sliders: earth 374

                 Episode-5: "The Burden of Truth"

                 -The scene opens with Wade sitting on the front porch of Quinn's
                 house. She is writing in her diary and through it we learn that the
                 sliders have been on this world for almost a month, and that Quinn's
                 mother's double graciously allowed the sliders to stay at her home.
                 Quinn has been making adjustment after adjustment to the timer in
                 hopes to locate Azure Gate Bridge World. Remmy and Bennish are in
                 the living room watching tv and fighting over who gets control of the
                 remote. Wade notes how kind Quinn's mother is being to the sliders
                 and how she hardly ever mentions her own son(who everyone
                 assumes is also a slider who is lost).

                 -Later on, After all of the sliders are asleep, Wade hears Quinn's
                 mother's voice. She creeps out of the room and notices Quinn's
                 mother talking to someone. She gets a closer look and notices it's
                 Colin Mallory! She overhears Colin tell Mrs. Mallory that the time is
                 almost right to strike. And that these sliders will pay for murdering her

                 -Wade immediately runs to Quinn's room and tells him this. They
                 decided to get Remmy and Bennish and sneak out. As they reach the
                 door, Colin and Mrs. Mallory are there to greet them. Wade asks just
                 how they could have murder Mrs. Mallory's Quinn. Seeing as how
                 they had never been to this world before. She replies by telling them
                 that when her Quinn's father died, that a friend of his named "Jim"
                 showed up and taught Quinn had to defend himself. Shortly after
                 Quinn's first fight at school, "Jim" disappeared. Without him around,
                 Quinn had no one else to talk to. He got into fight after fight, and the
                 older he got, the more of an attitude he developed. Oh, he had his
                 love of science still, Jim had insured that, but he didn't know when to
                 just turn around and walk away. When he was nineteen, he was on a
                 date with Daelin Richards. Some guy made a remark and Quinn
                 blew up. He laid the guy out in one punch. But the guy pulled a gun
                 and gunned Quinn down. For a long time I blamed "Jim," until I
                 spoke to one of Quinn's elementary school teachers who told me that
                 she had seen "Jim" leap into a strange swirling vortex. He had told her
                 his name wasn't Jim. The vortex made it all fit together. "Jim" had
                 been a slider. And he was a Quinn Mallory. Colin arrived at my door
                 one day and told me you were here and I knew I needed my

                 -Remmy spoke up,"That's impossible. That happened years ago for
                 you, and it happened to us on a world where time moved slower. So
                 it couldn't have been." Quinn interrupted,"It was." "What are you
                 talking about Q-Ball?" Bennish interrupted,"Okay, like that world is
                 connected to this world. Everything that happened on that world
                 happened on this world, only it's happening at different times." Quinn's
                 head fell into his lap and Wade grabbed him. A beep was heard
                 emanating from Colin. HE pulled out his timer and opened a
                 wormhole. "I hope you all are ready to pay a visit to a Kromagg
                 prison camp and Wade, I hope you're ready to go back to the
                 breeding camps, I for one can't wait." With those words Quinn
                 jumped up and shoved Colin into the wormhole and it collapsed.

                 -Quinn's mother pulled a gun on him and began screaming at him. She
                 tried to shoot him but she couldn't. He looked exactly like her son.
                 She dropped to the ground and began to cry. Quinn wanted to
                 comfort her, but Wade pulled him away. The four sliders left the
                 Mallory house and opened a wormhole. On the next world Wade sat
                 next to Quinn on a park bench. She spoke,"Are you going to be
                 okay?" "I don't think so. She was right. I murdered her son. I tried to
                 make sure he didn't go through what I went through and he ended up
                 dead." "Quinn, listen to me. That's one world out of a thousand where
                 he died. On another he probably became governor of California. You
                 did what you thought you had to." "I just don't know, Wade. I just
                 don't know." Wade grabs Quinn and holds him close. The last thing
                 we see are the tears trickling down Quinn's face.
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