Episode-8: "If It Was All Just A Dream"

                 -Quinn wakes up in his room at his house and immediately wonders
                 where the others are and how he got here. His mother yells to him
                 that he'll be late for school if he doesn't leave soon. Paying no mind to
                 her he leaves and begins looking for the others. He soon encounters
                 Wade and asks where the others are. She looks at him strangely and
                 relies,"Who are Bennish and Rembrandt?" Quinn immediately thinks
                 this is Wade's double and tries to change the conversation, but she
                 persists, "Let me guess, you think we're "sliders" who travel to other
                 dimensions." Quinn looks at her strangely and speaks, "Stop playing
                 games with me Wade. What's going on?" "Look Quinn, I know
                 ever since that little "sliding" experiment you tried to show me and
                 Professor Arturo failed that you've been believing these delusions
                 that we actually did "Slide" and become lost for years. Heck, I even
                 don't mind the fact that almost every week like clockwork we have
                 this same conversation. 'Wade, where's the timer and the others. If
                 we don't find them we'll be trapped here for 29.7 years.' You know
                 that I'm here for you, after all we're buds. As your friend I'm telling
                 you, we never slid, you are home." Quinn turned and walked away,
                 she had to be lying.

                 -Quinn turned a corner and saw Rembrandt. "Remmy!" Rembrandt
                 turned his head away from Quinn. "Remmy, what is it?" Rembrandt
                 replied, "Great, it's you again. I've told you before kid, leave me
                 alone! I don't need no psycho nutcase following me around trying to
                 tell me he's from some other dimension where he knows me. I'm
                 telling you for the last time to stay away from me!" Quinn backed
                 away uneasily. Once again his friends acted as if he were insane.
                 Could it be true? Was everything he believed a lie? That couldn't be

                 -Quinn began to return to his home. The thoughts swirling in his mind
                 were too much for any man to bare. Conrad Bennish Jr. walked
                 passed Quinn and spoke,"How's Mallory's Folly, dude. Done any
                 "sliding" lately." Quinn ignored him and kept on walking.

                 -He walked into the basement and threw the switch to the sliding
                 equipment. It sputtered and sparked and then began to smoke. Quinn
                 placed his head in his hands. It was true, none of it had ever
                 happened. Nothing but delusions in his mind. He turned to the
                 blackboard and saw the equation on the board. He looked it over
                 and noticed it was wrong. In that moment it clicked. Quinn ran from
                 the house into the street. He caught a cab (driven by Pavel the cab
                 driver of course) and gave his destination. Ten minutes later he was
                 where he needed to be. he walked through the front doors of the
                 hotel and was immediately greeted by Wade, Remmy and Bennish.
                 "Where have you been, we lost track of you last night. You just
                 disappeared," Wade said. Remmy spoke,"You almost missed the slide
                 Q-Ball." "It's a long, weird story you guys. I'll tell you on the next
                 world." Bennish raised the timer and opened the vortex. the four
                 figures jumped in ready to slide to the next world.

                 -In a dark, foggy place, three ape-like figures sat in thrones against a
                 wall. A young woman named Mary turned to them and spoke, "Does
                 he pass the test?" The center figure spoke,"Yes. This Quinn Mallory
                 will do. I just hope he is up to the challenge, or the multiverse will be
                 destroyed." The three figures are finally revealed as Invasion-style
                 Kromaggs, as the solemn looks upon their faces are shown. Fade to
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