sliders: earth 374

Episode-22: "The Calm Before The Storm pt.1"

-Quinn Mallory rolled over in his bed.  "My bed," he thought to himself.  How strange it was to finally be sleeping in his own bed, in "his" room, in "his" house.  After five years of sliding randomly from parallel world to world, he was finally home and he was free.  Finally he was free to pursue his dreams.  To perfect the sliding machine, to spend time with his mother and most of all he was finally free to marry Wade.  All those years while they slid, he tried so hard to bury his feelings for her.  He believed that trying to have a relationship while sliding from world to world was no way for her to have to live, so he pushed his feelings deep down inside of himself and hid them as best as he could.  That was until he lost her to those damned Kromaggs, after that he knew he could no longer deny what he felt.  That was all in the past, now, in the present, the two were engaged and soon to be married and Quinn could only smile at the thought of it.

-Wade Welles and her sister, Kelly, were standing in the bridal shop.  That had spent the last hour trying to find the perfect dress for Wade and Quinn's wedding, but nothing seemed right.  Kelly spoke, 'Why don't we just borrow the timer from Quinn and go shopping in a parallel universe?"  Wade tried to laugh but couldn't.  Even though kelly had probably only been joking, Wade didn't want to risk leaving Earth Prime for anything, at least not until after the wedding.  So much had happened in the past to keep this from happening and she wasn't willing to even risk the chance that she might become lost again or be abducted by some crazed  villainous race.  Simply put, no sliding ever again for Wade Welles, now Wade Mallory that was a different story.  Maybe she could talk Quinn into taking their honeymoon on Beach World.  Now there was a good idea.  Little did Wade realize that she was being watched, by the shop clerk that is.  "Miss Welles, I think I may have the dress for you."  The clerk took  Wade and Kelly into the back and showed them a very simple, yet  in it's own way quite stunning, wedding gown.  "What do you think, Wade?" Kelly asked.  "I love it!"

-"Cry Like a Man,  Alesha,  These Tears are for My Friends, Cryin' and San Francisco Blues I love Remmy, but why would you want to put 'Tears in my Fro" on this new album?" Artie asked.  Remmy cracked a smile,"Regardless of how ridiculous the title is, Artie, it's something I want on this album.  Trust me, people will like it.  Look, I'm not asking you to make it the first single, I want that to be "Cryin' " I just want it on the album, that's all Artie."  "Okay Remmy, you're the boss.  If you think 'Tears In My Fro" is a hit, fine we'll put it on the album. By the way, we might be able to get you on the John Wilson morning show on the 15."  "No can do, Artie.   I got a wedding to be in."  'But Remmy, think of the exposure."  "Sorry Artie, I'd turn down an invitation to meet the Pope to be at this wedding.  these two belong together and nothing's making me miss this."

-Conrad Bennish Jr. had done the unthinkable.  He'd let Mary move in with him.  Why?  he knew he was getting attached to her and she didn't have any place else to go, but Wade had offered to let her stay with her.  he didn't like that idea.  He wanted her here with him.  He walked over to the couch.  Mary was sleeping peacefully.  He liked  that.  The thought of what she must have endured in her service to the Kromaggs bothered him, so he liked to see her relaxed and peaceful.  She slowly woke up and looked at him.  "Hi," he said.  His normal scatterbrained space cadet routine was fading fast, he was speaking in a soft caring voice.  "Hello.  Have you been watching me this whole time?"  "No, just for the last few moments."  She sat up and hugged him and spoke, "Thank you for letting me stay here.  It will be along time before I've adjusted to "normal life"."  "That's what I'm here for to help."  Their eyes met and slowly they grew closer.  Slowly they kissed.   Bennish had to admit it to himself, he was falling in love with Mary.

-"You blistering idiot!  Careful with that equipment! "  Arturo could only fume as the movers unloaded the equipment he had ordered for the lab.  It would be where he and Quinn would  finally perfect sliding.  The thought made him smile.  finally after all these years something worthwhile.  All the theories will be validated.  In his mind he knew that Quinn would share the credit with him, although he knew that the creation itself was Quinn's.  Still, after the last five years, which included him having to build a sliding machine from scratch.  He thought he understood enough about the concept to help Quinn work all of the bugs out of the system.  Of course, he was itching to get to work.  It would still be another few weeks before the two would even begin their work, what with the wedding and the honeymoon.  so with nothing else to do, except become extremely frustrated by the movers, Arturo began to write down some equations.  He had to face facts.  He missed teaching and not doing anything was making him crazy.

-The doorbell to the Mallory home rang and Quinn ran to the door.  He opened the door and a young woman probably bout his age was standing there. She spoke, "Quinn Mallory, thank god I've found you.  My name is Laura Clifton.  I'm a slider and I need your help.

To Be Continued

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