sliders: earth 374

Episode-23: "The Calm Before The Storm pt.2"

-The basement of the Mallory home, Quinn, Wade, Rembrandt, Bennish and Mary sat as Laura Clifton began to tell her tale.  Quinn had decided to call the others in on this.  Not really being sure what she needed, but he was sure that if worse came to worse he wanted his friends by his side.

-"My name is Laura Clifton, I'm a slider."  "This isn't a Sliders Anonymous meeting, so please tell us why you are here," Rembrandt said.    "Very well, Mr. Brown.  I was Quinn's lab assistant on my world.  There was an accident.  We opened a rift between worlds.  It resulted in the invasion of our world by the Kromaggs.  I grabbed the timer and escaped, but Quinn was captured.  I encountered your sliding signature and tracked it to this world.  I've heard many things about you all.  How many worlds you've helped.  Please help my world be freed from the Kromaggs."

-Quinn and the others tried not to laugh.  Laura was becoming agitated, "What is it?"  Quinn spoke, "Laura, there are no more Kromaggs.  They've all been destroyed."  Laura became angrier, "You lie!  I've seen them.  They've destroyed my world!"  Rembrandt spoke, "He's telling you the truth.  The Maggs are gone.  We saw it with our own eyes."  "Laura how long ago did you leave your world?" Wade asked.  "Almost six months ago."  "That was right before the whole 'Kromagg Agenda.'  She wouldn't have known."  Laura became quiet.  she looked at the others and spoke, "You mean they're gone.  I can go home?"  "Yes," Quinn replied.    "There's only one problem, my timer's pretty messed up I was wondering if you might take a look at it."  "Sure."

-Quinn and Laura were sitting over the timer.  He   pried the back off of it and Laura began to wander around the basement.    The others had scattered.  Wade had gone upstairs to fix Quinn some food ( knowing full well once he started working on this timer he wouldn't stop until he was finished).  Rembrandt had taken  Bennish and Mary out on the town and Arturo was sitting in the corner of the basement examining some of Quinn's papers.

-Laura moved close to the sliding equipment and placed a small device on the side of it.  Quinn began to speak, "This tech is real familiar.  It's not mine but I've seen it before."  "Really, "Laura replied.    "Yeah, especially this . . ."  Laura finished his sentence, "geographic stabilizer.  Right down to the . . ."  Quinn finished the sentence, "small char marks from the time the timer nearly burned up."  Quinn's eyes lit up, "Logan."  "In the flesh, Quinn.  Albeit completely new flesh.  All new on the outside, same old Logan St. Claire on the inside."  Arturo jumped up from the desk, "Good heavens!  Quinn is this the woman you told me about?"  "Ah, stuff it Maxie,"  Logan pulled a strange looking device from her pocket and pointed it at Arturo.  Blue lighting shot out of it and struck Arturo.  he collapsed.  "Professor!' Quinn screamed.  "Don't worry Quinn, he's not dead.  Just resting."  "Quinn, honey, what's going on down here . . ."  Wade walked into the basement   and immediately was struck by the same weapon that leveled Arturo.  "You can't be Logan, it isn't possible.  you're suppose to be . . . "  Logan finished his sentence, "dead."

-"That was your little plan wasn't it Quinn.  Put some random coordinates into my timer and figure that I'll burn up on reentry because I don't have the right coordinates?  It almost worked.  The bullet struck me as soon as I entered the vortex and suddenly my body began to burn.  I thought I was dying Quinn, and all I could do was curse your name and damn you for all time. I'm not exactly sure what happened next.  I blacked out from the pain.  I thought I was dead.  I woke up in a hospital.  I was wrapped in bandages.  The doctor informed me I had appeared in the middle of a dinner.  my body almost burned beyond recognition.  But here was the lucky part.  It seems that "random" world you picked to strand me on was incredibly advanced.  Although I was near death, they were able to heal me.  The only problem was, I had no means of identification, no pictures, nothing.  they had no clue what I was suppose to look like, so the doctor picked this nice little number for me.  it wasn't long after my release that I was able to slide off that world.  I've been looking for you.  It got a little rough there for a while, I mean you did switch timers twice, and if it wasn't for your "brother" Colin, i might not have found you."

-Quinn's mind was reeling.  Logan survived.  The decision he had made hadn't saved him or his friends.  'What to do with you now?  Oh, I know.  this little device I placed on the sliding equipment scrambles your entry.  You'll burn just like I did, only you won't land on the world I landed on.  You'll be dead.  To make it a little more fun, I think I'll blast you with my little ray gun here, knock you out for about forty seconds and when you wake up you'll be burning to a crisp!"  Logan shot Quinn with the  ray and he passed out.  She picked up her timer, put the back cover back on it and began to move Quinn's body close to the sliding machine.  She walked over to the controls.  behind Logan, a strange distortion begins to appear and before she can throw the switch, she  is grabbed by a pair of green hands  and pulled into the distortion.

-Quinn awoke on the basement floor.  He looked around for Logan, but did not see her or her timer.  He walked to the sliding equipment and pulled off the small device that Logan  had planted on it.  He smashed it under his shoe.  Arturo and Wade began to regain consciousness.  "Quinn, where's Logan?" Arturo asked.  "Logan?" Wade was puzzled.  "She's gone Professor.  And I don't think we'll ever be safe again."  Wade face showed puzzlement not understanding the situation as the screen fades to black.

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