sliders: earth 374

                 Episode-3: "Turn Left At the Fork In The Road"

                 -The four sliders land on a world where Quinn Mallory actually
                 invented an anti-gravity machine. Flying cars are commonplace, and
                 the sliders double's lives have taken very different paths. Quinn is
                 filthy rich due to the patent on anti-gravity and that world's Bennish is
                 is research partner. Quinn is married to a Daelinn Richards who never
                 moved away. Rembrandt made it to the stadium to sing the national
                 anthem and the "Crying Man's" career took off again. Remmy is
                 hounded by fans and he's loving it. The sliders remark that this is the
                 happiest they've seen him since the whole Kromagg affair. Wade's
                 double is still slaving away at Computer Hell (Doppler Computers)
                 putting up with Hurley's attitude. The sad thing is the Arturo of this
                 world has been trying for years to perfect sliding and has become the
                 laughing stock of the scientific community. While our Quinn tries to
                 help this Arturo perfect sliding (and regain his confidence and respect
                 of the scientific community), Remmy slips in nicely to the shoes of his
                 double. Bennish runs into his double and is shocked to see that he's
                 SOLD OUT! (short hair, clean shaven, 3 piece suit). He attempts to
                 discover how this could have happened and his double tells him,
                 "When you make as much money as I do, you have to look the part."
                 Furious, Bennish runs off to help Quinn and Arturo. Wade wanders
                 into Doppler Computers and is immediately met by Hurley who
                 begins to treat her as his lowly employee. Wade tears into Hurley and
                 he fires her (thinking she is her double). Wade encounters her double
                 and discovers that this Wade never gained the courage to stand up for
                 herself. She gives her a heart to heart to try to help her out. Wade's
                 double then introduces her to her fiancé Ryan (Yep, it's the same guy
                 from Luck of the Draw). Meanwhile, Quinn and Bennish have helped
                 Arturo perfect his sliding machine and timer. He asks them to go for a
                 slide with him, but they tell him that they have to met the others to
                 slide out in a few hours and don't want to risk it. Arturo then invites
                 several members of the scientific community over to join him on his
                 first slide. Our sliders reunite and Remmy says he hates to leave this
                 world, but he knows if he made it big here, then once they find their
                 Arturo, he can make it big back on Earth Prime. The four slide out.
                 But later at the home of that world's Quinn Mallory, a news bulletin
                 reveals Arturo's discovery of sliding. The news anchor says that this is
                 probably an even bigger development for mankind then Quinn
                 Mallory's invention of anti-gravity. To that, that Quinn replies,"Sliding.
                 I should have thought of that."

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