."  Quinn's mind began to race.  Here was his chance.  Autumn had a timer.  He could use it to find the others.  "Autumn, how long do you have here?"  Autumn looked down at her timer and spoke, "Only about five minutes."  Quinn replied, "Not a lot of time so listen closely."

-"I think we should check on him one more time before we leave.  Maybe he's calmed down," Mary said.  Bennish agreed and the two walked down to the basement.   They saw Quinn jumping into a green vortex.  "Quinn!" Bennish screamed.  Mary looked at Bennish and spoke, "He'll need us."  Bennish replied, "Let's go."  the two jumped into the vortex.  Amanda Mallory walked down into the basement.  She saw the green vortex close.  "Be careful Quinn."

-Earth-Alpha, The homeworld of The Draconian Empire.  Wade Mallory, Rembrandt Brown and Maximillian Arturo  sit helplessly in their cage.  For two months they have been watched by the Draconians in hope to better understand the human race.  They hear a loud scream as a prisoner is shoved into the cage across from theirs.  The prisoner was about 6'1" with pale skin, pointed ears and solid black eyes.  The Draconian soldier screamed at him, "Hope you like your new cell. "  The Draconian soldier left and Wade noticed how beaten the other prisoner looked.  He looked up at the sliders and spoke, "Wade Mallory, Rembrandt Brown and Maximillian Arturo, I presume."  "How-" Wade wad interrupted.  "Do I know you?" the prisoner finished  Wade's sentence.  "Not exactly. I've heard of you.  My name is Nimbus Da'Trall and I think I may be able to help you."

The Adventure Continues!

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