sliders: earth 374

                 Episode-6: "Well, That Explains It"

                 -On an uneventful world, Wade and Quinn begin to discuss why he
                 didn't try to find her right away and why his behavior changed so
                 drastically after their first run-in with the Kromaggs. Quinn tells Wade
                 the best way to explain all of it will be to tell her about the world he,
                 Remmy, Colin and Maggie slid to before they slid back to Earth
                 Prime and found her. The scene fades.

                 -Quinn comes flying out of the wormhole followed by Colin, Maggie
                 and finally Rembrandt. They pick themselves up off of the ground and
                 Maggie asks how long they are on this world. Quinn replies,"A little
                 more than a month." They decide to get a room at the Chandler and
                 settle in. On their way Quinn decides to stop in a store and grab
                 something to eat. He tells the others to wait outside. As he is about to
                 walk up to the counter he notices that the man standing at the counter
                 is holding a gun to the cashier's chest. Quinn walks closer and the man
                 turns the gun on him. He tries to talk the guy out of it, but he won't
                 listen. Quinn takes a step forward and the man fires the gun at him.
                 Quinn falls to the ground and the man runs right into the others who
                 have heard the gunshot and ran into the store. Blood is flowing from
                 Quinn's head and the others are freaking out. An ambulance arrives
                 and they take Quinn to a hospital.

                 -It is days later and a disheveled trio of sliders talk with the doctor
                 covering Quinn's case. The bullet only grazed his skull, but they have
                 found something strange on his x-rays. It could be a brain tumor and
                 they want to operate. Remmy and Maggie agree, but Colin is
                 somewhat hesitant. Regardless, the surgery goes on.

                 -While the doctor is operating on Quinn's skull, he finds what was on
                 the x-rays. It is a small metal device that had seemingly attached itself
                 to Quinn's brain. Little does he realize this is the tracking device the
                 Kromaggs planted on Quinn a few years ago. He finishes the surgery
                 and afterwards shows the device to the other sliders. Remmy
                 immediately knows what it is but says nothing. The doctor tells them
                 that Quinn should be awake in a few hours.

                 -It is the next day and Remmy is the first into Quinn's room. He finds
                 Quinn sitting in his bed crying. "Q-Ball, are you okay?" Quinn looks
                 up with the tears still rolling down his face. "We have to get her back
                 Remmy. We have to find her." Rembrandt looks at Quinn and
                 speaks, "Find who?" "Wade. I can't believe I let them just take her. I
                 haven't even tried to find her! I've been so concerned with finding "my
                 homeworld" when if I'd used my brain I would have realized two
                 things. First, that couldn't have been Earth Prime you and Wade slid
                 back to. You landed in L.A. If it was Earth Prime, you would have
                 landed right outside my house. And secondly, how can we ever reach
                 the "homeworld" if I reactivated the slidecage. That means no one can
                 reach the "homeworld", why didn't I figure that out! What is wrong
                 with me!" The tears swelling in Quinn's eyes were almost too much for
                 Rembrandt to bare. He hadn't seen Quinn like this ever. "Q-Ball, it
                 was the Maggs. They put something in your head. Some kind of
                 tracking device/mind control thing. Probably happened that first time
                 we ran into them." Quinn became angry. "You understand what this
                 means. They've been tracking me all along. They wanted me to lead
                 them to the homeworld." "Well, the device has been destroyed."
                 Quinn replied,"It doesn't matter. I don't care about finding it. We are
                 going to find Wade and bring her home. And I'm never letting her go
                 afterwards." Remmy was shocked. This was the way Quinn had been
                 when he first met him through their first few years of sliding. He was
                 back and Remmy couldn't help but smile.

                 -As the month began to pass, Quinn was released from the hospital.
                 Colin had grown upset with Quinn's decision to find Wade instead of
                 their homeworld (which Quinn now referred to as Colin's homeworld,
                 because he knew it wasn't his). Even after Quinn explained the
                 situation with the slidecage, Colin was still unhappy about it. Maggie
                 also wasn't crazy about the idea. She really didn't care for this Quinn
                 who now stood before her. He wasn't the man she had come to know
                 in the last year and a half. At that thought Remmy could only smile.

                 -The scene returns to Quinn and Wade. "So it was the tracking
                 device that screwed with your behavior?" "I think so. The doctor said
                 it acted just like a brain tumor. It cut off certain parts of my brain.
                 That's why I was so cold to you and Remmy for so long. I wasn't
                 myself. And the rest is history. We slid to Earth Prime after that,
                 found you there, discovered Colin was working with the Maggs and
                 lost Maggie." "Well, it's nice to have you back Quinn Mallory."
                 Remmy and Bennish appeared behind them and Bennish spoke,"It's
                 time guys." The vortex opened and Remmy jumped in first followed by
                 Bennish. Quinn grabbed Wade's hand and the two jumped. A new
                 world awaited them.

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