sliders: earth 374

Episode-20: "Things Unresolved"

-The six sliders were thrown back and forth inside of the vortex, it was the roughest ride any of them could remember.  "At least it would be worth it," Rembrandt thought to himself, "Soon we'll be home and no more sliding."  The end of the gateway was near and  as the sliders almost reach it,  there is a bright  flash of light.

-The blue sky above made Rembrandt Brown smile.  Outside of the vortex finally, surely they were home.  At least, that's what he believed until he saw the twelve foot statue of  Conrad Bennish standing in front of him.  "You have got to be kidding me!" Remmy screamed.  "We've all seen it Remmy," Quinn replied.  "Mr. Mallory, I thought you said you had the coordinates to Earth Prime.  This can't be it, or in my absence has Bennish  become the master of all he surveys?"  "No, Professor, this isn't Earth Prime.  But I don't understand why we didn't slide there?" Wade asked.  Quinn shook his head, "Something about that place we were in on the last world must have interfered with the timer, but that shouldn't be a problem."  Qunn raised the timer to open a gateway, but nothing happened.  The readout went dark.  "This doesn't look good," Quinn said.  'I suggest Mr. Mallory, that we get a hotel room and try to repair the timer.  And might I add this is seeming like the old days again already."  The others laughed at that.  It was good to have Arturo back.

-The sliders went to their room at the Dominion and tried to settle in.  Quinn spoke," I figure that I'll need Mary and the Professor to help me with the timer, so Wade, Remmy and Bennish feel free to find out whatever you can about this world. "  Mary and Arturo began to help Quinn fiddle with the timer.  Rembrandt turned on the tv and saw Bennish in a long white robe and a strange hat.  He turned up the volume and heard the voice over.  "And today, Pope Bennish the First declared that the First Church of Bennish will support the legalization of  the Midian Chip, which will allow every man, woman and child the chance to have true enlightenment by transferring their minds directly into the net"  Remmy turned off the tv, this stuff was even too strange for him.  "Wade, you want to go for a walk?" He asked.  "Sure."

-Wade and Remmy walked down the sidewalk, their minds had become lost in talk of the last few months and everything that had transpired in their lives.  Little did they realize they were being watched by someone who knew them.

-'So, have you and Q-ball even decided what you're going to do when we get back home?"  'Well, first I guess we'll tell our families about he engagement, then we have to start making plans."  Rembrandt spoke, "I still can't believe you two are getting married."  "Then don't," A voice said.  The two turned around and were face to face with Ryan.  Wade's eyes grew large.  "Ryan?"  "Yes, Wade, it's me.  I'm not a double.  I'm the guy you sliders left almost four years ago," Ryan pulled a gun from his pocket, "And now you're going to help me.  Take me to Quinn."

-Back at the Dominion, Quinn, Arturo and Mary  have discovered the problem with the timer.  "Unbelievable, a simple blown fuse.  Mr. Mallory, I swear I truly miss the days when it was something world shattering."  "I guess our lives are just getting easier Professor. "  The door swung open and a voice was heard, "I wouldn't say that Mallory."  Quinn and the others turned to see Ryan holding a gun to Wade's head.  "Ryan?" Quinn said.  "That seems to be the general reaction to my sudden reappearance."  "Let her go," Quinn said.    "In due time, I need you to fix my timer."  "What a second your timer?"  "Maybe I should fill you in on the details."

-"You see, when the four of you left me on that world a few years back, I figured it would be a good place to make a new start.  Unfortunately, there was one thing I never counted on, the denizens of that world looked human enough, but when the full moon rose, they turned into werewolves.  You don't know what it was like to hide and cringe in fear, hoping they wouldn't find me.  Finally, the thought occurred to me, if there was a Quinn Mallory on that world then maybe he had already created sliding.  i broke into his house, stole his timer and I've been sliding ever since.  From one hellish world to the next.  I was even capture for a time by these ape like creatures called Kromaggs, now my timer is malfunctioning.  I want off of this world.  You will fix my timer, or I'll kill Wade."  Ryan tosses the timer to Quinn.  He pries the back off of it, laughs and holds it up.  "Here's your problem."  Quinn grabs two frayed wires in the timer, he twists them together and wraps some electrical tape around them.  He tosses the timer back to Ryan and it comes on.  Ryan turns the dial on his timer and the gateway opens.  "Let her go Ryan."  "I don't think so.  She broke my heart back on that world, and you left me there to rot . . . paybacks are hell."  Ryan throws Wade into the vortex and follows suit.  The vortex closes  and Quinn screams, "Remmy!  Grab Bennish, we're going after them now."  Quinn raises the timer,  fiddles with the controls and speaks, "I've got a lock.  Let's go."  Quinn opens the gateway and the five figures jump in.

To Be Continued

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