sliders: earth 374

Episode-21: "Things Unresolved pt.2"

-Wade was thrown from the vortex onto the hard ground.  She looked up and saw Ryan come flying out as well.  He raised himself off of the ground and spoke, "Hope you enjoyed the ride."  Wade looked at Ryan with complete and total disgust.  She couldn't believe that she ahd actually been attracted to him when they first met.  "What are you doing?"  Ryan replied, "Payback.  You left me alone on that world.  Now I'm taking you away from your friends."  "Ryan, I don't understand.  What could have possibly changed you so much?"  Ryan became angry, he ripped open his shirt and spoke,"This."  Ryan's body was beaten and broken.  Scars ran down the full length of his chest.  "This all your fault.  you and the others.  After you left me on that world and I finally escaped from there, I  landed on a world ruled by the Kromaggs.  I was human, that was my only crime.  I was beaten daily by their chief enforcer, Colin, but I finally escaped with the help of a young woman whose name I never even knew.  She was gunned down while we were trying to escape.  So Wade, don't lecture me on having no reason to hate you all.  I've stranded you away from your friends."  "I wouldn't say that, Ryan."

-The bluish wormhole opened and Quinn, Remmy, Arturo, Bennish and Mary came flying out.  Quinn spoke, "Let her go Ryan!"   Ryan turned to see Quinn and the others.  "How can you be here?"  Quinn cracked a smile, "You seem to forget Ryan, I've had nearly four years to tinker with the timer, and unlike you I know how to."  Ryan became angry.  He pushed Wade towards Quinn.  "Take her, there will be another day."  Ryan pulled his timer out and it began to beep.  His vortex opened and he jumped in.  "Your not just going to let him go are you Q-Ball?" Remmy asked.  Quinn looked at the others standing around him.  He pulled Wade close and spoke.  "Let's go home.  Let's just go home."

-Quinn entered the coordinates into the timer and opened a gateway.  The six of them jumped in and the vortex vanished.

-Meanwhile, another wormhole opens on another parallel world and Ryan is deposited from it.  He stands up and thinks to  himself, "One day I'll have my revenge.  They'll all pay for what they did to me."  He is so lost in thought that he doesn't notice the strange distortion appearing behind him or the set of green hands that pull him into it.

-The bluish wormhole opened in the basement of the Mallory home and the six figures were deposited.  Quinn helped Wade off of the ground and looked at the readout on the timer, "It's home guys."

-The days began to pass as the sliders readjusted to their lives on Earth Prime.  Quinn and Wade began to make plans for their wedding, while Mary moved in with Bennish.  Arturo returned to the university only discover his services were no longer needed, so instead he opted to pursue a few of his theories.  Rembrandt went into the studio and began work on a new album.    It seemed as if the sliders' lives were returning to normal.

-Nighttime, a strange reddish-orange vortex opens and a young woman is thrown from it.  She picks her self up off of the ground and looks at her timer (notice, we have NEVER seen this woman before!).  "It's taken months to find them, but I finally have, and the sliders will never be the same!"

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