Episode-24: "The Day Before"

-Quinn Mallory  rolled over in his bed.  He hadn't slept well the night before.  He couldn't get his mind off of the fact that Logan was alive.  Worse yet, she hadn't killed him.  She was going to, but when he came to she was gone.  The only explanation was she was toying with him.  As far as he knew, she'd vortex in at the wedding and gun  everyone close to him down.  The thought made Quinn shiver.

-Rembrandt, Arturo and Bennish were at a coffee shop downtown.  The three had decided to meet to make sure all of the plans for Quinn's bachelor party had been taken care of.  " I swear Mr. Brown, this bachelor party has become such a serious undertaking."    "Easy Professor, our boy Quinn only gets married once.  And besides,  after what happened to him with Logan the other day he needs this."   Bennish responded, "Guys?  Did you get the stripper?"  "Mr. Bennish, do you honestly believe that on the night before Quinn marries the one true love of his life that he would want to see some woman parade around in the nude?"  "I took care of it," Rembrandt replied.  Arturo gave Rembrandt a very strange look.  "She was recommend to me by Arnie.  She was the stripper  at his brother-in-law's bachelor party.  He gave me her number, I gave her the address.    She calls herself Magenta."  "Mr. Brown!  I am appalled!"  " Ease up Max!  Wade's got one at hers too.  It's no biggie."  Bennish tried to play peacemaker.  "What's the deal Prof.?"  "Painful memories Mr. Brown.  Of my own bachelor party.  A disaster indeed!  I was  handcuffed to the stripper. And the imbecile who was my best man lost the key!  Blistering idiot!  Fortunately, I was able to find a locksmith before the wedding and my wife-to-be was none the wiser of my situation."  Remmy and Bennish were both laughing hysterically.  Arturo's face grew red with anger and suddenly he burst into laughter as well.  "You know, now that I think about it, it was quite humorous!"

-Wade Welles was becoming impatient.  The days weren't passing quickly enough.  She had this almost ominous feeling that something would happen, something would ruin hers and Quinn's chances of getting married.  Now, with what Quinn had told her about Logan, her fears were growing a little bit more each day.  She had to see him.  She had to get him to put her mind at ease.  They were getting married tomorrow.  Nothing would stop that.

-Quinn opened  the door and Wade jumped into his arms.  the two kissed and he spoke, "What was that for?"  'For just being here."  The two held each other for long moments until Wade spoke, "Quinn I'm scared."  "Of getting married?  I'm a little nervous but there's nothing to be afraid of ."  "No Quinn, not of getting married.  I'm afraid something will happen.  That some vortex will open and sweep all of us up into it and we'll be lost again, or worse yet it'll open and take you and leave me behind.  Or that some crazed race will decide to conquer the earth on our wedding day or . . ."  Quinn interrupted her, "my double from an evil universe will kidnap me and take my place at the wedding."  Wade tried to laugh but couldn't.  "Exactly Quinn.  Any of those things could happen.  We were sliders for five  years.  We saw the impossible become reality."  "And you seem to forget that on more than half of those worlds we landed on we were together.  So I think that means that it's more than time for us to be together here.  I think all of the multiverse's problems can stop for one day."  Wade smiled.  his words had eased her mind.  She hugged Quinn's neck, "I love you Quinn."  "I love you too, Wade.  It'll all work out, I promise."

-The scene cuts to Wade, Mary, Kelly, Quinn's mother, Wade's mother and an assortment of other young women all in a party type environment, with all eyes on the dancing guy in the lab coat (let's just say Kelly wanted the stripping scientist for her little sis).    All members of the party seem happy.  Little do they realize eyes that are not human are watching there every move.

-Rembrandt handed Quinn another beer.  He looked around at the people who were at his bachelor party.  Wing had made it and Remmy had even tracked down Pavel the cab driver and convinced him to come (strangely enough, Pavel recognized them, must have been an infinite number of sliders have come through Earth Prime in the last year).  Bennish and Arturo were slightly drunk.  They kept screaming at each other.  "No, the correct equation is E=TMAS!"  Bennish screamed in rebuttal, "No way, it's E=SMAT!"  Evil glares were exchanged and the two embraced in a great big hug.  "I love you Bennish!"  "I love you Maxie!"  Quinn couldn't help but laugh.  A cake was wheeled in and Quinn knew what was coming.  he had specifically asked for remmy not to get a stripper, but he knew he wouldn't listen.  The cake pop open and a scantily clad woman  whose face is hidden appears.  She jumps down from the cake and removes her veil.  Quinn and Remmy both speak in unison, "Maggie?"  The two head for the door as quickly as possible.  Maggie, the stripper, turns to Arturo and Bennish and speaks, "Those two look like they just saw a ghost."

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