Episode-7: "Cryin"

                 -Rembrandt Brown stared into the sky and pondered the many
                 thoughts racing through his mind. For so long all he had wanted was
                 to entertain people. To be a star. To once again here the cheers of
                 adjuration that had once been his. Wade placed her hand on Remmy's
                 shoulder and spoke, "It's time to slide. Are you ready?" "Yeah, let's
                 go." Quinn raised the timer and the vortex appeared. The four figures
                 jumped into it and it vanished.

                 -The wormhole opened and the four figures were thrown from it.
                 Bennish landed right on top of Rembrandt. "Will you get off of me."
                 "Sorry bro," Bennish replied as he raised himself up. Remmy sighed
                 and spoke,"How long are we here?" Quinn replied,"Three and a half
                 weeks." "Good. You guys go on to the hotel. I need some time to
                 myself." "Are you sure, Remmy?" Wade asked. "Yeah darlin, I just
                 need to do some thinking, that's all."

                 -Rembrandt walked along the streets of San Francisco and came to a
                 music store. He went inside and looked through the selection. Sure
                 enough, there was his album. It seemed that on this world his career
                 had gone exactly the same. He was about to leave when he heard a
                 voice. "Cryin Man, is that you?" Remmy turned to see Maurice from
                 the Spinning Topps. "Maurice, how are you?" Rembrandt couldn't
                 help but think about the world where Maurice had abducted him and
                 held him hostage, hopefully this Maurice wasn't psychotic. "I'm doing
                 great. When did you move back to San Francisco? Last I'd heard
                 you and Danielle had moved to Seattle." "Well," Remmy thought to
                 himself,"At least on this world I got to be with Danielle." "I'm just here
                 visiting actually. Danielle stayed home. Just wanted to visit the old
                 hometown." "Remmy I hate to be forward, but me and the rest of the
                 Topps have been thinking about a reunion. We were invited to do a
                 show featuring alot of bands from back then, and well, it wouldn't be
                 the same without you." "Really," Rembrandt replied. "Yeah, what do
                 you say?" Rembrandt didn't even need to think about it, with the state
                 of mind he'd been in of late it was just what he needed. "Maurice, if
                 the Topps want me, the Topps have got me."

                 -Remmy returned to the hotel and told the others. HE was overjoyed.
                 The show was the night before the slide so there was no problem,
                 now all that remained was the practices. The group immediately
                 clicked. Rembrandt began to wonder why he had ever left the Topps.
                 Maybe their doubles were easier to get along with, or maybe he
                 hadn't wanted a solo career so bad that he was unwilling to realize
                 how well they all worked together. They began to compose some
                 new songs to do. Rembrandt composed a song that included all the
                 emotions he had experienced in the last few years and the band loved
                 it. It was called "Cryin."

                 -The night of the performance came. The Topps stepped onto the
                 stage and the crowd went wild. They started off with "Cry Like A
                 Man" and did a few of the other old hits. AS they prepared to finish
                 their set, they broke into "Cryin", and the crowd went nuts. Rembrandt
                 sang his heart and soul out and they loved him for it. After the show
                 was over the Topps approached Remmy about getting back together
                 for a tour. He told them to call him in Seattle in a few days and he let
                 them know something. He knew if his double saw the show, he'd
                 probably be wondering what was going on and might agree to the

                 -The next morning Rembrandt awoke to the sound of the live version
                 of "Cryin" being played on the radio. HE knew then that he still had it
                 and one day he would hear the roar of the crowd on his homeworld

                 -"Feeling better Remmy?" Wade asked. "Never better darlin. I feel
                 like I could take on the whole world now." "It's time," Quinn said. He
                 opened the vortex and jumped in, Wade and Bennish followed.
                 Remmy pulled a tape put of his pocket. It was a recording he and the
                 Topps had made of "Cryin". He placed it back in his pocket. Maybe,
                 when he got back home he'd look up Maurice and the guys and they
                 could record it there. With this thought he jumped into the wormhole,
                 ready for the next world.
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